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Those who keep one mobile number of the office and one for home now do not have to carry two different cells, and can manage their work with a single, multiple-SIM phone.
10 April, 2010: Olive Wiz V-GC800 triple SIM Phone – when 2 SIM cards are not enough! 2010 is when we are going to see the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, entering India with a bunch of dual SIM phones. The Samsung B-5722 is priced at Rs 10,650 while the Samsung Duos 259 carries a price tag of Rs 7799. Videocon, a leading maker of consumer durables in India recently entered the mobile handsets business. Karbonn dual sim phone K 445 boasts a touchscreen, an MP3 player, mobile tracker software, torch, video player and a WAP browser. Karbonn K 460 mobile phone is another slider phone, with a standby time of 400 hours and a talk time of 4 hours. The Delhi, India -based Intex Technologies is another company which makes a series of dual-sim GSM phones and world phones. Spice Mobiles, which is part of Spice Corp, claims that it is the first Indian company to make dual sim phones. Touchscreen, QWERTY and dual SIM – and looks like a Blackberry from a couple of meters away!If you want to look like a businessman carrying a Blackberry, the G-588 can help! I am looking for a CDMA+GSM mobile for more than 6 months in Kerala.I could find only two models from Kaarbon which are very fatty. I am interested in dual sim phone (CDMA-GSM)with big touch screen,3-5 mega pixel camera with long battery back up ; in the price range of Rs. Please send me list of mobile phones double sim with out camera with blue tooth and with cable connection to computer also send me price list. I am looking at Dual sim with expendable Memory card & Minimum 2 MP camera, and in range of 3K to 5K. Please send me list of mobile phones double sim with out camera with blue tooth FM and MP3 player.. An estimated 15 percent of all mobile phone sales in India are believed to be from dual SIM mobile phones.

Though cellphone giants like Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC have not ventured into the dual-SIM mobile phone market, others like LG, Samsung and a host of smaller gadget makers have dived straight in. If you are keen on a dual SIM cell phone from a top manufactuer, you should take a look at these two.
The Samsung Duo dual sim phone has 72 polyphonic ringtones, and can hold 200 SMS messages and 999 contacts (with 5 numbers on each of them).
The V 1750 from Videocon is a dual sim (GSM-GSM) touchscreen phone, and comes relatively cheap at Rs 9750. The dual sim phones in the Karbonn Mobile range include KC 441, K 445, K 443, K 460, K 447, K 770, K 332, K 217 and K 451.
The GSM-GPRS phone has an internal phone book which can hold 100 entries, and its memory can be expanded up to 4 GB. The GSM-GPRS-EDGE smartphone can have its memory expanded to 8 GB, and is preloaded with Java, FM Radio and email support. The major dual-sim phones from Intex include the Intex IN 3080 (GSM-GSM), Intex IN 3070 Intex IN 4488 (GSM-GSM), Intex IN 4455(GSM-GSM), Intex IN 5050 (GSM-CDMA).
It has a torch light, FM radio, video player and built-in camera.  It supports both English and Hindi. The Spice D 6666 supports both CDMA and GSM cards, (world phone) and has a 2 megapixel camera with flash light. In SAMSUNG and LG with big touch screen,3-5 mega pixel camera capable of doing video recording , multimedia capabilities with good battery back up. In SAMSUNG and LG with big touch screen,3-5 mega pixel camera capable of doing video recording , 3g ,wi -fiw ,multimedia capabilities with good battery back up. The world phone nature of this dual-sim phones means that you can easily switch from CDMA to GSM networks while roaming, and continue to use both cell numbers.
The phone has a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and video recording, and works on the GSM-GPRS-EDGE networks. The Videocon V1750 phone has a 3.2 inch touchscreen, and sports a 3 megapixel camera with image editor.
There is a WAP 2.0 browser in this dual sim phone, and has features like one-touch camera, one-touch FM radio key, and one-touch movie player.

There is also an anti-theft feature as well as Bluetooth connectivity and PC-syncing and data backup with the Karbonn K 770.
With video recording & playback, music player and FM Recording, the Spice D 6666 comes across as a good multimedia phone. The call register on the Samsung Duo dual SIM mobile can hold 400 entries, and the languages available include English and Hindi.
The Bluetooth-enabled GSM-GPRS smartphone has Mobile Tracker, and has memory expandable up to 8 GB.
This dual sim phone has stereo Bluetooth with remote control application and has expandable memory supporting up to 4GB. The phone supports documents in Word, Excel and PDF formats, and has an internal memory of 10 MB. The Samsung Duo’s mobile camera, with 10X digital zoom, can shoot both pictures and videos. The LG KS 660 also has a unique feature — you can have two simultaneous calls on the two sim cards, and can put one on hold while talking on the other sim. Other features of the M 6060 Spice phone include Stereo Bluetooth, Music Player & FM Recording, video recording with Playback, Wide screen display and expandable memory up to 2 GB. The GSM-GPRS phone has a talk time Upto 2.5 hours, besides FM Radio, FM recording, camera and Bluetooth.
Yet another dual sim phone from Spice is the Spice D-1111, which is also a world phone with GSM-CDMA capabilities. The Spice D 1111 smartphone sports Windows 6.0, touchscreen and stylus, a 2 MP Camera and Outlook Email integration.
It also has something which other dual sim phones don’t: An automatic handwriting recognition system. The only dual-sim world phone from the Intex stable is the IN 5050, which has a talk time up to 160 minutes.

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