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Spypoint Cameras are manufactured by GG Telecom - a Canadian company specialised in the design and manufacture of monitoring systems. New Product:The new SPYPOINT FORCE-12 ULTRA COMPACT camera captures 12-megapixel colour photos or videos (black-and-white by night).
With a 12 Megapixel resolution, the HD-12 surveillance camera has the most advanced technology among Spypoint models. The HD-12 camera comes with SpyPoint WRL-B motion detector, which allows remote triggering of the camera from a distance of 50ft. NEW ModelTake stunning images and video and protect them from loss and theft with the Spypoint Tiny-WBF. High End camera with all the Bells and Whistles.The MINI-LIVE 4G captures 10 Megapixel color day photos or videos and black-and-white by night using 62 Black Flash Leds. Power cable with alligator clips and 2 amp fuse to connect a 12-volt battery to all SpyPoint cameras.

Class 10 (fastest data transfer speed) Built-in write protection switch to prevent data loss. HD videos (720p) from 10 to 90 seconds with sound can also be recorded.The FORCE-12 camera uses 42 high-power Black Flash invisible LEDs for nighttime recording. You can increase the surveillance zone by positioning the WRL-B device further away from your camera, while continuing to use the built-in motion sensor of the HD-12. When triggered, a wireless signal within a maximum range of 1000ft is transmitted to the pager. Compatible with SPYPOINT FL-A, IR-5, IR-6, IR-8, IR-10, TINY, TINY-W and PRO-X Plus cameras. Can be used to maintain the lithium battery pack charged into IR-6, IR-B, IR-C, IR-8, TINY, TINY-W, IR-10 and PRO-X Plus cameras.
Ultra-compact in size (120mm x 100mm x 75mm) and one of the smallest cameras currently on the market making it easy to carry and simple to install. Ideal for security use, the HD-12 ensures peerless discretion, even if the subject is close to the device.

A vibration and a LED light can identify which detector has been triggered (up to four detectors WRL-B can be combined to a pager).
It supports video recording in high definition (720p) and captures ambient sound automatically when recording movie clips.
Built-In viewing screen with playback zoom function, multi-shot mode allowing up to 6 photos per detection plus Time lapse mode. Take crystal clear 8.0-megapixel colour images and 640 x 480 video by day (black and white images and video illuminated via 38 powerful infrared Black flash LEDs at night).

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