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There are many types of car battery chargers so it’s important that you know what to look for and can separate features you need from those that you don’t need in a car battery charger.  The difference can save you a lot of money and eliminate features which usually equates to extra size and weight you don’t want to have to carry around.
Chargers can vary greatly in the average time it takes to charge your vehicle although the most common chargers anywhere from 2 to 10 hours to charge.  The faster the charge capability usually the more expensive the charger. This is a very personal specification because one person’s “ease of use” is another person’s “difficult to use!”  If you’re a professional and you’re going to use the unit often then ease of use will not be as much of a factor.  If you’re a novice or someplace in between, with possibly only a quarterly use of less, then the easier the better and there are some things you should look for.  Does the car battery charger come with a good instruction manual that discusses both the proper use and safety considerations?  Does it have an automatic shutoff or go into a safer trickle charge (or battery tender) mode after charging is complete?  Are the controls simple to understand? Most all battery chargers now come with insulated clamps to prevent accidental shock.  For safety reasons, you should always choose a unit with insulated clamps.
Some chargers are now equipped with built-in alternator testers that can display either alternator voltage or an estimate of the alternator’s output as compared to “normal” readings. I would love to get your opinion of this article or hear your battery charger story.  Please take a moment to leave a comment below. Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions.
If you're having trouble starting your car or if it's been several years since you've replaced your vehicle's power source, it may be time to shop for a new car battery. Since your battery is such an important part of your car, buying the right replacement model is essential.
Before you go shopping, you need to identify the type of battery that's currently in your car. Visit the manufacturer's website to see if they have an owner services department where you can download an electronic manual for your vehicles. Now that you know what you're shopping for, it's tempting to start comparing battery prices. Cold cranking amps (CCA) is the measure of a battery's ability to start your vehicle in cold weather conditions. Reserve capacity is the number of minutes your car might run using the battery alone should your alternator fail. Group size refers to the outside dimensions and placement of power terminals on the battery. Buying the right battery for your car is important for safety reasons, so write down everything you know about your battery.

Installing a new battery can be dangerous, since car batteries contain very strong acids and can discharge large amounts of electricity. Buy a car battery with the longest reserve capacity possible, since you may need it in emergency situations when your vehicle has stalled or will not start. Car batteries and alternators have a close relationship, and if something goes wrong it’s not always clear which one is to blame. In your car, the alternator serves an important purpose, powering the electrics once the car is running and charging the battery. When all is well with your car, the battery starts the engine and then the alternator takes over. The easy way to be sure is to take your car into a garage – many will check your electrics for free.
There is one final option you may have heard suggested, which is to start the car and then disconnect the battery. It’s easy enough to buy a used alternator, but before you race to your local breakers, make sure it’s not something simpler.
A reverse polarity warning will tell you if you have hooked the positive cable to the negative post on the battery incorrectly or vice versa. Auto repair purchases can be intimidating, but knowing how to buy a car battery can take the guesswork out of this important automotive decision. Even if you don't plan to buy the battery there, you can find out exactly what kind of battery you need from someone in the service department.
Many parts stores employ knowledgeable individuals who can help you identify your car's battery. However, you won't know whether you're comparing like models if you don't have a basic understanding of the terminology used with auto batteries.
The size of the battery CCA rating should meet or exceed the car's OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cranking rate.
Vehicle makes have different group sizes, but you should always go with the group size that's recommended for your car. Be sure to check with more than one source, so you can get the best deal on your new battery. If you're not trained in auto mechanics, you may want to leave the installation to the professionals. Some places, like auto dealerships and some repair shops, may charge you extra for installation. Motors spin when you apply electricity to them; alternators – also known as generators – produce electricity when you spin them.

If your alternator isn’t doing its share of the heavy lifting, the result will be a flat battery and dead electrics.
If that’s not possible for one reason or another, or is too much of an affront to your masculinity, there are a few tests you can try for yourself. This is not recommended for amateurs – or, according to some experts, anyone at all. If you try this, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing to avoid serious damage to both you and the car. The battery also provides the power for lighting and accessories and gives power to the electrical system of your vehicle when the charging system is not operational. If the battery fails after this date, you will only get a pro-rated credit towards your new battery. As an educated consumer, you're far more likely to get a great deal on the very best battery for your car. Of course, a faulty battery will also have the same effect. So, what’s the differential diagnosis for alternator trouble? Needless to say, disclaimers apply when you are mucking about with electrics and running engines. If everything stays on and the car keeps running, it’s a good guess that your alternator’s doing its job and the battery’s the culprit. Some can be more than a little temperamental about you disconnecting the battery while they’re running. You now know that the battery can’t possibly be powering your electrics – including your spark plugs. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Buying a battery online may be more affordable, but you'll have to pay someone to install it. If you find your battery keeps going flat, even after you’ve charged or replaced it, then there’s a good chance your alternator is to blame.
The material in this article is for information only and in no instance should a case of sudden and violent death be considered grounds for a lawsuit.
Depending on the age and make of your car, disconnecting the battery could have little or no effect. Or, in the worst case, it could completely fry your electronics, essentially turning your car into a very large paperweight.

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