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Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested Sunday in Miami on charges of criminal mischief after allegedly "going to a neighbor's house inebriated and causing a commotion," the San Francisco Chronicle reports. This isn't the best look for Bryant, a three-year veteran of the Raiders and a Harvard graduate, who will become an unrestricted free agent March 12. Bleacher Report's Matt King mocked Bryant, comparing his mug shot to an unflattering screen capture of "Honey Boo Boo" star June "Mama" Shannon. Earlier it had been mistakenly reported that Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant had been arrested, Bleacher Report noted.
In the mean time I took out the battery, shook it licked it, put it back in and tried again several times. I think the point I was trying to make, this time without the sarcasm, is don't ignore warnings from your car, whether that is a an actual warning from the ECU, or if you car starts doing something out of the ordinary. Why not just use your spare fob the second it gives you the low battery warning on your primary fob?
Which is the Best Car Battery Brand?This is a discussion on Which is the Best Car Battery Brand? Originally Posted by gpa Was looking around inside the bonnet of my recently acquired Brio today and noticed that it has a SF as an OEM fitment from Honda. Jump-started the car and drive home and come Saturday morning took the car to my friendly neighborhood battery guy who confirmed one very weak cell and low cranking voltage of 9V.
Was going to choose Amara Raja (Amron) Battery, but the 1st seller was expressing doubts if any other battery except 50-DIN would fit, & 2nd seller was taking time to respond. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post OEM car battery life - How long did your OE battery last? In 1957 my grandmother, I call her Nanny, you can too, moved from King's Lynn, UK to the United States of America. For those of you who have been to King's Lynn, you won't be surprised to hear that I didn't find any sort of fountain of knowledge. King's Lynn is located basically directly north of London and is the part of England called East Anglia. I had a small list of things I needed to see in King's Lynn, and one of them was to see the restuarant that my great grandmother used to work at. Nearby this spooky chapel was a creek that some baby ducks called home, so to end my trip I took a load of pictures of baby ducks. At the end of April I played in a beach ultimate tournament called Paganello, in Rimini, Italy. I was playing with my Zurich team in Paganello, and I was excited to see all my teammates again, but I was worried that they would not be as fun as Thundering Herd.
For our third and last game of the day, we changed the way we were subbing, so we had upwind and downwind lines. In Europe, the post game tradition is to shake hands and then get into a circle, arms linked, with the players of each team intermixed throughout.
Throughout the week, I checked in with Herd and found them in various states of drunk to hungover.
The first thing I did when I found out I would be maybe spending an extended time in the UK was email Simon Brasse. My email to Si consisted something along the lines of "blah blah visa blah Schengen blah, I may be there for 90 days, do you know anyone with a spare room, and does your team need a girl?" I got incredible lucky because his friend Abhi was going to live at home for a few months while he learned to drive (place to stay, check) and that the Herd second team did need another girl (instant friends, check). I think the most impressive thing about Herd to me is the relationship between the first and second team.
Thundering Herd also has an strong international presence with several Americans, a few Australians and Canadians, one New Zealander and one Spaniard. We woke up before our host, and headed out for our final day of our "Highlands or Bust 2011!" adventure. After breakfast we made our way to Stonehenge, and surprisingly, it looked the same as it did when I was there about a month before. After breakfast we headed out into the cloudy and rainy day to check out Melrose Abbey, the reason we were there.
After the Melrose Abbey we started our long 337 mile drive down to Bristol to meet Jeff's cousin.
So I figure after about two years, I would now put together a build thread primarily so I can keep track and when people ask me, I can just show them this.
April 9th, My good friend Brandon, which his GTI heavily swayed me into getting one, Drove up from MA to Hudson NH after school, not thinking i was going to buy this car, went with cash, Just in-case it was worth it.
New Goal: Realistically I want to get the car to atlas 200k Hopefully dreaming about seeing 300k. So For the first Months I've had the car, I've been reading up and gaining knowledge of the car and some maintenance and DIY, as i ALWAYS will attempt to DIY if I can.
Great company, when this was ordered in 2013, they offered a selective line up, but customer service was great, the explained some good things and other reviews sounded great! Only reason its not a 10, is because when I Ordered they didn't offer a Stainless option although i was willing to pay up, if I'm already spending good money I was willing to spend more on something that would hold up to NewEngland weather and winters, but they assured me atleast 10 years without rusting through otherwise they'd work with me for replacing the part that rusts through for free, just would have to pay shipping.
