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To learn a little bit more about the DELL D5xx and D6xx battery range, here you find a few bits and pieces about it's internals. One of the questions to be answered by this attempt; Is the voltage to charge the battery available - unconditionally - once the laptop battery is plugged in?
So let's have a look if there's a possibility to charge a DELL battery in a DELL Laptop when the ID chip in the AC Adapter is dead.
Next the battery connector was connected to the DELL Latitude D610 laptop in power off state.
Now during measurements the following DELL Battery pinout was discovered - leaving 2 unknown pins of the 9 available.
Once the ID chip of the AC adapter is dead, battery charging voltage does not appear at the V+ pin of the laptop battery. Laptop Battery "plugged in, not charging" is a video that shows you how to do a free & easy battery calibration. I know what you might be thinking, but no, it's not Intel's new Core M processor that's the culprit. This won't fully charge your laptop, but will still give you several hours extra, which should be plenty for most circumstances, not leaving you stranded in mid-flight, say. Last but not least, the Lenovo ThinkPad E555 relies on a 4400 mAh battery that will sustain up to 6 hours of life onboard. If overheating is the cause, try to let your system cool down for a while and check the air vents to make sure they are clean and cleared from any obstructions. If the above fixes failed to resolve the issues, you might need to dig a little deeper to find the root of the problem. If none of these simple fixes work, chances are it’s time to contact a professional computer repair specialist. Some common computer issues can easily be resolved at home, without having to spend the money on professional repairs and having to be without your computer for several days while it’s in the shop. I’ve had a problem with my laptop recently and I was scared because I thought I would have to change the battery.
I own a Sony VAIO and after reinstalling WINDOWS 7 I got this error” “The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer. I had this problem as well with my battery… sadly I already replaced it with a newer laptop. I am facing this issue in my Sony Vaio laptop and I thought that it’s only in my laptop but this post helped me to know about the issue.
I have seen this on fujitsu laptops and i was also not aware of this until i called up the customer care. I have the overheating problem and I had no idea that newer laptops had better hardware to overcome this.
I have had to buy a new battery before for the same laptop and I only paid ?13 inc delivery.
An old battery also have the tendency to get overheated, which can’t be simply salvaged with ventilation.
My laptop gets really hot, like so hot that it burns my leg and gets a blue screen once in a while. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). When you unplug the AC adapter, it take normal time to discharge until some critical point (let’s say 80%) but after that the battery discharges very quickly to 0%. I have a laptop with no display on the screen but when i use external monitor,it has a good display!!!do you think the lcd of my loptop was damaged and it must be replaced??place reply!!! Turn on the laptop (without external monitor connected) and take a closer look at the LCD screen. If the laptop still runs on battery power but it just doesn’t last long, most likely you have a problem with the battery. The laptop work fine on power charger and in windows battery icon it read the battery level for example 23% and after 1 day 22% or 21% . My battery is not working so i am running my laptop on AC power it was working fine uptonow but today when i am going to format my PC like that it just stays for while and after 15 to 20 min it automatically shuts off???? Well your computer battery may no be inserted correctly as it might have come out due to a fall. So I now have the laptop again and when you take the battery out it is dead as a door nail.
Also, try reconnecting the battery a few times, it’s possible the battery contacts oxidized and reconnecting the battery will fix the issue.
I have an Aspire 5310 which works fine in every respect except the following: the battery discharges very, very quickly. Another point is that once completely discharged whilst off, I need to recharge the battery elsewhere and then replace it in the dodgy Acer whilst the mains plug is in and on or it won’t start (with or without battery in place). I think most likely this is motherboard failure because you said “It even discharges when off! Thanks for the advice; I was hoping it wasn’t a motherboard issue but I suppose I need to bite the bullet!
When I try to charge the battery occurs the problem … namely, that the charging is intermittent and the screen loses brightness intermittently. Even if I move the cable and jack does not change anything, the voltage is not interrupted. If the screen just gets darker, most likely it happens because the laptop switches from full power to battery mode. I am laptop Technician.wants help in motherboard charging circuit to repair on component level.can you help me? I have compaq v9000 and emachines e725 laptops, ther is cross mark on the battey when charger connected.
