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Amp Hour (AH) – typically used for deep-cycle batteries, this illustrates the amperage capacity. The other side of the label tells you the type of battery and usually features a purchase date selection used for warranty purposes. While most batteries are of the same age-old lead acid (LA) design, there are many ways to put them together. Gel– The platform is the same, but instead of using plain old water as the base for the electrolyte, they use a thickened version (like Jell-O) to keep the electrolyte from leaking in the event of a cracked or broken box. AGM – AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are the most efficient of the lead-acid design. Both gel and AGM batteries de-gas like flooded batteries, but since they are sealed, the gasses are reabsorbed into the electrolyte, keeping them functional longer. Starting batteries – have higher cranking amps for heavy, short bursts of energy use a larger number of thinner plates to release more amperage.
Deep-cycle batteries – use fewer plates, but each plate is thicker, so they store more energy, but can’t release it as fast, only 25% of the rated amperage can be released at one burst. Flooded style deep-cycle batteries should not be used for starting; they do not have the cranking power. There are a couple of newcomers to the automotive battery realm, specifically lithium Ion (Li) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh). NiMh – This design uses hydrogen-absorbing alloy as the negative electrode, and nickel oxyhydride as the positive side. Li – Lithium batteries are very similar to NiMh batteries, but they are slightly more efficient and hold a static charge for longer periods. Long-term storage or even a couple of days in frigid temperatures can weaken a batteries charge. Charging – When storing a battery long term, you should consider a trickle or maintenance charger. Corrosion – Corrosion is a problem with all batteries, moisture, metal and electricity cause electrolysis, the same process at work inside the battery, but in an uncontrolled manner.
Water Level – Flooded batteries require water to function, over time, the water level decreases. This type of terminal connection can get you home in a pinch, but must be replaced as soon as possible.
Cables and Terminals – The battery can only do its job when the connections are good. The Midtronics PBT-300 displays the CCA (cold cranking amps) power of the battery and the LEDs indicate battery condition, too. In addition to displaying the CCA power, the Midtronics meter also tells you what the available voltage is. Now let's talk about what you need to perform battery care and to keep your cranking power up to snuff.
Battery charger - every garage should have a good battery charger available to keep the power level up on seldom-used vehicles or to charge dead batteries. This industrial-strength battery charger from NAPA features multiple charge power ranges and can also be used to jump start a vehicle with a totally-dead battery. A trickle charger is a particularly useful piece of gear for vehicles that are stored over the winter or used infrequently; a trickle charger will maintain a full charge on the vehicle's battery without overcharging it and draws very little household current while in use. A trickle charger like this Battery Tender will keep your battery fully charged without overcharging it. While a battery load tester is not an absolute necessity, it's inexpensive enough (under $70) to have a place in your garage. A battery load tester will accurately report the condition of a battery in a minute or two and let you know if it's time to replace the battery or not. Another absolutely essential piece of equipment for any garage is a good set of booster cables. Jumper boxes, also called "hot boxes," are self-contained batteries with terminal clamps attached that are designed for jump-starting vehicles with weak or dead batteries. A jumper box, also called a 'hot box', can be a real lifesaver when you have a dead or weak battery. There are a couple of small items that should also be considered 'garage essentials' when it comes to battery care. Always make sure that the electrolyte in your battery is up to the proper level, adding water as required to top it off.
A lot of folks maintain that you should never store your battery on a cold cement garage floor over the winter months. So, hopefully, now you know just about everything you need to know about your collector car's battery, how to care for it and how to keep it in tip top shape. 850cca 1100ca recently bought better battery for my van to accommodate a larger sound system. 6 8v Golf Cart Batteries For 48v Club Car Napa 8148 in Detroit Michigan,Batteries for Sale Welcome, visitor! While the type of battery under the hood is not likely to give you any horsepower gains, it will save you from having to get jump started in the middle of the night at the gas station.
This is the most important measure of a battery, and is the typical rating used for selecting the appropriate battery for a vehicle.

A battery with 150 amp hours rating would provide 15 amps for 10 hours, 10 amps for 15 hours or 150 amps for 1 hour.
