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Ever since our first review of the XPS 13 in early 2012, the Dell Ultrabook has changed little in terms of looks and size. Dell has made yet another incremental update for the 2013 model, though this may be the most noteworthy change yet. As there have been no changes to the chassis and appearance, more information on the construction quality, input devices, and connectivity features of the XPS 13 can be seen in our previous reviews of the notebook. Screen brightness was measured with a Gossen Mavo-Monitor across 9 quadrants with an overall average brightness of about 344 nits. Color reproduction extends beyond the sRGB spectrum in the yellow zone at the cost of a narrower blue-green zone. Saturation Sweeps (European model)Under sunlight at maximum brightnessOutdoor usability is very good despite the glossy display. For RAM, this XPS 13 model uses a single dual-channel 8 GB 1600 MHz module soldered onto the motherboard. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments.
Cordless mowers are lighter than gas-powered units, so they’re easier to push and maneuver. Cordless yard tools with voltage ratings of 40 or more are definitely powerful enough for most jobs.
With those caveats in mind, here’s our advice based on frank discussions with the tool manufacturers, coupled with editors’ actual experiences. However, to move large piles of leaves, you’d have to run the blower at full power, and that would reduce run-time to about 20 minutes. Dell updates its strong XPS 13 lineup once again, this time with an IPS 1080p option as seen on a number of other high-end Ultrabooks. Even the late 2012 model, which upgraded the notebook to include Ivy Bridge and higher RAM options, were merely internal updates. The XPS 13 now has an option to come pre-configured with a 1080p IPS display as opposed to the 720p TN panels of its older models. Instead, this quick review will focus on both the display and performance of the FHD panel and the Core i5-3337U, respectively. This is a significant improvement over our previous XPS 13 models and comes close to the Zenbook UX32VD.
This leads to colors that can be slightly inaccurate and biased towards certain pigments than others. Those who are not distracted by glare can run at lower brightness settings to save on battery life, while higher brightness settings can reduce glare significantly to make reading easier on the eyes. In fact, the underside cover is clamped down via a set of small Torx screws to thwart end-user tinkering, meaning future upgrades of the SSD and PCIe cards are possible, but unlikely.
The developers of the app have stated that its compatibility with Windows 8 is still unreliable, so the data should be taken with a grain of salt. The latest generation of 40-, 58- and even 80-volt lithium batteries is more powerful and runs longer.
Walk-behind cordless lawn mowers can directly replace a gas mower for use on many urban or suburban lawns.

But if you have a large lot or steep hills or physical limitations that affect your ability to push, pass on the cordless walk-behind mower and stick with your gas-powered, self-propelled machine. Cordless electric chain saws are great for occasional use to fell a tree or trim some limbs.
Cordless leaf blowers are great for quick driveway, sidewalk or patio cleanup after mowing.
If it takes longer than that to round up your leaves, either buy a second battery or keep your gas or corded electric model for the big cleanup.
For most urban or suburban yards, a cordless electric string trimmer (40 volts or higher) can easily replace a gas or corded electric trimmer. The improvements have bumped the launch MSRP to $1400, but is this new price point justified? FHD units begin at $1399, or $400 above the base 720p unit, and includes double the RAM (4 GB vs 8 GB) and double the SSD storage (128 GB vs.
The high brightness reduces glare and can aid in the readability of the particularly small onscreen fonts and texts.
This is in contrast to the UX32VD, which has a color space that almost matches the sRGB standard one-to-one.
At slightly over 6000K, color temperature is on the cool side while blue hues are represented most inaccurately of the three primary colors. The latter is especially important as the default small texts can easily cause eyestrain if brightness is too low, especially when under direct sunlight. Of course, Ultrabook users are already very familiar with this lack of accessibility as it is one of the common trade offs for having a lighter, sleeker, and more integrated design. Some weren’t powerful enough to cut heavy growth, and many times the batteries ran out of power before the job was done. They’re also great for touching up small areas on rural lots where lawn tractors are simply too big to get the job done. But the battery won’t last long enough to cut multiple trees or to turn an entire tree into firewood.
If you try to cut very long grass or heavy growth, a cordless tool may not have the run-time or raw power to get the job done. It can handle occasional patches of heavy growth, but if you regularly let your lawn grow too long or have a large rural lot, you’ll need an additional battery.
But two of biggest issues that plague the current smartphone batteries are they take a long time to charge and they lack capacity. Subsequently, black levels have improved alongside the brightness increase, leading to a huge leap in contrast compared to previous XPS 13 models. However, the color reproduction of the XPS 13 IPS is still a massive improvement over the standard 720p XPS 13 and even the PLS panel of the Samsung Series 9. Unlike our last review on the XPS 13, we recorded no automatic screen dimming or drop in maximum brightness when running on batteries. If you were disappointed by lower-voltage tools in the past, it may be time to consider today’s higher-voltage models.
If you need more run-time, you can always buy a second battery ($140 to $210, depending on the voltage and brand).