I have been trying so hard for the past 2 weeks to figure out what is wrong with my battery on my compaq presario cq61. Are you still using the original factory battery or this it third-party replacement battery?
I plug a wire into my laptopv where the charger normally plugs in , and now my laptop will nott charge when i plug the charger in , its not the charger as it is working in other laptops ?
The problem is, when i plug the AC adapter, the LED’s will not light up and it does not charge. Now the tricky part is, when I used a fully charged battery from a friend, the laptop works fine.
I have my battery removed, but when I plug the AC Adapter cable in, it show the remaining battery charge and says “100% remaining (charging)”, since this morning and it still happening. BUT I AM CHENGE THE NEW MOTHER BOARD ,FIRST TIME LAPTOP WITHOUT BATTERY ON ADAPTER PROPER WORK ,BUT BATTERY INBILD IN LAP SAME PROBLEM . When I plug my toshiba laptop in to charge, it says that it’s charging, even though the power stays at 4%.
When I plug my toshiba laptop in to charge, it says that it’s charging, even though the power stays at 4%. I was having this problem at first where it would basically say it wasn’t charging and I’d have to keep it plugged in.
The laptop turns on when you press bottom, but just for a very short time , you can hear going but then stop.

After switching back batteries, Dell#2 was not charging but able to power on when plugged in only. By admin, on April 11th, 2012The Li-Ion battery in my IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop has been getting a bit long in the tooth.
I actually determined what type of li-ion cells were used by measuring them and then looking for li-ion cells of a similar size. This is a picture of the battery case and charging electronics after I unsoldered the original li-ion cells.
You will note that I used one set of tabs to attach the two cells, and the other set of tabs was positioned 90 degrees off axis, to be used  to connect to other packs of cells.
Once I’ve safely insulated the ends of these cells, I add the 2nd pack and solder them together. When soldering existing metal tabs from the charging electronics to the cells, I found it best to coat the tabs with solder first, and then attach them to the cells.
Note that the first and second pack have a good space between them (by design) in the battery holder, which leaves plenty of room for the solder tabs to be folded between the two packs of cells. Once the tape is in place, all that remains is to snap the two halves of the battery case together, being careful to get all of the tabs in the right slots. But how does our existing charging charging circuitry deal with the brand new li-ion cells? When I first plugged the battery into my laptop it read as completely discharged (even though I KNOW that the cells were shipped partially charged) possibly because the electronics had been unsoldered and lost power completely. At this point I went to bed, so of course I unplugged my laptop because I didn’t want a newly constructed battery charging unattended. I ran the battery completely down (which took 2 hours and six minutes) by using the laptop normally (but with full screen brightness) for an hour, and then running a script to use 100% of the CPU for the next hour and six minutes.
However, the power monitoring electronics in the battery took a while to get used to the new cells.
It appears that the electronics are unwilling to raise their view of the cell’s capacity by more than 10% of the design capacity per cycle.
Some charge control circuits will “shut down” if the existing cells are removed (similar to inkjet cartridges that refuse to be re-filled) so you may want to solder your new cells into a pack, connect it to your circuit in parallel with the old cells, and only then cut off the old cells. The charge control circuit in my (after-market) X31 battery did not have this problem, and didn’t mind not having cells attached for an hour or two (it started right back up), but others have reported that some battery charge circuits will detect a complete removal of cells and stop functioning. Next the connector was connected to the battery charger PCB using a 1 meter wire to be able to measure signals during operations. In this configuration the signal levels were measured at the wires between connector and battery PCB. During 60 seconds +9 volts stays, the green charge LED on the laptop switches on - but flashes then turning into the red flashing light indicating the battery is failing.
While Core M theoretically means longer battery life and no pesky fan, Lenovo traded those away to make this laptop so light and thin. My old 15.6-inch Acer is slow, way too cumbersome for travelling, and has mediocre battery life.
The Yoga Tablet 2 Lenovo has put a large notch in the stand for hanging the tablet on a hook, although why you'd want to do that is not easy to imagine. Dan Gookin is great at explaining how to handle common PC problems, and he’s provided a complete, plain-English manual in Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies.