Sealed flooded battery are designed to be maintenance—free, meaning you don’t have to add water at any time, they are sealed. This also makes the battery more stable in terms of vibration and installation location, as the gel doesn’t move, which ensures the plates are always covered in electrolyte. Both types of batteries can release their charge faster than flooded batteries, which is an important function. Deep cycle batteries are used for long-term constant draw situations, such as boats, golf carts and show cars (lights and stereo systems).
These batteries are commonly used in rechargeable applications for cell phones and other portable devices, they are very stable and hold a charge for a long period of time, with the ability to release that charge quickly. These batteries are becoming more prevalent in high-performance applications where every pound is critical. These low-amp chargers keep the battery from discharging over time without boiling the electrolyte, which can ruin the battery. Corroded cables and terminals, loose fitting terminals, etc limit the alternator’s ability to charge the battery and provide juice to the car. A daily-driven econobox doesn’t need a high-performance lithium-ion battery, while a show car needs a battery that can sustain long periods of use without charging. His career began in the car audio industry as a shop manager, eventually working his way into a position at Rockford Fosgate as a product designer. And while a digital multimeter will readily tell you the voltage of your battery, it can't give you a clue as to the conductance. The lit yellow LED tells me this battery's condition is low and it's nearing the end of its useful life cycle.
With a price tag of a few hundred bucks, this is more power than most folks need or want, unless you subscribe to the 'bigger is better' school of thought.
There are several different brands of trickle chargers available, and some are even capable of maintaining the battery charge on several vehicles simultaneously - something of interest to you readers with multiple-car stables. This is a very useful piece of equipment for vehicles that are infrequently used or stored for long periods of time. A battery load tester will, as the name implies, subject the battery to a simulated load and then accurately report its condition in a couple of minutes. And when shopping for a set of booster cables, the best advice I can give you here is not to be penny-wise and dollar-foolish.
Again, as with other tool and gear purchases, don't go with the bargain basement jumper box - spend a few dollars more to get one that has plenty of cranking amperage because a weak jumper box that doesn't have enough power to turn your engine over isn't of any use. Essentially, it is a sealed, rechargeable 12-volt battery enclosed in an easy-to-carry case and it has cables and terminal clamps already attached. The sharp, abrasive bristles scrape the surface of the terminals to remove slag and oxidation; the blades at the opposite end are for scraping the terminal cable clamps. This is particularly important in hot weather, when the level tends to drop quickly due to evaporation. While I'm not going to comment one way or the other on whether storing it on cement as opposed to a wooden shelf is OK or not, I will say that the most important thing is to make sure the battery does not freeze - a charged battery will not freeze, but a discharged one will freeze. Additionally, a properly functioning battery means your alternator doesn’t have to work as hard, and getting the best performance from your charging system is always good bet, especially if you have upgraded electronics.
All lead acid batteries use the same overall concept – lead plates (one is lead, the other is lead oxide) are submerged in an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid. Within a conventional battery, such as a “tar-top” battery in a classic car, each LA cell is separated and each group has its own electrolyte.
One of the drawbacks for gel cell batteries is that they are more susceptible to voltage irregularities and they can’t be refilled, once the electrolyte degrades, the battery is toast.
In order to provide a larger level of cranking amperage, a flooded battery must be much larger, as a typical flooded battery is limited in how much charge it can release at one time.
The side effect of this is that the plates get hotter faster, which causes them to warp and pit, particularly when they are fully discharged. Leaving a LA battery on the shelf for 6 months will degrade the battery, especially if it is in cold weather. Find the right battery for your needs and it will serve up the juice you need for a long time. In 2003, he began writing tech articles for magazines, and has been working as an automotive journalist ever since.
To measure and check conductance, you need a meter capable of this function, such as the Midtronics PBT-300. Most users can get by with a modest charger in the under $100 price range, but if you have several vehicles you may find it to be a better investment to go with a heavy-duty charger that has a fast-charge cycle on it as well.
These devices sell for under $100, are available from numerous sources, and are an excellent investment for maintaining the charge on your battery and, in so doing, prolonging its useful life. Knowing the condition of the battery is good information to have, since recharging a bad battery only gives it temporary or "surface power". Spend a few dollars extra to get a really good set of cables with multi-stranded conductors, preferably shielded, of at least 15-feet in length.
