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The portable SLI battery (SLI: starting, lighting and ignition) produced by Shenzhen Carwanta features light weight, small size, large power and numerous uses.
Starting-Lighting-Ignition BatteryStarting-lighting-ignition battery is most commonly used to activate cars that have flat tyres or are in lack of power.
Porsche lightweight lithium-ion 12-Volt starter batteryEnlarge PhotoLithium-ion batteries are part of the path to the Promised Land of electric vehicles. Now Porsche has joined in, offering a lithium-ion battery as an option on its highest performance models.
Instead, the lithium-ion battery is simply a lighter-weight substitute for the Porsche's standard lead-acid 12-Volt starter battery. Its 13-pound weight cuts a full 22 pounds off the standard item, lightening the car just as carbon-fiber body panels or deleting comfort items like air-conditioning does. Compared to a lead-acid battery, the lithium-ion pack recharges faster and lasts longer, since it can be charged and discharged far more often.

The new lithium battery has the same form factor and mounting points as a standard 12-Volt battery, but in addition to being lighter, it's roughly 3 inches lower.
Continuing the long tradition of pricey Porsche options, it will cost $1,700 when it goes on sale next month as optional equipment in the 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS as well as the Boxster Spyder. The 12 volt strobe manufacturers has uploaded 357 12 volt strobe pictures for their 12 volt strobe products for sale, 1-20 12 volt strobe images are displayed. Green and environment-friendly: main composition of LiFePO4 can be used as soil fertilizer after breaking up, high performance and no pollution.
This lithium-ion jump starter is suitable for long distance traveling, camping, sailing, exploring and hiking.
The portable SLI battery has advantages of large power capacity (8000mAh), wide operating temperature (-20a„? to 60a„?), fast charging and low self-discharging. With the development of technology and market, Carwanta product can be multiply used apart from emergency starting.

The all-electric 2009 Tesla Roadster was the first sports car to run on lithium cells, and the 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 was the first hybrid electric vehicle to feature them. But it's not what you might think; their wheels are still turned solely by the company's lengendary flat-six engines, lately through direct-shift gearboxes. Porsche actually delivers a lead-acid battery along with the lithium option, though, since the latter's power falls off at temperatures below freezing.
Besides, it is also available as lighting tool or power supply in mountainous area, pastoral area and field inspection where there is no electricity. First and foremost, like a charger, it can supply power to laptop, mobile phone, PSP, PDA, etc.

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