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Having a basic understanding of your boat battery will help keep you running when you are on the water. Differences in batteries are best thought of by thinking about how the battery will be used. This boat battery has been designed for a Marine or RV application basically to start your motor. A Deep Cycle Boat Battery is designed for Marine or RV usage to power accessories over a period of time, and when discharged to be recharged over and over again. The term deep cycle refers to the design of these batteries to discharge hundreds of times and then be recharged a€“ this is the cycle being referred to.
More clean, renewable options to stay charged on the water, with our fast charging, long life, and light weight lithium batteries. There is a Reserve Capacity feature built into the battery that will shut off the battery when approximately 10-15% of the capacity remains. The safety of a Lithium battery pack can vary widely based on the chemistry of the lithium and how it is protected and charged. All lithium battery packs will come with a 3-year material and workmanship warranty from the battery manufacturer.
See the difference for yourself how these super-efficient, high powered batteries can keep you on the water longer, with no fear of losing speed performance.

If cycled 30 times per year it will take 100 years to reach the 3000 cycle life of the battery. With a Lead Acid battery its capacity will rapidly deteriorate after this point making the battery nearly useless.
Apex also has a Solar Charger that is custom programmed and approved for use with Lithium batteries.
If the battery is stored or not used for a short period of time it should be in air temperatures between -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C). Lithium battery chemistry does not deteriorate while sitting for months or years on the shelf, it only ages with use. With a Lithium battery however, the capacity will continue to deteriorate much more linearly with use.
When not used or stored for 6 months or longer, the temperature should be between -4° to 77° F (-20° to 25° C). This chemistry has outstanding thermal and chemical stability, meaning that it will not explode, heat up, or catch fire if punctured or damaged.
Weight: The weight savings with Lithium is 77 lbs in a 24V system and 164 lbs in a 48V system. This means that after 6000 cycles the battery should still have over 50% of its original capacity.

The battery cells will not gain temperature during operation or charging because of their high energy efficiency. Even if that protection fails, LiFePO4 chemistry is much harder to ignite in extremely high temperatures. This quick charge will get you on the water multiple times per day instead of waiting 8-12 hours for a lead acid battery to charge.
Run time: The Lithium battery pack is sized to have the same energy capacity and therefore the same runtimes as the lead acid. However a lead acid battery will have severely less capacity available when used at full throttle. If you prefer to travel at higher speeds, Lithium will not lose any capacity and take you further.

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