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Ahmet Oguz Tezel, Ann Mari Svensson and Svein Sunde are hard at work on the technology behind new batteries. Perhaps one day, we will be able to use our batteries at temperatures as low as -50 degrees C, as opposed to the meagre -10 degree limit we have today. A lithium battery is made up of two electrodes, which are two pieces of conductive material with opposite charges.
When the battery is first charged up, a thin film called an SEI (solid electrolyte interphase) forms on the surface of the carbon anode. The SEI film forms the first time the battery is charged, from the reaction between the electrolyte and the anode. Lithium that is bound in the film doesn't participate in charging the electrodes which results in reduced capacity. If you can't add more lithium to the solution, you have to do a better job of preserving the lithium that is already there. Tezel's work has focused on modifying the electrolyte to achieve higher battery capacity and life span, especially at low temperatures. He has also had promising results with his work with developing a preparatory treatment that prevents too much lithium loss in the formation of the SEI film.
State of the art electrolytes that consist of ethylene carbonate (EC), in principle, cannot operate when the temperature is at about -10 degrees C, due to the high melting temperature of the EC. Used in everything from electric vehicles to laptop computers, the lithium battery is ubiquitous, but it is not well understood at the atomic scale. Imagine a cell a phone that charges in less than an hour and lasts for three to four days or an electric car that runs for hundreds of miles before needing to be plugged in. Don't go sticking your electronic devices in a toaster oven just yet, but for a longer-lasting battery, you might someday heat them up when not in use. A*STAR researchers have demonstrated that electrodes made from tellurium can improve the energy storage and power output of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. An undersea cable backed by Google and Asian companies aimed at boosting trans-Pacific broadband was put into service on Thursday, the consortium announced.
Dutch telecoms group KPN said Thursday that The Netherlands had become the first country in the world to implement a nationwide long range (LoRa) network for the so-called Internet of Things. A small, squishy vehicle equipped with soft wheels rolls over rough terrain and runs under water. Google is trying to make it easier for you to manage the vast pool of information that it collects about your online activities across phones, computers and other devices. Apple has just released an updated 12-inch MacBook laptops, making it more faster and packing it with longer battery life. The new MacBook, which was originally introduced in March 2015, is priced at either $1,299 or $1,599, depending on the model. Aside from the specs mentioned above, the updated 12-inch MacBook models are now packed with faster PCIe flash storage, enhanced HD Graphics 515, slightly bumped battery life and an optional Intel Core M7 running at 1.3GHz upgrade.
On other news, with Apple's upcoming event on June, called Worldwide Developers Conference, rumors surfaced that the Cupertino-based tech giant will not be releasing any MacBook Air this year. This underwater defense line will complete China's triad of control over the South China Sea. If you travel a lot or have a job that keeps you working in different places throughout the day, a decisive factor when you purchased your computer might have been the battery life. Today we’re going to present to you a free app called Battery Health that can give you tips and information regarding the battery of your MacBook.
While some of these measures might be a little controversial for some Mac users, we at Appstorm believe that it’s better to be cautious. Battery Health is a very simple app that can show you some useful information regarding your battery’s condition, especially so that you can know when to change it for a new one and when to start taking more care of it.
However, some other tips are a bit more useful, like some very complete instructions on how and why you should calibrate periodically your battery, as well as a very interesting read on why you shouldn’t disable your CPU cores in order to decrease battery consumption.

The most obvious direct competitor of Battery Health is the freeware, widely popular Coconut Battery. Watts is a more complex app, as it fills a much bigger purpose than just informing you of certain details of your computer’s battery. Watts can give you most of the info that you get from Battery Health, but it can also help you calibrate your battery by providing you with Growl reminders and an interactive tutorial for getting the process done each time.
I’ve read some comments in the App Store calling Battery Health a rip-off of Coconut Battery, and I can definitely see where the comparisons are coming from, the two are extremely similar (I fully expect a wave of comments on this subject). Battery Health is a free app that can give you tips and information regarding your battery's life.
Though I’m not one to give BL much thought, since I rarely run on just the battery, the article was reasonably informative and raised some small issues often overlooked. I only switched to Battery Health from Coconut because I didn’t like the Coconut icon.
Thank you for your useful feedback, I’m so glad you choose to spend your time on a blog about Mac apps. Nowadays, everything comes with a rechargeable battery, but who knew that getting long battery life could get soooo confusing?
I lol'd, but yes overcharging batteries is one of the main reasons they lose their charge-holding capacities IMO. LOL - I used to work in mobile phone sales and people always had the zaniest theories about preserving battery life.
