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If you've noticed that your computer is not being charged by your battery any longer, there could be several reasons why: The computer may be broken, the outlet may be faulty, the battery could be overheated or the batter may be broken.
I know most non techies won’t believe or understand this but having you notebook plugged up all the time is bad for the life of the battery. Another tip to help save the battery life of your laptop is to make sure that you dim or minimize the brightness of your computer screen. One of the easiest thing to do would be to just make sure you have a backup battery to help preserve the battery life. Saving your laptop battery in this case means having two to make sure they both last a little longer. A lot of people will have 10-15 programs and apps running on their laptop and will want to know why the battery is not lasting very long. When mechanical devices are forced to run on your computer it not only kills the battery but slows down the laptop as well. Things like maxing out your RAM, reducing your CPU usage, running fewer background programs, and even getting rid of your screensaver.
I am house wife that loves blogging, technology,web development, laptop, tablet and other gadget. If your computer will now charge, then the first outlet is faulty and will need to be fixed.

If it feels very hot, it might be overheated and has stopped working as a safety precaution. There you can purchase a new, universal battery--typically for less than $100--or you can order your computer's battery. Chances are you use a laptop and are probably tired of your battery always dying or needing a charge.
Sure you maybe thinking your are saving your laptop battery but in fact you are hurting it. If you don’t need your laptop to be bright then turn it down and this will also help you save on power.
Solution just use what you need and if you need to run more programs or apps try putting more memory on your laptop. Then make that machine as lean and mean as possible.  Put all these things together and get your laptop in order. Today will show you tips for saving your laptop battery life and extended it just a little bit longer.
Just by lowering your screens brightness you could possibly add another 30-45 minutes to the time your battery lasts. Buying an extra battery won’t cost too much as you can usually find a genetic brand on Ebay or Amazon for cheap.

Having too many things open at once tends to force the laptop to use up all of the free memory. These two radios use a good deal of power and would be better served if you turn them off if they are not in use. However, if the tester computer does not charge, then the battery is broken; continue to Step 4.
Once the free system memory is used everything else gets pushed to the hard disk.  When this happens you get more power being drained from the battery so it dies just a little bit faster.
There are a lot of things in general that are on your laptop just eating away at your battery. The key is to make sure you are doing things that help preserve your battery at least many laptops do have replaceable batteries that you can just take out and replace.

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