So during the fall, i had ordered 2 extra keys, had them cut and programmed for a FRACTION of dealer cost.
So spring 2014 came around with great weather and now was time to get a good brake job done, The rear pads we pure metal, and i really didn't have a choice. So May 2014 Comes around and one day, after a trip to Boston area, coming home, the car had its power cut in and out and sounded like gunshots when more than 20% throttle was applied, and no acceleration. Tags: American International School, Bangladesh, Buddhism, Buddhist, Cave, Chittagong Hill-Tracts, Monk, Rick Davis, Tea Garden, Temple, Tunnel, Wedding. This temple is also one of the few locations where you can kind of get cellphone reception.
I was pretty exhausted afterwards – as you can probably tell at this half-assed attempt at smiling for the camera after coming back from the cave. Any info about how the famine linked to the plague of rats that the BBC was reporting earlier this year has been dealt with? I will keep very close watch on the battery in the Brio considering that you have experienced problems.
The car cranked up fine the next morning, but I didn't want to risk having another sudden episode especially since there are a few long drives planned in the coming months. I did learn a lot about my family history though, nothing big or important, but just little facts about what my grandmother and great grandmother's life was like before they went to America. Cool checkered board front!George Vancouver, sailed to the Pacific Northwest in the states! I definitely got a sense of how small the town was when at the tourist office the lady knew the restaurant I was talking about, despite it's name having been changed. The lady at the tourist office gave me a warning that this is the area that, basically, tourists weren't supposed to go to. We went to dinner with my friends Alex and Alex (aka, boy-Alex and girl-Alex) and afterwards went to a pub where Jeff was carded.
From April 21st-25th, the town of Rimini was going to be invaded by 1,500 ultimate and freestyle frisbee athletes. I don't know if it was the subbing rotation or the other team looking like juniors, but we played much better that game, and from then on we only lost one more game. Then the captains each make a short speech about the game, what the other team did well, what their team did poorly, and then one team steps inside and we all shake hands again. At one point, while watching their games I started yelling "show us your butts or it doesn't count!" What "it" was, I have no idea, but I got the line to show me their butts, so it was a win of some sort right?

I knew Simon from working with Five Ultimate, I was the team order representative assigned to help Thundering Herd make their jerseys. We arrived and I was feeling pressured on time so we made a quickish walk around the circle.
It was a sad and tense car ride, because traffic was bad, but he needed to make his flight, but I also didn't want him to go. Built in 1136 by Cistercian Monks, the abbey has been through many battles and civil wars and has been rebuilt a couple of times. We got a little confused with the directions and as we were turning around we got a flat tire.
We drank wine and cider late into the night, and basked in the good company and conversation. So I will Updating all the previous things that I've gone through with the car and my experiences. Yes it was worth it, i ended up buying right there on the spot, and the guy gave me a pair of Winter tires with steelies. Needed a new center console cover, besides that, and new Floor mats, everything seemed to be clean. So First day I did a basic Oil change, ran the gas down until the light came on and filled up some good 93. I Researched around to find the best sounding exhaust, to my liking, and i found a great combo. The single key given to me during the sale was HEAVILY broken in and didn't stay folded and i just wanted a backup in case anything happened.
SO i went to advance auto because i couldn't wait, plus budget was around $300 max Luckily i got it done for $200.
The reason I was able to make a trip like this is because I tagged along with a couple of teachers (including Rick Davis who I had mentioned before) from the American International School in Dhaka.
It’s my journey to try and make the world a better place - one meaningful difference at a time.
I wanted to travel to this place, not because it's any sort of metropolis, but because I felt like there was some personal history there.
I was actually quite embarrassed to not know about these things before, but now I do, so that makes it okay right? In the 14th century, King's Lynn was the bee's knees, and one of England's most important ports. I found this funny, because the area was quiet and the most frightening thing was that school had let out and kids were wandering around everywhere. The festival consisted of two large tents that had their perimeter full of shelves of mini kegs. Apparently the town gives a grant to the tournament because it brings in so many people in the tourist off season.
Swiss are organized, composed, and punctual; English drink a lot, are dry humored, and goofy. In the end we placed 13th and Thundering Herd placed 20th, so at least my pride got a boost in the end.