Many laptops only allow the battery to be charged up to a certain before the charging stops unless you override it. Rumour has it that Lenovo’s next P70t mobile will have a 4,000 mAh battery, and will be able to last 46 days on a single charge. The company will be replacing the defective power cord and will not charge anything to the customer. P70t's real-world battery backup capabilities have not surfaced as of now, but these statistics are expected shortly.
Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem, possibly saving you a trip to the repair shop. If your battery is old and has been discharging faster than usual for a period of time, it may be time to purchase a new one. The good news about this is that a replacement cord can be purchased online at Amazon or Ebay for around $10, and you can definitely fix this computer issue by yourself.
Check the setting for the battery, display, and the sleep options to see if everything looks in order.
Find the battery tab and update drivers for an item labeled Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. They will know the common problems with your particular computer and can offer helpful advice as well as quality repairs.
Try these simple fixes for power up and battery issues first to see if you can fix the problem yourself.
A fun loving person, he writes about a variety of topics related to computers and technology. It turned out that I needed to get a new power cord which I bought for about $11 at a local store.
They put their products under an accelerated degradation process, and adjust their quality to last only within their warranty. Sometimes they may have been altered unknowingly when you install new programs, causing intensive memory usage. Somehow the IT services told me to shut off the computer and wait for a while than to plug in the battery. The battery contacts got dirty or oxidized and it’s not making good connection with the motherboard. If you replaced the battery but the problem still exists, this is motherboard related failure.
If the AC adapter works fine, most likely this is power jack (connector where you plug power adapter) failure. If you have exactly same problem with two different batteries and both not detected, most likely this is motherboard failure.
It has significantly reduced battery life, but worst of all it doesn’t warn you reliably about the level of charge, it just jumps straight from about 50% to the 5% warning red light situation. Your tutorials are spectacular and has been of tremendous help to me as an upcoming laptop technician.
It has significantly reduced battery life, but worst of all it doesn’t warn you reliably about the level of charge, it just jumps straight from about 50% to the 5% warning red light situation. When I plug in the charger to the wall socket it shows the green light but when i plug it into the laptop it’s starts blinking(which is not normal) and the laptop does not charge.Whats wrong? When I plug in the charger to the wall socket it shows the green light but when i plug it into the laptop it’s starts blinking(which is not normal) and the laptop does not charge.Whats wrong? When on and plugged into the mains, it shows as charging (according to both hardware light and Vista system tray icons) but continues to discharge at an alarming rate (c.30mins). This last time, there was a bunch of damp, white smoke pouring out of the charging jack (while still plugged in) the charger shorted out, I unplugged everything but it hasnt worked again.
I had igo (mfr of the charger I was using)replace the charger i was using as at the time, as I thought it was a problem related to the charger shorting out due to a power surge or something.
Two days ago a red cross apeared over battery indicator and notice: 30% available, plugged in, not charging.

Does it go from normal brightness to completely black screen or the screen just gets darker a little bit? When you transfer files to another computer, make sure the computer has a good and up to date antivirus software installed.
It was given to me by a friend so i could check what the problem is but I’m currently at a loss. I had one or two instances where despite being plugged in, the ac adaptor didn’t charge it. I bought a new ac charger, repaired the dc port and only the orange battery light comes on when I plug in the adapter but it still doesnt power on.
It’s a new charger, so that shouldn’t be the problem, but what else might it be? It’s possible the AC adapter went bad and the laptop stopped charging the battery after that.
Battery in #1 was placed in Dell#2 to determine if battery was good, and it did charge with no problems. Never had a laptop so im not so fast in cracking this baby open but I have a Toshiba satellite.
As it has three sets of parallel cells, each set of two cells must have a 4400mAH capacity (because they are in series, you add the voltage, not the amperage), so each cell must have a 2200mAH capacity. The technique that I found to work  best was to insert a coil of small electronic solder between the tab and the bottom of the next battery, making sure that the solder never overlapped, so that their was always only one thickness of solder thick at any particular place.
