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From my experience, the 2 most important features of a laptop computer are the weight, which has to be very light for portability, and the battery life that has to be long enough to allow me finish my work. HP has just introduced its 12-cell Multi-Charge Extended Battery model for notebook computers, which provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation.
HP also specifies that the new battery was tested with all HP laptops that are compatible with it and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Notebooks compatible are: HP Pavilion dv4, HP Pavilion dv5, HP HDX 16, HP G50, G60, G70, Compaq Presario CQ40, CQ45, CQ50, CQ60 and CQ70.
8 Hours of Laptop Battery Charging via the New 12 Cell from HP was posted on November 9, 2008 at 8:23 pm in Batteries and tagged as 12-cell battery, 12-cell Multi-Charge Extended Battery, hp 12-cell lithium-ion extended-life battery pavilion, hp battery, hp laptop battery, laptop battery, Laptop Battery Charging, notebook battery. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. While you've been slaving over your ideas we've been working hard to develop the design to help you communicate them.
We are proud to present our 1214 laptop tab computer and mobile with battery charging symbols powerpoint template. Do the same operation for : Microsoft ACPi Compliant control method battery and Composite battery as well.
If both methods, are a wasting time, and you are sure that your battery is good and charger too, then re-install your operating system, or send him to service.
On the Dell website the mail order price is over 250 CHF, but I found another supplier called which offered a compatible replacement part for only 140 CHF.
These tests were done with Mandriva 2007.1, with no applications running apart from gkrellm. So the behaviour of the new battery is still linear, and doesn't last quite as long as the old battery did, but not much less.
Actually this is not too far off what one would expect because the old battery has "4700 mAh" written on it, whereas the new one says "4400 mAh".
The next question, although the percentage drops quite linearly, can we trust the "remaining time" indicator? Overall the estimates are not bad but tend to overestimate how much time is left (probably because of that final dive from 10% to nearly empty).
As a rough rule, subtracting a quarter-hour from the estimate gives a pretty good guide to when the battery will run out. Lastly, we'd already seen the effect of charging with the laptop on or off in the first investigation, so I didn't repeat that with the new battery - I just wanted to know how long it would take to charge it and whether it was linear or not. The new battery shows a much more extreme 'kink' in the charging, charging rapidly up to about two-thirds capacity and then flattening markedly towards 90%. The most annoying thing about this is the time it takes to charge - instead of an hour and half, this new battery takes two and a half hours to charge up - not so good if you're in a hurry. The duty cycle then obviously depends strongly on the amount charged - it seems like this battery can be charged from flat to half-full in around 40 minutes, which should give around 1 hour 20 minutes life (1 minute charging for 2 minutes offline) - this is around what the old battery offered. Given that the laptop is still perfectly usable from the mains with the old (and dead) battery in, the new one will be kept on standby and not over-exerted.

By admin, on April 11th, 2012The Li-Ion battery in my IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop has been getting a bit long in the tooth. I actually determined what type of li-ion cells were used by measuring them and then looking for li-ion cells of a similar size. This is a picture of the battery case and charging electronics after I unsoldered the original li-ion cells.
You will note that I used one set of tabs to attach the two cells, and the other set of tabs was positioned 90 degrees off axis, to be used  to connect to other packs of cells. Once I’ve safely insulated the ends of these cells, I add the 2nd pack and solder them together. When soldering existing metal tabs from the charging electronics to the cells, I found it best to coat the tabs with solder first, and then attach them to the cells. Note that the first and second pack have a good space between them (by design) in the battery holder, which leaves plenty of room for the solder tabs to be folded between the two packs of cells. Once the tape is in place, all that remains is to snap the two halves of the battery case together, being careful to get all of the tabs in the right slots.
But how does our existing charging charging circuitry deal with the brand new li-ion cells? When I first plugged the battery into my laptop it read as completely discharged (even though I KNOW that the cells were shipped partially charged) possibly because the electronics had been unsoldered and lost power completely. At this point I went to bed, so of course I unplugged my laptop because I didn’t want a newly constructed battery charging unattended. I ran the battery completely down (which took 2 hours and six minutes) by using the laptop normally (but with full screen brightness) for an hour, and then running a script to use 100% of the CPU for the next hour and six minutes.
However, the power monitoring electronics in the battery took a while to get used to the new cells. It appears that the electronics are unwilling to raise their view of the cell’s capacity by more than 10% of the design capacity per cycle. Some charge control circuits will “shut down” if the existing cells are removed (similar to inkjet cartridges that refuse to be re-filled) so you may want to solder your new cells into a pack, connect it to your circuit in parallel with the old cells, and only then cut off the old cells. The charge control circuit in my (after-market) X31 battery did not have this problem, and didn’t mind not having cells attached for an hour or two (it started right back up), but others have reported that some battery charge circuits will detect a complete removal of cells and stop functioning. It plugs into the AC adapter port and allows you to check the charge via the fuel gauge without needing to turn on the computer. 1214 Laptop Tab Computer And Mobile With Battery Charging Symbols Powerpoint Template the perfect way to frame your pitch.
This power point template has been designed with graphic of laptop ,tab and mobile with battery.
Go to Control panel , then open Device Manager, expand Batteries tab, select first option "Microsoft AC adapter" and select Update driver Software.
As it has three sets of parallel cells, each set of two cells must have a 4400mAH capacity (because they are in series, you add the voltage, not the amperage), so each cell must have a 2200mAH capacity. The technique that I found to work  best was to insert a coil of small electronic solder between the tab and the bottom of the next battery, making sure that the solder never overlapped, so that their was always only one thickness of solder thick at any particular place.

Note that I’d use tape to hold the cells closely together while soldering them, but would remove the tape later to make them fit into the battery holder. Note that I have temporarily covered the exposed positive ends of these cells with clear plastic tape.This tape insulation is very important! It keeps this pack of cells from accidentally shorting through the pack of cells that I will add next. Below you can see a pre-existing tab that I pre-soldered before attempting to attach it to the back of the cells. All that remains is to find some very sticky double-sided tape to affix everything to the interior of the battery case. Think of this as Indian Jones sliding the statue off the pedestal while at the same time replacing it with a bag of sand…hopefully with better results. In the photo I have removed the shrink wrapped packaging from one cell to view the markings.
It is very important that you do not leave a soldering iron on the cells long enough to raise their internal temperatures to dangerous levels. The process involves laying the cells on top of each other while soldering, and it is very dangerous to short out li-ion cells. Because I did not have a custom manufactured set of solder tabs, I found it easier to just butt the batteries up against each other and join the solder tabs above the cells. I suggest you use carpet-tape (designed for tacking down carpet), which appears to be about as strong as the original tape I removed from the case when disassembling it.
If you do not remove the manufacturers sticker (as I did) and are careful to use a plastic tool and not leave scrape marks when prying the battery apart  (as, once again, I did) the battery will look practically like new. I really like what you have got here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which wherein you assert it. The first step would be to determine what type of Li-Ion cells I’d need to buy, so I decided to open up my old battery. Note the relatively complicated PCB along the back side of the cells that handles charging and discharging.
I’d press down until the solder visiblely melted (usually accompanied by a puff of resin smoke) and the tab settled down. If you zoom into the photo, you can see that the controller PCB is connected to each end of every pair of cells (orange and black wires to the far ends, silver metal tab connections to the middle two). This PPT can also be used for power generation related topics in any technical presentation.
The controller PCB is also connected to a thermocouple that is resting between the two middle cells. Li-Ion cells are usually stored and shipped 40% full to prolong their life, and the ones I had certainly did spark a few times.
This gives the controller a temperature reading on the cells during charging and discharging.

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