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If you want to impress the ladies or the car show judges, your engine bay's gotta look as good as the rest of the car, if you're going to score.
Once it's been decided who's doing the work, the next step is to decide exactly what's going to be done.
The MuleAfter swapping the engine for a '98-spec JDM ITR powerplant, painting it, getting the suspension and nameless other stuff done, the owner of this car just ran out of steam. Moving the injector harness from the top of the intake manifold out of sight to the bottom is simple. Since this Civic is a daily driver, we decided to do a pretty basic tuck to maintain maximum functionality.
Getting Down To BusinessMove Those GroundsThe first thing that Eugene did was one of the simplest. Getting Down To BusinessMove Those Grounds. The first thing that Eugene did was one of the simplest.
Now The Vacuum Lines. Another easy trick that can make an engine bay look a bit cleaner is to relocate any ugly vacuum lines. Here, Eugene pulls the harness that previously ran on top of the passenger-side fender into the inner fender through the freshly drilled hole. The Actual Tuck. The big, black, thick wiring harnesses that come out of the firewall area and run along the top of the fenders are nasty looking. Don't make the mistake of running the rerouted harness where it can make contact with the tire.
The Battery. We decided to leave the battery in the engine compartment and simply install a smaller and more attractive battery in its place.
Fuse Box. Most newer cars have more than one fuse box, and one is often in the engine compartment. Extras Since this story is all about looks, we thought we'd throw on a few other dress up items to lend a little more bling to the Civic. We choose an Iceman cold-air intake to fill the void where the old one sat, and couldn't be happier with the looks.
The factory battery tie-down is remarkably simple: just a nylon strap with a bolt on one end. We subjected our daily-driver 2003 Ford SVT Focus to yet another rallycross and a track day at Sebring.
We topped up the battery’s water, slapped our NOCO jump starter on it, fired up the car, and drove to work. After lots of deliberation and a few testimonials from Focus forums, we settled on the Odyssey PC680.
The lightweight battery market has gotten fantastically competitive, meaning lightweight options, including those that are Lithium Ion, now cost as much as AGM spiral cell options did just 5 years ago. I really want to try out one of the lithium iron batteries from Battery Tender but for a 6lbs difference I dont think it justifies adding a zero to the above price.
I like universal battery brand, lots of different sealed batteries for half the cost of the name brands.
I would be worried about battery life, i love lithum-ion 18650s and cutting weight.There would need to be a battery management system i would think. With our project SVT Focus' battery destroyed, we shop around for a lighter, more durable solution. Decommissioned police cars have made plenty of Challenge appearances, but this one was a bit different. Interstate batteries have replaced the Kirkland branded car batteries at your local Costco. Based upon 25 data points provided by ConsumerPete readers, a Kirkland car battery on average will last approximately 3.5 years. Costco Interstate car battery failures are replaced for free within 42 months of the purchase date.
DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU WHEN YOU PURCHASE A BATTERY FROM COSTCO!I replaced my Costco battery with a Costco Interstate battery for a 2005 Honda Odyssey that was starting to have problems starting this vehicle. In 2009, I purchased a new Kirkland series 78 (800 CCA) 100 month battery from Costco for my K1500 GMC suburban. I've put three Kirkland Signature batteries in my Infiniti G37 and all have died after two years. Bought the Kirkland battery April 2006, just went bad in December 2015, that is 9 years and 8 months, that is 116 months, which included 3 winters in Alaska, with temp as low as - 35 deg F, car was in open in winter, not driven for 5 or 6 months of the winter there.
My Kirkland brand Group 58 battery in my 99 Escort lasted just shy of 3 years before it suddenly stopped holding a charge.
I just read the posted reviews and decided to make one of my own.1) One of my Kirtland batteries dropped a little on the cca so I took it back at less than 36 mo and got a completely free replacement including the sales tax refund. My friend has been an auto mechanic for 40 years (now owned his own shop) and told me the best batteries are always Interstate or Die Hard and to stay away from Exide (economy chain store brand). Kirkland battery is still (barely?) going after almost 6.5 years in our Subaru, in the long winters of Anchorage, AK. Interstate has always been a premium brand, I have not had one, so I can't testify to that.
Kirkland battery installed in a 2002 Toyota Tundra in October of 2010 and it just died yesterday. Costco batteries used to cost $38.95 and I still have one I bought in Santa Barbara back in 2008. My Kirkland battery died after 5 years, I still got a 40% due to the 100 month warranty which was awesome. Beware that Costco does not merely replace the battery if it fails within the warranty period. After charging battery twice I took it back to Costco on July 3, 2013 and they replaced it. I had my Kirkland for about 5 years and 2 months with no worries and its starting to fail now with a low crank.
