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Long-time readers of this blog may recall that every year, my dad and I go to the car show in San Francisco. This entry was posted by Jeff Keller on November 25, 2011 at 9:20 pm, and is filed under General.
While we don’t know the exact price of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, we do know that it will closely match that of the BMW i3. Kia’s first car outside of South Korea will use a 109hp electric motor and a 27kWh battery pack. Knowing it can’t quite compete with the brand name of BMW, Volkswagen is determined to undercut the new BMW i3 on price. Volkswagen has already started deliveries of the e-Golf’s little brother in Europe, but so far the company has no plans, publicly at least, to bring it to the US. It would also be great to know how many of these are shipping with DC quick charge options and which one.
You left out the Nissan e-NV200 minivan… like its taxi brethren it promises to be a new, far more versatile, electric.
I like the BMW entry but I wonder really what niche it is going for with only slightly more range at a substantially higher cost than something like the LEAF. The car will come with three different driving modes as Eco Pro, Eco Pro+ and Comfort mode. BMW recently introduced the all-new BMW i3 electric car, constructed in a revolutionary way from next-generation materials. The new all-electric BMW i3 is the first product of the new BMW i sub-brand, and is a truly purpose built electric car. This leads to the LifeDrive architecture concept, which was purpose-built specifically for the BMW i3. Due to the lightweight, high tensile strength of CFRP, the passenger cell has added protection, and the battery has less work to do, which allows for the use of a smaller, lighter battery that saves even more weight, reduces charging time and increases range. The Drive Module, which is constructed out of 100% aluminum, consists of the 22-kWh, 450 lb. Another benefit of the LifeDrive architecture concept is that there is no space-consuming transmission tunnel running through the center of the car, like in most internal combustion powered cars, because of the separate Drive Module. According to studies carried out as part of BMW’s Project i, involving more than 1,000 participants and conducted over some 12.5 million miles, it was revealed that the average daily distance covered was around 30 miles. In order to reduce range anxiety, a rear-mounted 650cc, 34 hp, two-cylinder, gasoline-powered Range Extender generator is available, which roughly doubles the vehicle’s range.
Single Pedal Driving Concept with Brake Energy Regeneration, which feeds power back into battery.
The BMW i3 will go on sale in the US market in the second quarter of 2014, and starts with a base MSRP of $41,350, before any federal or state incentives, and before Destination & Handling fee (currently $925).
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Over the summer, my parents moved down to Southern California, so that was no longer possible. With almost constant announcements from manufacturers, however, the below is a work in progress and will be updated as and when we’ve got the relevant information. Power output will be similar to the tyre-shredding Model S, it will sit seven adults and four-wheel drive will be available for the first time on a Tesla.
Volkswagen says maximum range is 118 miles, although in the real world that will probably drop to around 100 miles.
The i3 is also one of the most environmentally friendly cars ever built, assembled in Germany using wind power alone.
It’s odd that Europe so far uses the US SAE and in the US we use the Lapan CHAdeMO standard. It is going to be produced under 'Project i' by the company and the production has started from this year. Clean design and attractive interiors along with electric power- train are the main plus points of the car.
The vehicle concept behind the BMW i3 was designed from the outset to incorporate an all-electric drive system. The light weight design of the Life Module also lowers the BMW i3’s center of gravity, making it a more engaging and dynamic car to drive. This gives the BMW i3 the interior space of the BMW 3 Series, while only having the footprint of the much smaller BMW 1 Series. The BMW i3 has the Next Premium interior, which blends sustainable resources with a premium feel for the same interior quality as the BMW 5 Series Sedan.
When the battery gets to a certain level, the Range Extender starts and maintains the battery’s current state of charge.
We just wrote a story about how purchasing solar panels and an electric car at the same time can actually save you more money than if you choose only one. Thankfully, the much more impressive LA Auto Show is at the same time, so we went on Black Friday to check out the latest models. The official stats say 0-60mph takes 7.9 seconds, courtesy of the 174hp electric motor, and range is estimated at 115 miles. True gullwing doors and access to Tesla’s rapidly expanding network of free Supercharger stations make it hard to look past the Model X, even if it is quite dear. We we drove the e-Golf in Berlin it was as intuitive and well-built as its combustion-engined counterpart. Even the carbon fibers used for the lightweight body are manufactured in the US using hydroelectric energy.
Having fallen for cars because of the virtues of a particular German flat-six, it's what we'll all be driving next that now interests Richard most. Since unlike the very nice VW additions to the fleet it is not simply another nice compact or subcompact BEV.

The car is also known as BMW Mega City Vehicle and its expected availability in the market is from November, 2013.
This small hatchback gives a luxury feel, there are more than 1 lakh waiting to test the car.
This has numerous advantages over “conversion” vehicles, in which the original combustion engine is swapped for an electric motor. The battery mounted in the rear, close to the drive wheels, gives impressive performance characteristics while also providing better traction.
25% of the plastics in the interior and 25% of the thermoplastic parts on the exterior are made from either recycled materials or renewable sources. It is able to recharge in only 3 hours with the use of a 220V Level 2, 32-amp J1772 charger.  The SAE DC Combo Fast Charging, which charges the BMW i3 up to 80% in 20 minutes, and 100% in 30, can be had as an option. One couple proved that this really works, and we have both their story and the numbers behind it on our blog! As we continue to develop, we pledge to provide insightful content, applicable fashion and lifestyle tips, and access to highly sought-after social, political, and philanthropic events. The engineers can design whatever works best, in terms of construction, dimensions and configuration of the electric drive system’s components.
It is the first-ever mass produced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) passenger cell in the automotive business, and is a big factor in the cars efficiency.
The car’s development is dictated by the characteristics designed into the car by the development team and not by the constraints imposed by a pre-existing vehicle design. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic is equally as strong as steel, while being 50% lighter, and 30% lighter than aluminum. For example, the space in a conversion vehicle set aside for the fuel tank or exhaust system cannot be used. They wisely chose an efficient 2 liter engine though I might have picked a small turbo diesel for somewhat more torque.
Its weight is 1250kg and test drive results says that the car has a different drive feel which an electric car never had. Some will argue that electric cars merely displace their emissions because so much electricity comes from non-renewable polluting resources.
However, most studies suggest that even when run with electricity from non-renewable sources, electric cars are still cleaner overall: and as more renewable resources are used they will only get greener. Ford has reacted with electric versions of the Focus and Fiesta; while BMW is introducing electric cars in the form of the i3 and i8.

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