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A new theory presented by Japanese automaker, Nissan, is about the possibility for an electric car owner for powering their homes using discarded electric car batteries. This is a new model of energy theory is working by Nissan in order to anticipate the near future trend of electric vehicles and the used batteries as additional household power storage after midnight hours, which normally cost half the price of electricity generated during day time. Hopefully, this way, could help EV owners to minimize electrical expenses as well as reducing the carbon footprint.

2013 NEW 12v car battery charger circuit, View 12v car battery charger circuit, Saip Product Details from Shanghai Saipwell Electric Co., Ltd. So if you can put ex-car batteries in your house and charge up your batteries during the night at half the price, then run your house off the battery during the day, you save an awful amount of cost and you do your carbon footprint a fairly big favour,” Palmer said.
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