I just found my Costco battery manufactured in May of 2004, some 11 years ago, is still running! The energy capacity of the new battery pack will fall from 20kWh to 19kWh, and, impressively, it will be around 86 pounds (39kg) lighter.

The new smaller battery pack is more efficient than the old one, then, but moving pack assembly in-house could also allow GM to leverage economies of scale and purchase larger amounts of cells. Or, if you like to smoke herb and drink beer while working on your car and only want to take on small, simple projects, you can perform the whole tuck in baby steps.
While it looked great from the outside, once the hood was popped, it was a different story.
On the front of the engine near the power steering pump, there's a ground wire going from the engine to the body of the car. Notice the rubber installed around the edge of the hole to prevent the sharp metal from cutting through the wires. These wires power things like radiator fans, headlights, turn signals and other important things. While we opted not to, moving the battery to the trunk is a mod that, in addition to cleaning up your engine bay, can help improve handling if you've got a front-heavy car. We chose to leave the fuse box in its original spot because we felt that all the additional work it would require wouldn't be worth our effort. After driving it, the owner said he much prefers the more aggressive sound of the new intake, plus we'd like to imagine it added a few horsepower too. Then, we walked out to it one morning, clicked the unlock button, and were met with nothing.
We figured this was a good opportunity to save some weight, but we also wanted something that would put up with all of our abuse. It weighs 15 pounds, handily starts our Focus, and can be found online for just a touch over $100. They are popular in the sport bike world and somewhere online (that I cannot find ATM) there is a huge thread about building them. I've got them in a bunch of cars, and if you have a kill switch on the car the battery will last forever. If anything one has ever had a gps or laptop and just left it plugged in all the time its the same problem that would occur in a lith-ion battery pack. The new battery seemed to be working fine in my Versa for the few weeks I had it, but the dimensions were significantly smaller than the original battery. Honda dealership recorded 374 CCF left on it and advised a replacement done for $125 around mid 2015. Walmart retested the battery and I think recorded around 405 CCF and said the battery should still be fine and they would do a free recharge if I would leave the car with them for a few hours. The refund on the old battery covered the price of a new Interstate battery plus a little extra. After a couple years they'll go back to Kirkland brand and how easy will it be getting a adjustment on the interstate? A lead-acid battery *used* to be a tough SOB that would last forever; now they puke in 2 or 3 years like clockwork.
It cost me about $80 or $90 because of the high cranking amps my dodge ram pickup needed according to the recommendation of the Costco sales rep that I dealt with at time of purchase.It has 100 month warranty printed decal on the battery itself.
The 2014 Spark EV battery pack used cells from A123 Systems, which has endured a rocky period of business in the past years.
This would permit raised Spark EV production, but this has not been publicly discussed by the company.
Chevrolet sold 539 examples of the zero emissions city car last year, but has already found homes for 272 in 2014. Despite the seeming buyer enthusiasm, its main purpose appears to be helping GM comply with the Golden State’s zero-emission vehicle mandate, which requires manufacturers to sell a certain number of these vehicles. Its electric motor produces 130hp and 400lb ft of torque – significantly more than the gasoline Spark.
From the latest electric car to the classics, he's interested in anything with four wheels. A dealer in WA called me a few weeks ago saying that there was a possibility that it may be available here in 3-6 months, but no word since then. If you and your buddies feel comfortable removing the front fenders and bumper, drilling a few holes in the car, moving some wires and hoses around and putting it all back together, then this is a project you might consider doing yourself.
If you choose, you can strip the engine compartment of just about every visible wire, move the battery to the trunk, strip the power steering and air conditioning, and leave nothing but an engine floating in a suddenly cavernous engine compartment. Taking 10 or 15 minutes to re-route a vacuum hose or move a single ground wire from the front of the engine to the back can make a huge difference in the way your engine bay looks.
We took the car to Pro Street in La Mirada, Calif., to watch the pros clean up the wiring on our Civic. Running along top of the intake manifold and across the back of the engine bay, the unsightly hose needed to go. If you move the battery, remember you'll need a new battery hold-down and some heavy-gauge wire and terminals.
Obviously, if you're more hardcore than the owner of this car, you might want to think about moving the engine compartment fuse box into the passenger compartment. After we did all the work on the wiring, we thought it would be a shame to not do something about that. Everything has to be clean and orderly, without any offensive things like dirt, grease and loose wires around. Plus, Odyssey (and many of its happy customers) claim their batteries are nearly indestructible, as well as spill-proof. Even when Tunakid #1 drove it and it stalled a few times in a row, it restarted each time without an issue. They last just as long, always fire up weigh the pretty much the same and fit in the same space. I installed in fall and made it to the track on a TNT night for 8 passes in 3 hours - no problems. Despite the number of times this battery has gone dead from doors being left ajar etc, this battery just stopped holding a charge in April 2016! Instead I bought a Battery Tender recharger from Costco during the Christmas sale and recharged my Battery with it. Kirkland car batteries have been serving me very well with long life and much better warranty.