Using ground penetrating radar, a team of archaeologists has uncovered a tunnel dug by Jewish concentration camp prisoners to escape the Nazis. The Microsoft Edge browser hasn't been picking up steam despite the fact users have been warming up to Windows 10 at a record pace.
According to Microsoft's test environment, the manufacturer compared four identical Surface Book detachables with each running a different browser. As a nod to those concerned about how this can apply to real-world usages, Microsoft has evaluated millions of Windows 10 devices worldwide and the trend is that Edge is much more power efficient than Chrome and just slightly better the Firefox.
The big one-year anniversary update for Windows 10 is expected to bring even more power-saving features to Edge. Der von Microsoft kontrollierte Labor-Versuch zeigt: Edge ist Energie-effizienter als die Konkurrenz. This film has a complex chemical structure containing both organic and inorganic lithium compounds. This protective coating is key in determining a battery's lifetime, thermal stability and capacity, especially at high rates. Tezel has recently handed in his PhD on the formation of SEI films, and how this is influenced by the composition of the electrolyte that is used. This allows more of the lithium in the electrolyte solution to participate in charging the electrodes. On the other hand batteries containing the organic compound propylene carbonate (PC) can work at temperatures as low as -50 C. These new 12-inch MacBook models are also being offered in the all-new Rose Gold color variant. It is said that these new MacBook Pro 2016 variants will be equipped with longer battery life, will be powered by Intel Skylake processors and will have a detachable touch screen, just like Microsoft's Surface Book. MacBooks generally have pretty good battery run time, but in order to keep it functional for as long as you can, you might have to give your battery a little maintenance over time.
We have written a few articles regarding common practices for maintaning the life of your laptop’s battery, perhaps the most important of them being on the topic of calibrating your battery periodically. Some of them are quite obvious, like turning down certain things like the volume and the brightness if you want to conserve battery. Even though Watts is $6.95, if you really care about keeping up with battery calibrations, it might be worth it for you.

Ultimately, they’re both free and they share nearly the same set of features, with only a hadful of features giving Battery Health the upper hand. Since a battery should never be 100 per cent full or 100 per cent empty, you should charge it then discharge it in sequence ideally ranging between 80 per cent to 20 per cent. People may tell you to carry a battery-life extender in your bag, but the secret there is, it’s just another battery.
But there is something weird happening on Mars' surface -- and it's something that hasn't been seen anywhere else in the universe. Basic games like Subway Surfers managed to run without any issue but slightly heavier games such as Asphalt Nitro had issues running smoothly if there were multiple apps running in the background.
Now, however, the Redmond company has published a comparison that may make laptop and Windows tablet users finally switch over from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. They were otherwise subjected to the same web pages, videos, scrolling actions, and tabs including popular destinations like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Amazon, and Wikipedia. In particular, changes will be made to embedded Flash content, background tabs, and the UI with support for browser extensions.
Between the two electrodes is an electrolyte, in this case a lithium salt dissolved in an organic solvent, that carries lithium ions between the two electrodes. Doing fresh installs of the operating system, upgrading to the newest versions of everything, cleaning your hard drive, and doing some maintenance on your battery are all factors that might help your computer stay functional for a longer time. Although Battery Health has a few more features than Coconut Battery does, like displaying the time remaining if you keep doing certain activities and the tips that come with the app.
Perhaps in rare windows of thorough downtime I might start taking a few more of the mentioned steps. Start by charging for 12 minutes, then running it down, then charge it for 11 minutes then run it down, and so on. The easiest way to do this is to find a refrigerated warehouse, befriend the security guard, and do all your work from there.
I would listen to this a thousand times over that Fall Out Boy disaster they released last week. Battery life was a plus point as the phone managed to last from 9 am to 5pm with around 15% battery to spare. The power efficiency of Edge gives it significant boosts in runtimes compared to the competition. The average baseline power consumption was a recorded 318 mW and the results show Edge outlasting its competitors by 36 to 53 percent. NTNU researchers are working on improving batteries by changing the composition of this electrolyte.
Do you pay attention to the stats of your battery or do you tend to not care about stuff like that?
Considering the (ridiculous) price of a mac, extending its functional lifetime is sensible, though I have yet to see any major difference in lifespan or potency vs. The issue is that the battery charging speed is slow a€” an hour of charging will add 25% to the battery. If you’re worried about finding it again, just mark your spot with a rock that has no earthly business in a hayfield.
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