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Supplied with remote control, earphone, AC adaptor, AV cable, 7.4V rechargeable battery, car cigarette power adaptor, extendable aerial and car aerial.
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DisplayPort can output ultra high definition 4K resolutions, and transmit bi-directional USB data alongside a video and audio signal. USB is primarily used for transferring data between devices, but it also has the ability to transfer power between compatible devices. The mini DisplayPort cable can carry analogue and digital video with audio signals that can be converted to HDMI which drives display devices up to 2560 x 1600 with DisplayPort version 1.1a.
With a dedicated business team and special services available only to business customers, you can access our electronics and technology solutions through our wide network of over 200 stores, our website with more than 20,000 products or though your personal account manager over the phone. It is increasingly common on new PC tower units and laptops, and on HD televisions to enable PC display output.Why choose Maplin cables?The Maplin range of cables features premium construction and specifications, with market-leading cable technology.
It’s a portable LCD TV good for either on your traveling or when you need a private TV watch viat the small screen.

It allows you to install a power cable in each vehicle so you can easily use your Dash Cam in either vehicle. This cable can also be used to connect a HDMI monitor to a thunderbolt port.Why use a HDMI connection?HDMI is a highly versatile connection that combines high definition video and multi-channel audio into one cable.
The Maplin cable range features hard-wearing cable construction with colour-coded, compact connectors available for almost any use. Working with organisations for nearly 30 years, Maplin offers a nationwide range of benefits to our business users: 30 day EOM credit account volume discount pricing online and in-store use of account one-to-one account management bespoke product sourcing and branding scheduled and forward ordering service Contact our business team on +44 1709 774470 to open an account or discuss your business needs.
In most cases cables are compatible across all versions but maximum transfer speed may be limited. Be prepared for the unexpected, make sure you always have your independent witness on the road.
Ita€™s also used in PC connectivity and mobile devices.Why choose Maplin cables?The Maplin range of cables features premium construction and specifications, with market-leading cable technology. Why use this Samsung Powershare cable?This cable is ideal if youa€™ve got a flat battery on a micro-USB device and a Samsung phone compatible with power sharing. This nifty cable will allow you to charge almost any device that uses 5v 500mA a€“ which is the majority of phones, and many tablets.

Currently Samsung support this feature on the following phones: Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 3 & 4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Tab S, and Galaxy Avant. Please check with Samsung for the current list of supported devices, as they are adding support to other models.This cable also features illuminated connectors - which instantly show if the cable is ready for charging or not. Additionally, via the use of the Power Share app (available on the Google Play Store) you can pre-set the amount of charge you want to give.
Why choose Maplin adapters?The Maplin range of adapters features premium construction and specifications, with market-leading technology.
Maplin adapters are constructed from hard-wearing materials with colour-coded, compact connectors available for almost any use.

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