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We do not charge a call-out fee during business hours, making us one of the most affordable and convenient choices for anyone who requires car battery replacement in the wider Canberra region. If you wake up to discover that your trusty sedan’s power unit has gone completely flat overnight – and don’t have a spare on hand – just give the All Type Battery Solutions team a call and we’ll be over as quickly as possible to ensure that you can start your car and be on the road again.
Regardless of what kind of vehicle you’re driving or the power-related products you require, our call-out capabilities will ensure that you get the products and mobile car battery replacement services that you need. Are you having trouble starting your vehicle due a defective old battery that needs replacing? Have you been left stranded at home, work or shopping centre or anywhere roadside Sydney-Wide? Our specialty service, is installing automotive batteries roadside, at home, workplace or any location where you require a mobile service that comes to you.
We have over 12 years experience replacing batteries for Australian (Holden-Ford), Japanese (Toyota-Honda-Mazda-Nissan-Suzuki), European (BMW-Mercedes-Audi-Volkswagen), American (Jeep Chrysler), 4WD and High-Performance vehicles. It is vitally important you have the correct manufacturer specifications, such as case size, CCA’s (cold cranking amps), RC (reserve capacity) and in certain vehicles with extra on-board electrical accessories, AMPS (amperes) are especially important. As you can see, it’s primary function is not just to crank your motor over, but also operates interior functions to keep you comfortable, safe and entertained in your everyday on-road trails. If you need the services of a mobile roadside battery service technician, call our partners Battery World on 131 760 – 24 Hours – 7 Days Nationwide Right Now!
We’ve been supporting Australian-Made quality and local manufacturing since our establishment in 2001. Others may claim their vehicle batteries are made in Australia, but only Century can hold this claim to be true. Many types of imported batteries are not suited for optimum performance in hot weather or idle-stop-start city peak driving conditions.
The batteries under the Century Ultra High Performance (36 Month Warranty) and Century High Performance (24 Month Warranty) range, for example, have been designed to include numerous internal features and significant improvements in order to meet motorists’ demands for long-lasting performance and automotive battery reliability. Should Your Automotive Battery Purchase Be Solely Based On Its Cold Cranking Amps (CCA’s)? Please note, these are new fully-charged batteries, and the colder the environment is, the higher the resistance is to allow the electric current to flow through. Fortunately, for us in Australia, we don’t experience these types of extreme harsh winters. Mobile diesel fuel injection engines and starting equipment fast diagnosis and repair on most diesel fuel systems.

Therea€™s nothing worse than getting in your car to find out your car battery is flat you are at home early morning and your car wona€™t start and you cana€™t get to worka€¦ Now there is a solution you can call us to replace your battery to get you on the move again. Upon arrival to your home or work place with a fully equipped mobile workshop we will test your vehicle which includes checking the charging system, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery we also will load test your vehicles battery this test will show us if electrical charge is being held, checking your vehicles alternator and fully test your old battery before fitting any new battery to your vehicle. We supply Pavilion batteries which is a named battery brand you can trust they have been around for years which means they have been fully tested over time for their quality and reliability a great alternative to popular brands such as Bosch or Excide. To identify your battery you should be able to see large sticker on top of your battery with three or four digit number this should give you the model number [note] not all manufactures include this on their batteries if in doubt we can look up and cross reference the correct fitment for your vehicle.
Corrosion at the battery terminals can prevent a car from starting, by adding electrical resistance. Sulfation occurs when a battery is not fully charged, and the longer it remains in a discharged state the harder it is to overcome the sulfation. The primary wear-out mechanism is the shedding of active material from the battery plates, which accumulates at the bottom of the cells and which may eventually short-circuit the plates. Lead-acid batteries for automotive use are made with slightly different construction techniques, depending on the application of the battery.
The starting (cranking) or shallow cycle type is designed to deliver large bursts of energy, usually to start an engine. Need your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible Mobile Auto Services can help you with this service please call us on 07973 675291 for complete mobile car battery service at your home or work place. This also means that we can provide you with a replacement solution at the time that best suits you – and do so with truly competitive pricing. If your car suddenly loses power in the middle of an emergency overnight trip, then we can be there as quickly as possible to either replace your battery or charge it up professionally and reliably – regardless of what time it is. Our product range includes jumpstarters, power supplies, booster cables, battery charges, load testers and various other pieces of equipment to ensure that your vehicle’s power unit is in top condition – and to give you the ability to charge up even in the most desperate circumstances. The probable cause, is a car battery that has reached its maximum life-span and requires replacing. Avoid changing it yourself, with the advanced electronics and on-board computers in modern cars, a professional battery technician is your safest option at preventing expensive and dangerous installation errors by doing it on your own. We don’t give you any nasty surprises when we arrive at your destination, only to find out an additional fee has been added to your original quotation. It must also be able to withstand high temperatures, vibration and idling peak traffic driving conditions.
Don’t compromise the quality for the sake of saving a few dollars, which may end-up costing you more in the long-run.

They are Australia’s oldest most recognised battery manufacturer since 1928, and we only want the best for our customers, which is You!
They are designed to work in much colder climates than ours, such as in Europe, where heat degradation and electrolyte evaporation is minimal. The warmer the environment is, the lower the resistance is to deliver that same electrical current. Take a look below we have included some common car battery numbers for you this is just a guide so if you are unsure please contact us as the wrong battery type can cause problems with cold starts especially if you own a diesel car or van. The white powder sometimes found around the battery terminals is usually lead sulphate which is toxic by inhalation, ingestion and skin contact.
The typical battery in use today is of the a€?flooded cella€? type, indicating liquid electrolyte.
The SLI car batteries usually have a greater plate count in order to have a larger surface area that provides high electric current for short period of time. Do not worry: Regardless of what vehicle, we have you covered with our mobile battery replacement service at your home or work.
Heat, vibration, short-distance driving and constant city-gridlock driving conditions are major causes of premature failure. We choose Battery World as our preferred 24 Hour Roadside Battery Assistance partner, who you can call on 131 760, 7 days a week. In the event we receive a DMCA notification that any of our website content has been plagiarised, further action will be taken without hesitation. The corrosion is caused by an imperfect seal between the plastic battery case and lead battery post allowing sulphuric acid to attack the battery posts. Sulfation is due to formation of large, non-conductive lead sulphate crystals on the plates; lead sulphate formation is part of each cycle, but in the discharged condition the crystals become large and block passage of current through the electrolyte. Once the engine is started, they are recharged by the alternator vehicles charging system.
Corrosion can also be caused by factors such as, salt water, dirt, heat, and humidity in the air, a crack in the battery casing, or loose battery terminals. Inspection, cleaning, and protection with a coating are measures used to prevent corrosion of battery terminals.

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