Note that I’d use tape to hold the cells closely together while soldering them, but would remove the tape later to make them fit into the battery holder. Note that I have temporarily covered the exposed positive ends of these cells with clear plastic tape.This tape insulation is very important! It keeps this pack of cells from accidentally shorting through the pack of cells that I will add next. Below you can see a pre-existing tab that I pre-soldered before attempting to attach it to the back of the cells. All that remains is to find some very sticky double-sided tape to affix everything to the interior of the battery case.
Think of this as Indian Jones sliding the statue off the pedestal while at the same time replacing it with a bag of sand…hopefully with better results. Liberally laced with Dan’s famous humor and clear instructions, Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies is divided into six minibooks covering hardware, software, laptops, Internet, networking, and maintenance. Gauging by the above tech-specs, it would be safe to assume that Lenovo will not charge your entire month's pay for the P70t smartphone.
Replacement batteries can be found online or at electronics stores, just be sure to get one with matching voltage specifications of your current battery. Look for the model number of your laptop, and this should point you in the direction of the proper replacement cord. Sometimes changing these settings will cause your computer to shut down when the lid closes, or may shut the computer down when the battery power percentage reaches a certain level.
I would just like some confirmation before I tell her she now needs to spend more money for an AC adapter.
It wouldn’t turn back on at first, but after I removed and replaced the battery it turned on just fine. It wouldn’t turn back on at first, but after I removed and replaced the battery it turned on just fine. I’ve tried plugging in the adapter without the battery in and it still doesnt power on.
If I push the power button it makes noises as if it’s about to power up and lights come on but then it just powers off after about 8-10 seconds. In the photo I have removed the shrink wrapped packaging from one cell to view the markings. It is very important that you do not leave a soldering iron on the cells long enough to raise their internal temperatures to dangerous levels. The process involves laying the cells on top of each other while soldering, and it is very dangerous to short out li-ion cells.
Because I did not have a custom manufactured set of solder tabs, I found it easier to just butt the batteries up against each other and join the solder tabs above the cells. I suggest you use carpet-tape (designed for tacking down carpet), which appears to be about as strong as the original tape I removed from the case when disassembling it. If you do not remove the manufacturers sticker (as I did) and are careful to use a plastic tool and not leave scrape marks when prying the battery apart  (as, once again, I did) the battery will look practically like new. I really like what you have got here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which wherein you assert it.
Paired with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of solid state storage in the base config Lenovo sent, performance felt way, way more like a $1,000 Core i5 laptop than a $400 Atom-based machine. Even when purchasing a third party battery, expect to pay around $75 to $100 for a new one. For new Macs with sealed batteries, shut down the machine while leaving power adapter connected. In this case the whole motherboard has to be replaced (or repaired on the component level). If I push the power button it makes noises as if it’s about to power up and lights come on but then it just powers off after about 8-10 seconds.
The first step would be to determine what type of Li-Ion cells I’d need to buy, so I decided to open up my old battery. Note the relatively complicated PCB along the back side of the cells that handles charging and discharging.
I’d press down until the solder visiblely melted (usually accompanied by a puff of resin smoke) and the tab settled down.
Perhaps you are one of those who likes to use your laptop on your bed or couch, hence causing the cooling vents to be blocked and your system overheated.
This happens with three different batteries that I can charge up without problem in another laptop. If you zoom into the photo, you can see that the controller PCB is connected to each end of every pair of cells (orange and black wires to the far ends, silver metal tab connections to the middle two). There is nothing wrong with the charger, when pluged in to a different laptop it works perfectly. I replaced the battery but the same action – when plug out AC the computer shuts down. The controller PCB is also connected to a thermocouple that is resting between the two middle cells.
Li-Ion cells are usually stored and shipped 40% full to prolong their life, and the ones I had certainly did spark a few times. The green power light goes off immeadiately and won’t charge any other laptop until you unplug the charger from the wall and plug it in again. The green power light goes off immeadiately and won’t charge any other laptop until you unplug the charger from the wall and plug it in again. This gives the controller a temperature reading on the cells during charging and discharging.

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