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The all-new BMW i3 is a revolutionary zero emissions electric car in a premium car package, yet at an affordable price.
The BMW i3 is the world’s first premium car designed from the ground up to be powered by an electric drive system. The use of lightweight CFRP for the passenger cell compensates for the extra weight of the battery, while the low, central location of the battery pack enhances the car’s agility thanks to perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution and a low centre of gravity.
The electric motor generates an output of 170hp, with peak torque of 250Nm on demand instantly. For customers particularly conscious of ‘range anxiety’, the BMW i3 is available with a range extender engine, powering a generator to maintain the charge of the lithium-ion battery at a constant level while on the move. Both BMW i3 models include a three-year, unlimited mileage vehicle warranty and an eight-year, 100,000 mile battery warranty. This entry was posted in BMW, Electric Car, Family Cars, Hybrid Car, Out Now, Small Hatch and tagged ?5000 electric car grant, bmw electric car, BMW i3, BMW i3 electric car, electric car grant, electric cars, electric drive, Government grant on November 8, 2013 by admin. Let’s face it – hybrids haven’t exactly set the world alight so far when it comes to revolutionizing the global motor market from a style perspective.
BMW i symbolises visionary vehicle concepts, inspirational design and a new take on the meaning of “premium”, with sustainability as a key defining element. BMW is gearing up for a remarkable world premiere and the US debut of two exciting new vehicles on the West Coast. The present and future of driving pleasure converge in the new models presented by the BMW and BMW i brands at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2013 in Frankfurt am Main.
As the last BMW E92 M3 rolled off the production line last week, a new rendering of its replacement has surfaced on the web.
Looking more like a concept than a solid prediction, the new rendering deviates dramatically from what we have previously seen.
The new BMW M4 will make extensive use of carbon fibre components to try and tip the scale at below 1,500kg.
Previous reports have speculated that the M4 will be powered by a 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six engine rated at 310kW (416hp). The all-electric BMW i3 was officially revealed Monday.BMWIn a three-continent event today, BMW officially unveiled the all-electric i3. The $41,350 price tag (before a $7,500 federal tax credit) puts the i3 in between the Tesla Model S (starts at $69,900) and offerings like the Chevy Spark EV ($26,685). That could open up the electric car market to drivers who want to drive a high-end car built by a luxury powerhouse, but hesitate to spend $70,000. That move into a new niche has generated a lot of interest: BMW says it has already received 90,000 requests for test drives.

Wary of the reputation of compact electric cars as glorified go-karts, BMW promises "sheer driving pleasure" in the i3. Range will max out at around 186 miles, but if the i3 is as fun to drive as BMW says a€” and there's no reason to doubt this company's ability to build fun cars a€” it could be a new kind of EV. The all-new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo adds an innovative new concept to the BMW 3 Series line-up.
Generous interior dimensions allow passengers in every seat of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo to enjoy a feeling of space and freedom of movement.
The first impression delivered by the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo invariably centers on the striking combination of dynamic and aesthetic appeal. Bavarian Times MagazineYour source for news and events in the BAVARIA Military community and throughout Germany. The result is a vehicle that embodies BMW’s commitment to driving pleasure without compromise.
This is performed by a 650cc two-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine developing 34hp and mounted immediately next to the electric motor above the rear axle. The battery is also included in the price of the car negating a separate lease charge for battery, as is the case for other electric vehicles. However, leasing is expected to be favoured by customers and the monthly rates are highly competitive. For all of the carbon efficiency and green credentials, the world has been waiting for a show-stopper to truly announce the arrival of the hybrid era and, fortunately, the wait is finally over. Combine that with some of the stunning electric car designs you can get now (the Tesla Model S and BMW i8 being prime examples), and even teenagers are starting to drool over cars that are powered by the same thing as a tablet computer. At the LA Auto Show 2013, the BMW 4 Series Convertible is being unveiled on the world stage to reveal an extraordinary combination of dynamic performance, aesthetic appeal and the thrill of the open-air driving experience. One of the highlights of the world’s most important car show this year is the joint premiere of the BMW i3 and BMW i8. The BMW M4 will replace the M3 in 2014 as the flagship 2-door M coupe for the 3-Series and 4-Series line up.
Nevertheless, it is still one of the best sketches to date with large air intakes at the front, deep wheel arches and striking lines.
Like the BMW 4-Series coupe, the new M4 will be both lower and wider than the outgoing M3 coupe, with the lowest centre of gravity in the whole BMW range. This is only slightly higher than the output of the current M3, which produces 309kW (414hp).
The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is, first and foremost, a driver’s car which combines the dynamics that have earned the new 3 Series a spot on “Car and Driver’s” 10Best list for 22nd consecutive years, with luxury seating for four and generous and flexible luggage capacity.

The front and rear passengers all benefit from a seating position that is 2.3 inches (59 mm) higher than the sedans, which provides outstanding visibility and makes entry and exit significantly more comfortable. Attractive proportions, four doors with frameless windows, the coupe-style, gently falling roofline and large tailgate define the distinctive character it has chiseled for itself within the BMW 3 Series ranks. However, the designers’ clever use of proportions, surfaces and lines ensures that the Gran Turismo appears to cut a similarly low-slung and dynamic figure as its siblings.
The range extender increases the car’s maximum range in day-to-day driving to around 180 miles on one tank of fuel.
The BMW Group’s first purely electrically powered vehicle to go into series production and the world’s most forward-looking sports car showcase the future focus, universal appeal and broad spread of the BMW i brand.
Although torque figure is still unknown, the new model is set to offer around 535Nm, an increase of 135Nm. The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo will arrive in the US, as both a 328i and a 335i, in the summer of 2013 as a 2014 model. Powerful lines and taut surfaces sketch out an athletic body which lends the car an actively forward-surging purpose, as well as suggesting a high degree of functionality.
Its dimensions allow it to lay on impressive levels of space for passengers and their luggage, as a result of which, it passes the “long-distance comfort” test with flying colors. The BMW i3 is the world’s first premium car conceived from the ground up to deliver electric mobility and emission-free driving in urban areas. The increase in space will be especially appreciated by rear seat passengers, where a full 2.8 inches (70mm) of additional legroom over the Sedan and Sports Wagon is there to be enjoyed. With its eye on maximising efficiency both within the city limits and beyond, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid combines the dynamic capability of a high-performance sports car with fuel consumption and emissions you would normally expect from a small car. The cocooning nature of the interior, complemented by its design forms, color scheme and materials, creates first class ambience which allows passengers to enjoy short trips and long journeys alike in relaxed comfort. A sense of roominess, a high seating position, generous levels of space and thoughtfully designed seal its status as unique in the premium mid-size segment. Both models feature a passenger cell made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and BMW eDrive technology that enables them to be driven on electric power alone.

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