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Volvo last week unveiled an electric car prototype, in which its battery cells are embedded in the body panels. When BMW built its ActiveE prototypes, the base model wasn't conceived for an electric propulsion, so the engineers had to divide the battery into three separate elements: one below the back seat, one in the center tunnel and a third one under the front hood.
Working with British engineers, in a team work that involved eight companies, the Volvo researchers were smart enough to avoid the weight issue by using existing parts. Nissan learned the hard way that the heating and cooling of a battery is one of the most important feature of an EV, and that stressing cells with extreme heat will shorten service life.
Fitting batteries into body panels will become far more practical when we finally see solid state batteries .
I don't know if the difficulties will be overcome, but it is not simply a matter of dismissing the technology with a wave of the hand and generalisms. Dual use materials, which contribute to structural strength at the same time as storing energy, are inherently efficient - if they can be made to work. As for the temperature difference, battery chemistries vary enormously in how sensitive they are to it, and also to punctures, impact etc.
One imagines that the Volvo engineers are focussing on chemistries which have good performance in these regards.
I have no idea whether they will be able to make this work economically, but I am glad Volvo are trying. Give them credit that they are no doubt aware of what the issues they have to solve are, and think that they have solutions, at least potentially.
I think the latest Tesla fire pretty much squashes the idea of putting batteries in any impact zone.
The title may be true at this moment in time and given the assumptions that the particular investigators have used, but inventions are not predictable.
Here again, folks, present day lithium ion batteries with liquid electrolyte are a poor choice for in-panel placement. The guys doing this project will be concentrating on making the idea of combining batteries and structural components work at all, and the type of battery etc comes later. It is pretty obvious that solid state batteries are on their way, and Volvo are no doubt also involved in research on that.
You don't put the two ideas together until later though, then after that comes the whole process of trying to make your product mass producible and cost effective. What I'm trying to express here, for those who might not be even be thinking about solid state batteries just yet, is that the idea has merit when we finally see those batteries.

What this thread is ignoring (though the issue was raised in another discussion about this Volvo concept) is the vulnerability of this sort of configuration to collision impacts, and the possibility of some very expensive repairs.
If you plan to charge in public, you'll want to sign up for charging network membership (or two).
How do you ensure that electric car owners will be happy with every visit to your charging spot?
Display on Felix Kramer's Chevy Volt after a January 2011 morning of mixed highway driving. Dave in Seattle, driver of a Prius converted by Hybrids-Plus of Colorado, has the highest total miles on a tankful of gasoline in a PHEV (as far as we know) See our July 31, 2007 CalCars-News posting.
Image of the CAN-View system used to monitor and control the state-of-charge and other factors in Ron Gremban's updated PRIUS+.
Felix's PHEV charges at night; SunPower's photovoltaic modules (installed by REgrid Power) return electricity to the grid in the daytime. Updated battery installation in the PRIUS+ (summer 2006), with lucite display case and new integration. The CalCars 2004 PRIUS+ prototype's lead-acid pack — to read labels see larger photo. Mainland UK only, no Northern Ireland For further details, please see our Delivery Information. Since 2009 Kids Electric Cars has focused solely on the sale of battery powered ride-on toys . Nobody knew this was possible before Volvo's announcement, but there's a drawback to that technology.
These cars were hand-built prototypes, but when BMW designed the i3, a true production EV right from the start, it chose to do it with one single battery pack under the floor. A quick disconnect system can be built in, but even a minor parking mishap where a door get dented could result in reduced range. Of course, a system could cool or heat the cells at all times to keep them safe, but that consumes a lot of energy.
It had two in-wheel motors, but when they decided to make a production model, they quickly ditched those, and fitted one single motor. No knows how to make something work, until the guy that knows how to make it work comes along with the idea that makes it work. It will be a very different scenario when (not if) we'll get solid electrolyte batteries in a few years.

But until we have cells that aren't so volatile and fragile, building them into a secure case and fitting that case between frame members still seems to be the most logical way to go. Standard Prius display continues to work, showing all-green (fully charged) much more frequently. In Phase Two, a "vehicle-to-home" (V2H) system designed by CalCars and REgrid will connect the car's batteries directly to the PV system, providing home backup power for extended outages.
The 12v Injusa Pink Barbie 2 Seat Ride-on Jeep can be compared to the funky collection of crossover cars available on the road today. As 'ride-on toy specialists' we are always first to sell the brand new 'must-have' cars, offering the largest range of ride-ons in Europe, at the best prices. The weight penalty is offset by the use of carbon fiber, and the door with a few cells included inside is hardly any bigger than a regular door.
The Exagon Furtiv e-GT and the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive are two technological marvels, with two motors and two gearboxes for the first one, and four motors for the second, but they each cost half a million bucks.
The future may change that sometimes, but we should not hold our breath for car bodies with batteries squished all over the place. I know in this world of controlled thought and managed people my statement may sound weird, but it is the way it works. I've been hearing about the integration of batteries into panels for years, but it seems to be an exercise in futility until lithium batteries move beyond foil packages that contain liquid, which may burst into flames if punctured and typically require thermal management just retain a reasonable lifespan.
This funky girls electric car is big enough for two children, yet looks like a sporty roadster complete with large wheels and rear spoiler. A roof can receive several inches of snow in the winter, while it's possible to fry an egg on one in Arizona. No matter what the government wants or the fat lazy managers want, inventions come from ideas that cannot be controlled or predicted or managed.
For girls that love pink and love barbie the 12v Injusa Pink Barbie 2 Seat Ride-on Jeep is the perfect combination. Agree that a roof is probably the worst location to place a battery, regardless of the cell technology. This cool car is great for cruising around the park or garden in the summer time and would make the perfect gift for any princess behind the wheel.

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