There are several different jumper boxes available from different manufacturers and they vary in CCA (cold cranking amps), price and other features that may or may not be important to you.

This Husky unit has a built-in voltage meter that gives you an accurate reading of the cranking power available and the charge state of the jump box. These are inexpensive (under $10) and are wonderful for cleaning both the posts of the battery as well as the terminal clamps to remove oxidation, slag, corrosion and other foreign material that can interfere with a good connection. While purists maintain that distilled water is the best to use for battery longevity, using tap water is still a lot better than not adding any water at all.
And once the cells in a battery freeze, the battery's life, for all intents and purposes, is over, since it will not hold a charge (if it even takes one) sufficient to crank your engine. Each of these plate groups is called a cell; a group of individual cells is called a “battery”. Over time, the process of charging and discharging uses up the electrolyte and it has to be replaced with distilled water. NAPA offers an AGM type battery in the Legend series, which uses a flat-plate core with AGM electrolyte separators, making it impossible for the plates to touch.
In fact, Porsche recently swapped out conventional batteries for Lithium Ion, with a replacement cost of $1700.
A dead flooded (this does not work for gel or AGM types) battery that won’t hold a charge can sometimes be “jump-started” by boiling the electrolyte with a heavy high-amperage charge. You have to be careful with side-post terminals, as you can strip the threads and actually break into the case, causing electrolyte to leak out. His work has been featured in Car Craft, Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Truckin’, Mopar Muscle, and many more.
It will set you back quite a bit more than a good multimeter, but it's still an affordable - and very useful - tool to have in your garage. It's important not to skimp on a charger, however - you definitely want to get one that has built-in overload protection, since this will protect both the charger and the battery. The bottom line here is that a freshly charged battery may accept and hold a surface charge, yet still not have enough power to crank an engine over.
The spring clamps on both ends should also be insulated and have good mating on the "teeth" of the clamp so that they will grip the battery terminals securely.
Some of the better jumper boxes also have built-in lights, charge gauges and some even have air compressors to pump up a slow leak on the roadside. It also features a cigarette lighter socket, a handy feature for powering 12V accessory items.
And the other essential item is a battery terminal wrench if you have a side-terminal battery.
I do not recommend bottled spring water, however, since it may contain minerals that can hasten the demise of the battery. As the battery discharges, the lead electrodes become lead sulfate, and the electrolyte dissolves into water.
These batteries last much longer than a conventional or gel-cell battery, and are the superior design for wet-acid type vehicle batteries.
This means that gel cell and AGM batteries can fit in a smaller case while providing more amperage. Using an Li battery in cold weather is not advisable though, as they can be damaged in temperatures below freezing.
In severe cold weather a battery can freeze, which will short out the plates and the battery will no longer charge. Plus, it also tests the condition of your starter and alternator, so it's a lot more than just a battery tester. A cheap, thin set of cables won't conduct sufficient electricity to successfully jump the battery and the cables will become hot, indicating that they are not good conductors. One very useful feature to look for in a jumper box, however, is a 12V 'cigarette lighter' outlet which is very handy for powering battery-operated vacuum cleaners, 12V impact wrenches and other accessories without draining your vehicle's battery. This why batteries freeze during the winter, which can cause the lead plates to touch (short-circuit), effectively destroying the battery. Jefferson operates Red Dirt Rodz, his personal garage studio, where all of his magazine articles and tech videos are produced.
By purchasing a good set of booster cables you'll be getting a piece of gear that should last you for many years and give you trouble-free service. While charging a lead acid battery, through electrolysis, the battery generates oxygen and hydrogen gas, which can be explosive, which is why batteries are typically mounted under the hood, where they dissipate and do not become condensed.
Think about it for a minute - what good is a set of booster cables that don't do what they're supposed to do when you need them? When installing a battery in the trunk, a firewall must be installed to protect the passengers; the battery box must also be vented to the exterior of the vehicle. The process for reviving AGM batteries is a little more complex, involving multiple batteries chained together. Another solution is liquid electrical tape, which creates an airtight seal, but it has to be cut off before removing the battery cable. AGM batteries need a better quality charger than a standard flooded battery, Optima Batteries offers an AGM-specific charger that doubles as a conditioner for long-term storage.

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