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If Dell's XPS 13 was the most striking 13-inch laptop to be released last year, HP's Spectre x360 was a close second.
Just as Dell made a bigger version of the XPS 13, the new XPS 15, so too has HP revisited the Spectre. While I personally am a huge fan of the 13-inch form factor for its greater portability, 14- and 15-inch systems are the biggest sellers. HP, however, has kept the basic formula the same. The 15-inch system isn't significantly more expensive or significantly more powerful than its smaller sibling. This is not to say that it has no value at all; I use tent mode while watching TV shows when cooking dinner, both for the reduced footprint and the protection against pouring liquids and fine powders into my keyboard. The bigger issue with the keyboard is one inherited from the 13-inch system; the backlight. The bigger problem is that it doesn't support the Precision Touchpad specification for standardized Windows 10 gestures. The other unfortunate decision is that although the Spectre seems to be free of crapware in general, it is unfortunately one of the many systems that ships with a trial of McAfee LiveSafe, which is intrusive, annoying, and not obviously useful. Again, I'm flummoxed when trying to understand why we see another 4K screen on a 15" laptop.
It's incredible to me that modern, premium Windows laptops have trackpads clearly inferior to what Apple was making a decade ago. Lack of TB 3 would be easier to swallow if it at least supported charging and video out over USB-C. Quote:The backlight can be turned off by pressing F5 (or Fn-F5), and while disabling it can improve the contrast, it also leaves a distractingly bright light turned on behind the F5 keyWhat? I prefer that scripted hp to the fully-lettered hewlett packard, but to each their own.WRT the keyboard - why can they not just have some coloring at the end of where they start to be lit (perhaps black or something) that makes the keys as obvious in full or partial light as the lighting is in the dark?A black version of this laptop would also solve this problem - but this is more pricey for them to make, I assume (vs just having every model doing what I said above). John the Savage wrote:It's incredible to me that modern, premium Windows laptops have trackpads clearly inferior to what Apple was making a decade ago.
Geebs wrote:There, I just reviewed pretty much any laptop outside of the XPS and Surface lines*.
The 15-inch MacBook Pro lasted a full 8 hours running Anandtech’s wireless web browsing test before it died.
Looks like no one will complain about battery being non-removable with such impressive performance. The primary goal here is to reduce overall power consumption on the Mac laptop and we’ll cover a few different techniques to do this. Both searching for available Bluetooth devices or broadcasting a Bluetooth signal can drain battery, disable Bluetooth if you don’t use it.
For Macs with backlit keyboards, reducing the keyboard illumination or turning it off completely can help to lengthen battery life. Leaving unused apps open in the background use both RAM and CPU cycles, both of which cause power usage and directly impact battery life. Even inactive web pages can use a lot of system resources by running complex scripts, ads, videos, or other page elements. I set my brightness to about 40% and don’t change my work habits at all, easily pulls 6-7 hours out of my MacBook Pro. As an added bonus, the machine runs cooler – something very appreciated as those of us in the northern hemisphere are approaching Summertime. I notice some apps I run frequently like VMWare, Steam, and CoRD all require the discrete card, and after disconnecting lets say a remote session I may forget to shut off the app. For certain MacBook Pro models using the graphics card switcher app can help because then you can push the lower power graphics card into effect. Aside from Youtube, which are other popular flash websites to avoid when trying to make the battery last? I would imagine things like controlling screen brightness and controlling when flash and plugins load would help any computer PC or Mac.
You buy yourself a shiny new MacBook Pro Retina, and it comes with a pretty healthy claim on battery life. When you see it cycle round and you hear the startup sound again, let go and let your MacBook Pro boot up as normal. This command will delete the settings file listed in the second line, and restart your dock so you're not running with any faulty preferences anymore. After all this, you should be seeing a noticeable improvement in your reported battery remaining time. Hopefully, this helps any of you guys out there that may have been getting extremely frustrated by a similar issue. Sadly (weird way to say that!), so many apps use Core Animation these days that it just bumps to the GPU almost all the time.