I took an injury sub and jogged over to the first aid tent (luckily right next to the field) and was a huge wuss and just looked away and handed them my hand. Beach is played 5 players on at a time, I thought the 5th person on this line wasn't going to humor me, so I zoomed in for these four, apparently she did participate though. We accidentally gave the "I'm going to beat you up" hand signal to one of the restaurant workers. What I mean is that the team is intimate and family like, with a mix of new players and veteran players. Herd 1 and 2 practice together, and scrimmage against each other, everyone is treated equally, and there is no supremacy for being on the first team. Jeff had a flight to catch that evening and we wanted to fit in stone henge and Avebury before his flight.
The henge is still used by farmers as fields for animals, so we enjoyed our walk amongst the sheep that before we had only viewed from the car.
We were coming to an end of our 175 mile journey, to bring the total mileage to a whopping 1,469 miles. Luckily they had something other than a traditional English breakfast, so we were especially glad we made it. Then their roommate came home, who was the only British man I have ever met to sound like Austin Powers.
I didn't want to do too many crazy things like slam it, or put hardwood floors in the hatch or things like that,I wanted to keep it practical and just really restore it mechanically first, and aesthetically after.
Also replaced the center console lid with a black leather one, didn't want to go cloth, I wanted to keep it different. So naturally I took the battery to advanced auto parts to test it, it worked fine and passed, then tested the starter, and was reading a bit slow, can't quite remember the cranking speed but it was in the low 100's RPM.
But the natural scenery and beauty of the Chittagong Hill-Tracts was a whole other level of beautiful. They helped cut the cost of this trip considerably since I didn’t have to pay for a lot of things like transportation. The stock Exide in my (self-start only) bike lasted 3 years before I had to replace it due to a wrong diagnosis. I don't have to much heritage mix like some Americans, I only have British and Polish, so I feel rather connected to England, like maybe there is something there that has been left for me to discover, and once I find it, everything will be clear. And who knows, maybe this is a step into the direction of "once you know this, everything will be okay." You never know, until you know. Between then and the World War's, King's Lynn lost its importance, as west coast ports were more widely used, and had been attacked during civil wars. I flew in from London for my last 5 days in Schengen, after Paga I really can't go back into the rest of Europe until the end of May. I knew the blood was coming from my thumbnail, but I didn't look properly and my mind, in the 45 seconds since it happened, imagined my thumbnail bent backwards and broken.
One team from Belgium played a game where we had to pass a waffle cookie from one play to another using no hands, and then the last player had to eat it and then whistle. We played a pass the beer game we called "rotazione." Overall, good time, I love both my teams, and Italian beaches are amazing. Overall Thundering Herd is a force in the UK Ultimate scene, their first team places in the top 6 at each tour, and the 2nd team is the number 1 second team in the country, and placed 15th (out of 40 or so) at the last tour. In fact, the way the UK version of USA Ultimate is set up, allows for players to play 1st team one tournament and then 2nd team the next, so there is always the chance to move up, or down. Like Stone Henge, no one knows why it was built, but guesses are for religious ceremonies and believes. It is rumored that the heart of Robert the Bruce was buried in the abbey, but some believe that it is not his, but rather a monks. Fifteen minutes later and we are on the road again, proud of ourselves for changing a tire so quickly in the rain.
After the wine was gone, we hunkered down to sleep on an air mattress in the living room, and slept like babies.
Its been my daily Driver ever since, except for the first winter of 2013-2014, I drove my 97 Honda Accord due to some electrical issues i will post about later. No sense in cheaping out and not taking care of it, the Germans really knew what they were doing.

I would HIGHLY recommend this company, as you will see i purchase ALOT more stuff from them and they do get some referrals from me. The people (like these kids above who asked if they could take a photo with me) were friendly and welcoming too! Unfortunately, that will have to wait until such time I can edit and upload the video on YouTube.
During World War I, King's Lynn was one of the first British cities to be bombed, due to an iron and timber factory in the area. I did find the house of Nanny's old friend though, and she happened to be home when I knocked on the door.
This was also an unexpected Harry Potter related event, because one of the Alex's friends that joined us was Daniel Radcliffe's understudy in the first film. I was a little worried going through customs in Italy, maybe I counted my days wrong and they were going to kick me back out? I was really frustrated because I remembered the team being better than they were playing, and I was sort of embarrassed that we didn't put up more of a fight against Herd.
While the first aiders were cleaning it I was mentally preparing for when they would have to cut off the huge hang nail I assured myself was there.
