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2012 Mitsubishi i electric car battery packEnlarge PhotoWe'd be the first to point out that many of the electric car owners currently out on the roads have had absolutely no trouble with the 100 or so miles they get from a full charge. However, it'd be foolish to assume that some people really don't need more than that, and as a result there's always room for an EV with greater range.
Improvements to battery technology could be the best way to find this range, and according to New Scientist (via Autoblog), developments in Lithium-Air batteries from IBM could give us electric cars with a 500-mile range.
Lithium-air batteries have significantly greater energy density than regular lithium-ion batteries - close to that of gasoline, in fact.
Several companies are working to improve Lithium-air technology, by testing moisture-proof battery membranes, and graphene cathodes. IBM is seeking to improve the electrolyte, the solvent that carries lithium ions between anode and cathode. However, an IBM-led coalition called Battery 500, hopes to have a full-scale prototype running by 2013, and commercial batteries ready by 2020.
You might have to wait a few more years for an electric car that truly goes further than the gasoline equivalent, but it's on its way. The new Daimler-BYD joint venture will launch its first battery-car concept, the Denza NEV, in Beijing. Mercedes’ parent Daimler AG plans to launch an all-new battery-electric vehicle it has developed as part of a joint venture with China’s BYD. The show car will be called the NEV, short for New Energy Vehicle.  The hatchback will use a pure battery-electric design with its batteries mounted under the floor and its electric motor driving the front wheels. The German maker provided the basic vehicle architecture for the Denza NEV concept, along with key componentry, including the safety system.  BYD, already one of the key players in the emerging Chinese battery-car market, supplied the underlying drive system. In keeping with current Chinese trends – where many buyers prefer to have chauffeurs – Denza CEO Lian Yubo notes that, “The rear seating area was designed to feel as much as possible like a lounge area.
A production version of the Denza NEV is expected to reach market in China – where the car will be built – later in 2014. It was the first joint venture in China dedicated solely to electric propulsion and it now has over 250 engineers and experts from both companies working on future battery-based vehicles. Facing endemic smog problems in many of its major cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, the Chinese government has been pressing automakers to develop and launch new electric vehicles like the NEV – with government forecasts calling for putting as many as 5 million battery cars on the road over the next eight years. As the world’s largest automotive market today, China could play a pivotal role in boosting market penetration of alternative drive systems, many experts believe, if the Chinese government’s push for the technology is matched by market demand. Daimler and BYD are also working with  ABB of Sweden, one of the world’s leading power and automation technology companies, which is expected to supply fast chargers for BDNT’s battery electric Denza. What could help is the plan to set up a network of public fast chargers in China in the near future.
You will want to check for indicators that your automobile provides in order to realize the time to change your car battery. Check if your battery often dies in the winter and makes you to ‘click’ the starter, then it is the time to buy a new car battery. To ensure quality element and performance assurance in all the batteries that we important and supply, we conduct multiple quality checks. About Us - Advertise on this website - Terms of use - Privacy Policy - Help - Our Blog - Contact us - Support us! Whether you drive an older car or a current model with the latest technology, statistics prove that your car battery must still be in good order if you want to look forward to trouble-free motoring this winter. However, with electronics now controlling so many automotive components, it is much more difficult for the average driver to locate the reason if the car does break down at the roadside.
Although there can be no doubt that today's cars are so much more reliable than their forebears, the control units that contain diagnostic tools can be temperamental and function incorrectly if, for example, the power supply is inconsistent, such as when charging the battery. An extensive ADAC comparison test of car batteries in 2004 showed clear differences in quality and battery performance, but even the strongest batteries fail if the electronic control units forget they should 'sleep' - in other words not consume energy - during extended periods of idling. The consequences can be equally detrimental if something as simple as touching the door handle activates other functions in the car, such as comfort and driver aids.