I have to say my battery life hasn't been a problem so far, I get 6 hours even with loads of Chrome tabs open the whole time. One of the main features an Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro user would boast about, is the battery life. Below is a compiled list of things you need to do, although basic but necessary, so that the battery life of the Macbook Pro is maximized and this would be best useful when you are traveling. Optimizing the energy saver preferences in the macbook would be the first and foremost step to do, which would reduce the number of charging cycles of the battery of Macbook Pro. The microprocessor in the battery of the Macbook Pro lets the user know how much energy and power is left in it when the Mac is charging or discharging. Plug in the power adapter and charge the Macbook pro until the LED light on the adapter end turns to green color, and the onscreen meter on the top panel shows that the battery is fully charged. Now disconnect the power supply and continue using the laptop until it totally gets discharged and when the battery is very low the Macbook Pro will go to the sleep mode, where you need to turn it off and then allow it to sleep for more than 5 hours. Charge the Macboook Pro again and leave it connected to the charger until the battery is fully charged again. There could be a lot of applications running in the background which were not closed earlier, and these all running apps can hamper the battery life all the time. Keep the connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi turned off when you are not using them. Although you might be using the Macbook Pro like a desktop and keeping it connected to the charger all the time, it is better to give it continuous cycles of usage, as the continuous charging of the Mac Pro would slowly reduce the life of the battery in the long run. Welcome!Welcome to The World Wide Web Blog, a blog founded by Chetan Bhawani, on the day of Christmas in 2007.
While it didn't have the Dell's stylish narrow bezels, it nonetheless offered good looks, great battery life, and one of those fancy hinges that let you fold the screen all the way back.
Dell has made its new system more powerful, with options for discrete graphics and quad core processors.
The Spectre x360 is a fine looking machine, and the 15-inch version is damn near identical save for its size.
One of the reasons I prefer 13-inch systems is that they're easier to use in cramped conditions such as on a plane or a train or at a conference.
The 13-inch system has a Hewlett-Packard logotype across the lid, and it's one of my favorite details of the system. This means that while it has a decent enough feel—smooth and low friction—it's also unusually wide. One of the reasons that Precision Touchpad is desirable is that it moves all gesture handling to the operating system instead of being specific to the driver.
Instead, we get a full-size HDMI port and a mini-DisplayPort for graphics, three USB 3 ports, and a USB Type-C port. I'm surprised they still haven't figured out how crucial a QoL issue that is for day-to-day use of a laptop.
For casual Mac users simply reducing screen brightness is typically more than adequate to get great battery life, so the tips below are intended for true road warriors who demand the absolute best battery life possible out of their portable Macs. Avoid using anything that taps into the Macs front facing camera and you’ll avoid major battery drain. Quit any applications that are not actively in use, and try to keep running apps to a minimum to prevent any usage of Virtual Memory. Remember to close unused browser tabs and windows and you’ll avoid draining battery unnecessarily. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Especially, taking into account all those pixels that are being pushed around on that gorgeous display. This seems to be a favorite of Apple support staff, as I recall being told to try this on a couple of pre-MacBook era machines for various things. It also seems to set your wallpaper back to the stock, Mountain Lion wallpaper, so that may be a good sign that you did everything right. My 2:43 at 80% charge almost doubled to just over 5 hours immediately after carrying out these steps, and so far at least the battery isn't running down nearly as fast as it was before. If you have, shout out in the comments below, and do please let us know if these steps help to fix the problem for you. For these Macbook Pro laptops, it is necessary to recalibrate the battery every month to ensure an extended battery life, and a better reading response from the battery.
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It also had a webcam that was usably placed, unlike the XPS 13, making it a very solid choice.

There's also an extra processor option at the high end: HP offers the Core i7-6560U processor, which has Iris Graphics 540.
This means it has the same all-metal construction with brushed metal finish and the crisp mirrored sides. The problem is that it's a white backlight, with grey keys, and this gives the backlight a tendency to all but remove the contrast of the keycaps themselves. I found the tracking and click handling was reasonable, though I've seen some reports that it can be a little twitchy and oversensitive.
This allows Microsoft to add new gestures, and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is going to do just this, enabling 4-finger gestures to switch between virtual desktops. I thought the precision specs from Microsoft would finally be solving this issue, so it's really surprising that HP has ditched this spec on a high-end laptop. Even with a web browsing test running a higher CPU utilization load, the new MacBook Pro lasted 6.48 hours, which is twice as long compared with last model. On most newer Mac keyboards, the F1 and F2 keys allow for brightness adjustment, aim for the lowest value you can tolerate for maximum battery life. You may also, like me, have noticed over time a pretty sizeable deterioration in your actual battery life.
This doubles the number of execution units in the GPU when compared to the HD Graphics 520 found in other processors, and it adds 64MB of embedded DRAM.
The same hinge allows the screen to wrap all the way around to make a bulky tablet or, more usefully, to support the screen in the low footprint "tent" mode. Watching videos in tent mode, for example, means that I have enough space even when the row in front has reclined their seat fully, threatening to push everything on my tray table onto my lap.
Unfortunately, Hewlett-Packard is no more; the company split into the printers-and-PCs HP Inc. The backlight can be turned off by pressing F5 (or Fn-F5), and while disabling it can improve the contrast, it also leaves a distractingly bright light turned on behind the F5 key. That’s with the screen at half brightness (completely usable) and no funny optimizations. This hinge is well constructed too; it's good and stiff while still offering a full rotation. Generally, 15-inch systems are a little too big for this kind of usage to be comfortable even in tent mode. Here at Ars, while we feel that Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 were niche connectors that only really appealed to a narrow selection of professional users, Thunderbolt 3 has what it takes to become mainstream. Those silky-smooth trackpads that Apple produces were what finally pushed me to Macs in 2010, and here in 2016, HP still hasn't figured this out. Interestingly, Apple uses F5 and F6 to adjust the keyboard backlight on their Macbooks, perhaps this is where hp got their "bright" idea from? But, a bit of searching around and I found a couple of solutions that should see your battery life return to normal. I'd prefer something with slightly more resistance or bite to the action, but this is personal preference. Manufacturers argue that handling the gestures in the driver gives them better control over palm rejection and similar things, but I just don't think it's worth it. Sure if it was just an indicator it would be point less and might irritate some people (though not a deal breaker for most).
The best touchpads right now are Precision Touchpad ones, and they happen to be the most feature-rich too. As such, the 15-inch systems just have an HP logo in their center; that elegant lettering is no more.
What it does is that, when you find yourself in a dark environment with backlight turned off, you can easily find a button that turns it on.
While I do not have this laptop I suspect that you probably can hardly see this light in such room. Besides, if this is distracting imagine how distracting should the full backlighted keyboard be in dark environment! I would turn the backlight off, personally, except that when it's off, the F5 key, which is used to toggle the backlight, is brightly illuminated. The screen itself provides enough light to find the toggle if you need it, but *I don't need it*. It would be even worse when watching a movie in the dark.No, a BIOS setting doesn't absolve them.

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