Another team played a variation of the game "Waaa" (sorry, only frisbee players will understand this bit), but instead of the usual "waa," "shaduken," and "sonic boom" it was switched to sex phrases like "so nice," "oh yeah," and "go deeper." I was honestly surprised to see my Swiss team play and get into these games. Instead of losing the 6 girls and 15 boys on the second team to some other team by cutting them, they add to their numbers at practice and to their presence as a club by keeping them. Avebury is actually the name of the town that was built near the stone circles, and that eventually grew into the circles. Robert the Bruce helped to rebuild the Abbey after it was damaged in one of the many battles it survived. Chipped driver side mirror housing, plenty to scraps, and starting to get the typical MKIV Fender rust on driver side. Everyone who hates these never treats them right and they treat it like a Honda and drive them into the ground too soon!
I also used an o2 Spacer because I CANNOT Stand a CEL even knowing nothings wrong, the OCD would kill me! Just wish they had a rewards system but I completely understand thats hard for small businesses to offer!
They robbed me blind, and thats the down side of not having a garage, work in the winter is almost impossible beside basic oil changes and simple things.
And, best of all, because I was in a mostly Buddhist village – I could finally wear shorts! After he realized that I was just a confused foreigner instead of a random disrespectful guy – he warmed up considerably. It might take some time because there are a whole bunch of other videos I’m hoping to edit and upload to YouTube first. The Brio completed 4 years on May 19, 2016 and the next day (May 20) the car wouldn't crank in the evening.
Now the OE SF Sonic battery in my the present car is about to enter its 6th year of service from July. I sat down and chatted with Pat for about 45 minutes, but being 90 years old, the conversation took on a bit of a circular turn, and not many new topics were brought up.
There were some excuses that could be made, many people had never played on the beach before, three of the girls don't practice with the team, and our handlers not being used to heavy winds.
We started out the week with "we don't play games" and ended with them yelling "go deeper" to a Russian ultimate player. You can find them at any tournament because of their cow-print shorts, and they will definitely be representing at the party on Saturday night, despite having a first round game.
The only thing clear from the Avebury stone henge is that it took a lot of people a lot of effort to build.
William Wallace became the Gaurd of Scotland after William Wallace (Braveheart!) stepped down.
Didn't check the carfax until January of 2015, VERY CLEAN CARFAX, almost all dealer maintained.
However, pads, i went with their most expensive and "Premium" pads, THEY ARE TERRIBLE!
I can’t really do that in most parts of Bangladesh without getting scolded (or getting stern looks) from the local Muslim population. I did not change it earlier as my use for Ritz became virtually NIL since when I moved to home in Delhi.
Apparently Nanny used to come down the back road and call on Pat's son John and they would all play in the backyard.
After our second game though, I was definitely not looking forward to the rest of the week, unless something was going to change. It was really great and reminded me that Zurich, while maybe not as fun as London, won't be so bad. There was something about the insanely long ride the day before that made the car almost unbearable.
The factory DP came off rather easy as i soaked in TONS of PB Blaster, And PB Blaster is now my favorite.
For the next two days it started just fine, then during a winter storm leaving work early because of a blizzard, she didn't start.
At the end of the day, I took the tape off and my nail was fine, and my thumb just looked like I hit it with a hammer moderately hard.
The lacking leg room, the seats just a tad to hard, the cheerios on the floor, the bad radio, it all just built up.
After long time of trying to jump and get it home, i went to pep boys and got a Bosch Battery! We were given these Indiana Jones-style torches which not only helped but also looked very cool to hold. This is also the team who has introduced me (roped me in?) to Jaeger Trains and Bomb Jaegers (shot of redbull dropped into Jaeger.) In the last three months, I have heard "you'll be fine" more than I have at any other time in my life. I still was a bit bitter at Bath for being my first and somewhat miserable adventure by myself. The battery was OEM Delphi battery, i didn't account for the plates being gone after 9 years, but now I know! After that two days later still in a storm, all the gauges stopped working and soon the car was in limp mode and had to try to move over in the break down lane!
Overall, took about 5 hours in the driveway, lubed up the pins and kept all brake hardware, which soon fell off because i clearly didn't secure it properly.
After 30 minutes i called a good friend who came with a portable battery and helped me drive all the way back home!
I was so foolish that after my car died with new battery, i didn't check the fuses on top the battery and behold the issue was there.

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