It is still good at this time (May 23, 2014) but I am replacing it with the same make as it may die any time soon. From what I gathered from the store employee, whether you get reimbursed the full amount or the amount of the original battery seems to depend on who you're dealing with that day.
Any trolling motor battery has a very short life span, between one to two years and that's because you drain it almost to dead then go home and put them on a quick charger and do it about 30 times a year. There are only about 3 battery makers in this country and interstate does not make their own batteries, just a brand. Demand has never been a problem for GM’s only battery-electric car, which boasts massive torque and generous interior dimensions despite its tiny footprint, making it something of a favorite. It’s still eligible for a $7,500 Federal tax credit, and state and local incentives may apply in specific areas as well.
When he's not writing, he can be found searching the Internet for a car he hasn't seen before, or reading a good book.
If you don't feel comfortable working with the electrical system of your car, leave the work to a pro. If you're dedicated enough, you can even move the fuse box and the power brake booster to the interior, shave and shape the engine bay and re-spray it.
Not the prettiest sight, but probably not too far off from what the average reader's engine bay looks like.
Eugene at Pro Street is a Honda buff to the core and has been doing tucks since you were in diapers (well, some of you). This usually means buying a few feet of new vacuum hose and running the new hose under the intake manifold or wherever it can't be seen. The easiest way to do this is to remove the fenders and front bumper, drill a hole on each side of the unibody and run the harnesses through the freshly-drilled holes and pull the entire harness, connector and all, underneath the fender. The crappy thing about moving the fuse box is that it is too large to drill a hole through the firewall to stuff it through.
Plus, that big box from the old intake hides our new tuck, and what's the point of tucking wires if you can't even tell the difference?
We're guessing something internal was shaken loose during one of the rallycross's many bumps.
We modified the factory hold-down, fired up the Focus, and pointed its nose south: It was time for another rallycross. Since then the car has sit for extended periods of time of over a month at it still has the cranking power to start the car. The little round green colored sticker says 07 which sounds about right for the purchase year. All it really needed was a little tiding up in the engine compartment to be a real winner, making it a perfect candidate for a mild tuck. Just make sure if it had a check valve, you put it back in place in the correct orientation (they only flow one way). After reconnecting all the connectors and zip tying the harness to the top of the inner fender, put it all back together. In addition to making the car look better, the slightly stiffer rubber used in the new mounts prevented the engine from shifting around under power and when shifting, leading to a more pleasurable driving experience. These batteries are missing something that would give you the life of a more premium battery. The new battery is now at 15 months and it has left me stranded three times in the past three months. Five hours for a pro to do something he's done hundreds of times means it'll take about 20 hours for the average Joe-if he's got all the tools ready to go. Just make sure one end is still bolted to the engine and the other to the body in its new location. Luckily for some Honda owners, this procedure is simply a matter of twisting a nipple and flipping the hose over. The important thing here is to be sure the hole you drill is big enough to fit the connectors on the end of the wiring harnesses to fit thorough the holes, WITHOUT cutting off the connector. You can then pull the wires back inside the car and mount the fusebox wherever it's convenient and out of the way. Yes, the full free replacement is 6 months more than the Kirkland, but the auto shop guy told me that there's no proration period. The point is that unless you've got a spare car, you might want to do a bunch of small things individually instead of trying to do it all at once.
Many people who do DIY wire tucks make the mistake of cutting all the connectors off the harness in order to fit them through a smaller or preexisting hole. In the case of most Hondas, that means mounting it near the ECU in the passenger footwell or kick panel.
When I asked to refund the sales tax, they said they informed me that Costco keeps the sales tax on the core.I had to speak with the Costco Tire Center Manager to resolve the matter. Just remember that every single wire you cut will need to be soldered and shrink-wrapped-an incredibly time-consuming process if you are talking about 100 wires or more. It's a good idea to label each individual wire before cutting the harness to ensure they all get reconnected in the exact same way. We've heard plenty of stories about fried ECUs and sensors because of faulty or incorrectly connected wires, we've even got some stories of our own. Both Interstate batteries and the old Kirkland batteries are made by Johnson Controls, I don't know if they were made to the same specs.
These have a high probability of creating electrical problems later that can be extremely difficult to diagnose.
The reason I believe this practice is illegal, is when your purchase other items from an automotive parts store and charge you a core charge, there is no tax involved.Also, I have ask about this practice to a Bureau of Automotive Repair rep. He replied "they shouldn't have".I would like to know if others have had the same experience at their local Costco locations, and what they did.

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