You’d be surprised at how often you’d use it to clean the garage, shed, deck and shop, as well as outdoor furniture. The low 1366 x 768 resolution of the 2012 models was one of our prime criticisms when compared to similarly sized competitors such as the Asus Zenbook UX31 and Sony Vaio VPC-Z23, but the XPS 13 is finally on equal footing against other high-end Ultrabooks in this regard. Combined with the dense pixel count, native 1080p content is astonishingly clear and crisp. Regardless, most users will not notice any color imbalances unless if professional digital graphics work is a priority.Dell XPS 13 FHD vs. Increasing the font size for word processing or browsing is recommended for more comfortable outdoor viewing.Viewing anglesViewing angle stability is excellent as expected from an IPS panel. For instance, you can keep Bluetooth turned off when it's not in use, avoid long stretches of data use over 3G, use GPS apps sparingly, limit multi-tasking, turn off notifications, and adjust the screen settings.But, if you consider yourself to be an avid user and want a smartphone that offers decent amount of juice, then take a look at these devices which offer much more endurance than others. Arguably, the well-crafted XPS 13 has a more resilient feel and impression than the examples above due to its combination of carbon fiber and aluminum reinforcement. The glossy screen offers a dense pixel count of about 166 PPI and is protected via a layer of Gorilla Glass to make it flat with the display bezel.
Like most tablets, colors do not degrade significantly if viewing from extreme angles, which allow a wider viewing window for multiple viewers. In other words, the i5-3337U offers roughly similar performance to the previous generation standard-voltage i3 CPU at potentially half the power demand. The Gorilla Glass adds yet another layer of protection for the display with the usual side effects of attracting grease and finger prints from the inherent glossiness. Subjectively, screen quality is bright and stunning and reminds us of the acclaimed “Radiance” panels that grace certain high-end HP Envy models like the Envy 15 3040nr.
When compared to the only other two notebooks with the same CPU in our database, the Sony Vaio T15 Touch and Acer Aspire TimelineU M3, the XPS 13 even edges them out in a number of the sbove benchmarks. Glare, though still visible, is much less pronounced on the Dell compared to the aforementioned HP model. These Intel cores are quite common choices amongst ultrathin notebooks including the Asus Zenbook UX32VD and Samsung Series 9 models due to their relatively low power consumption. Users who are looking for a completely glare-free experience may consider the Zenbook UX32VD, which uses a similar 1080p IPS panel but with a matte surface at the cost of lower apparent contrast.
Regardless, each option is a 22 nm dual-core Ivy Bridge ULV CPU with the same TDP of 17 W, or about half the power envelope of their standard-voltage counterparts. Besides the slight bump in base clock rates, the main performance advantages of these ULV i7 cores over the ULV i5 are a higher L3 cache (4096 KB vs. As such, everyday workloads like browsing and video will benefit only marginally at best from the higher overhead of the i7 models. The i5-3337U in our particular model is an overall upgrade form the i7-2637M of yesteryear’s model and operates at a base clock rate of 1800 MHz and idles at 800 MHz when in Power Saver mode.

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