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Paris Hilton gets her car jumped after suffering from a dead battery while out and about filming her new reality show with Brooke Mueller. Step 1: How much is the current draw?I disconnected the negative (-) battery cable and connected my multi-meter between the cable and the battery post.
Step 5: Big differenceHere you see the reading on my meter after pulling the memory fuse holder. This Instructable applies to my car, but with all of the modern electronics running in the background on today's automobiles, your car may have this problem, too.
I miss the days when magazines like Popular Mechanics had all sorts of DIY projects for making and repairing just about everything.
A 43-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly stealing a car battery at the Teshie Police Station, in the full glare of officers at the Charge Office.
The suspect, Richard Deli, a tanker driver, was seen carrying the battery after he had boldly walked to the police station at dawn and spoken to some policemen there.

Briefing the Daily Graphic, the Teshie District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Simon Agbodeka, said at about 12 midnight on March 11, Deli went to the charge office and told the officers on duty that he was looking for a friend who had come to make a report at the station. After some time, the police in the charge office spotted Deli carrying away a car battery that was in front of the office. According to him, the police pursued the suspect, and sensing danger, Deli dropped the battery and took to his heels, but he was later apprehended. When he was questioned,?Mr Agbodeka said the suspect confessed stealing the battery but said he thought it was out of use.
He said it was established that the suspect had earlier accompanied a friend and his wife to make a complaint at the station, during which he had seen the battery and decided to come back and steal it. After her car finally started, Paris could be seen doing a little dance then promptly applying a new layer of lip gloss. At a recent visit to the nearest dealership for routine warranty service I asked about this.

I was reading the manual for another new vehicle and it seems some things need to be reset if the battery is ever disconnected.) The meter was set to measure DC amperes. Check the terminals on your meter to be certain you have the leads connected properly for the scale on the dial.
If I am concerned, I should connect a trickle charger when I will leave the car unattended for more than a week. The leads plug into the meter at different terminals for a current reading than they do for a voltage or a resistance reading. I could mount it in the engine compartment and connect an extension cord to it when we will be gone for more than a week.

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