Winter driving and cold starts on the way to work place even greater stress on the battery's ability to cope with the conditions. Many of these sealed, no maintenance batteries have a condition monitor like VARTA's magic eye to help drivers tell at a glance whether it is healthy, needs charging or is about to fail. VARTA, which is able to meet 99 per cent of all replacement requirements with its Blue Dynamic batteries for European and ASIA Dynamic batteries for Far Eastern models, has recently completed the loop with the launch of a range of Ultra Dynamic car batteries using the latest AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology to meet replacement demand for these high tech OE fitments. Two sizes with 70 amp hour and 95 Ah ratings provide 92 per cent market coverage for models from such car makers as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen fitted with AGM batteries as original equipment.
The General Motors-backed Envia Systems has come up with a new process that creates a battery with an energy density of 400 watt-hours per kilogram. The new magic comes from combining a “High Capacity Manganese Rich (HCMR)” cathode and a silicon-carbon nanocomposite anode, and then passing the lithium ions though a new, secret electrolyte formula (Powerade? Much as I applaud the advancement of batteries in all their varieties, when it comes to cars, I still think hydrogen is the way to go. First you need large scale infrastructure to commercially crack, transport and distribute the hydrogen, then you need the special tank for hydrogen in the vehicle.
Even if it takes to 2025 to again double the density over this new battery, it makes setting up a hydrogen fuel infrastructure a losing proposition. Given the evolution of battery technology and energy density over the past decade, I'll put my money on batteries over hydrogen. On top of the above, hopefully, we will eventually have an electrical grid that is also clean, it might be slow, but we've definitely made progress in this. If you like the sudden realisation that Facebook knows more about you than some of your closest friends, you will love the new Slideshow feature. Access your saved cars on any device.Receive Price Alert emails when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. You're now logged in as and will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, and on your phone! That's enough to beat many internal combustion cars on sale today, and would certainly eliminate range anxiety.
That means batteries could be down-scaled - and therefore vehicle weight reduced - while still increasing range. Current electrolytes react with air and become depleted over time, so IBM is testing various materials. To be sold through the new Denza brand, it will make its debut in concept form at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. The first dealership selling the new brand will open its doors in Beijing in the middle of this year.
It was vital that we have the right infrastructure partner to support this innovative concept,” noted Arno Roe Ringer, BDNT’s chief operating officer.
But the fact that many potential buyers won’t have a place to install the home wall-mounted chargers could be a problem for the project. Immediately change the battery if you or technician finds some cracks without specification in the hood.
Cleaning the posts can make a good difference and you can use a corrosion cleaning kit for the purpose.Ask the reliable car battery importers of your state. Hence, each product supply through our label is tested for quality through a strict QC procedure.
As it turned out, my phone was lacking more than a baetrty, so I got a new one from Verizon. Evaluation of 1.9 million breakdowns handled by the German ADAC motoring organisation in 2004 showed that electronics-derived breakdowns now account for 36 per cent of all call outs. In 1985 the causes were much easier to diagnose - the starter motor packed up or the carburettor failed.

ADAC statistics show that the number of battery failures since 1996 has doubled from eight to 16 per cent.
The electronics are activated and the battery, sooner or later, is drained of the energy it needs to start the engine and power all the ancillary equipment. In recent years more powerful calcium-silver car batteries have displaced traditional lead-acid designs to cope with major advances in automotive technology.
But if you are not sure, VARTA specialists displaying free battery test signs can check it for you. Envia Systems has come up with a new battery technology that could give a $US20,000 electric car a range of 480km to a charge. Add carparks that offer solar charging for electric vehicles and you remove the need for fuel tankers on our roads. I don't want to keep driving into a gas station for fuel (any type of fuel - hydrogen included). But there is something weird happening on Mars' surface -- and it's something that hasn't been seen anywhere else in the universe.
Under Chinese law, foreign makers must find a local partner to build cars in the country – which now claims the world’s largest automotive market. One problem is that few of the country’s motorists live in homes where they have ready access to charging technology.  Price is another issue.
However, a representative of this vendor phoned me, and refunded what I had paid for the baetrty in spite of the fact that it was perfect just as a good will gesture, since it wasn't the thing to fix my broken phone. Nowadays electronic control units are able to detect mechanical problems early before you grind to a halt. The fact is there has been a lot of major break throughs in the cracking of water and there are a lot of cars out there that could easily be converted to run on hydrogen gas, very similar to LPG! Now if we can manufacture the batteries and cars environmentally friendly we're really onto a winner. I want to charge at home, overnight from a smartgrid, using renewable energy and breaking the oil addiction. I would listen to this a thousand times over that Fall Out Boy disaster they released last week. Many car owners still don’t know when to buy a new car battery and from which car battery supplier India. For example, batteries in cold areas need to be changed very often while warm areas don’t make batteries weak faster. You will want to choose the most recognized and affordable car battery supplier India so as to get the best quality, compatible batteries for your automobile. By 2010 VARTA, the company supplying batteries for more than 60 per cent of all new cars sold in Europe, expects this to rise to 35 per cent.
In terms of cost, when it was first produced, the Nissan Leaf’s battery cost around $US375 per kilowatt-hour. Make a thorough research about available car battery suppliers and then choose the most reliable and affordable provider from them.
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The high-cost and low capacity of batteries is one of the major impediments to adoption of electric cars. The idea that these problems will be greatly reduced within the next few years is a very, very good thing.

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