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Whether you're giving junior his own version of Daddy's car, or your living vicariously through him, the Kidz Motorz Mercedes Benz G55 Two Seater Battery Powered Riding Toy - Black will be fun for the whole family. She'll be turning heads as she glides down the sidewalk in the Kid Motorz Silver 6V Mercedes Benz E550 1 Seater. Let your child ride in their very own Mercedes S-Klasse, designed for their size and exquisite taste just as yours.
Constructed of plastic and steel, this riding toy is an officially licensed kid's version of the real deal, which is the ultimate luxury SUV on the road. They'll be out to impress in this attractive Mercedes Benz kid ride-on that travels up to 5mph, with ample room for two children.

The 12-volt battery in this toy propels two riders up to 5 MPH when the gas pedal is pressed.
With forward & reverse gears, fake seat belts, a real working radio, speaker with mp3 hookup, and realistic sound effects, this Mercedes for kids is a blast to be inside. Classic black exterior with tan interior, even includes the established Mercedes logo hood ornament. Whether or not you see a real Mercedes in your child's future, this 12V battery-powered Benz for ages 3+ is a great way to get them started on the road to fun and success.
Inside, kids will find an MP3 outlet for MP3 plays or iPods as well as a working FM radio and a horn.

Located in the Orange County area of Southern California, its factories produce 50 of the most popular musical instruments to professional standards that music teachers prefer. As recognized by peers, the company is both a reputable and reliable working partner, as well as supplier, in the toy and ride-on industry. Most importantly, not just children have fun with National Products ride-on products; parents also appreciate the detailed life-like quality and safety of the innovative designs.

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