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Thank you for choosing Smart Battery® We are committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our customers and planet. Every Smart Battery comes with a fully automatic built in battery protection system that prevents accidental damage to the battery.
About Us Smart Battery products are engineered and built with the highest quality cells, designs and features needed to make a Lithium Ion Battery dependable and rugged enough to last over 3000 cycles. Reliability - Smart Battery replacement Lithium Ion Batteries have been in production and sold to commercial and consumer markets for nearly 5 years.
Commitment - Smart Battery® also takes great pride in understanding your concerns and demands, Please let us know how we are doing and any suggestions or comments about our products are highly appreciated.
Smart Batteries cost less than any lead battery: A Smart Battery can last up to 5000 cycles. No Self Discharge: A Smart Battery can hold a full charge for over 1 year and has virtually no self discharge.
Vibration Proof: Smart Battery cells are bolted together and made of solid construction - There are no fragile or brittle plates made of lead, which can be prone to failure over time as a result of vibration. Amp Hours: What many battery owners fail to realize is about the lead acid battery is that its capacity (Ah) rating is usually specified at the 20 hour discharge rate.
Thanks to Solar City spokesman, Jonathan Bass, we now know the installed price of the Tesla Powerwall. Bass says that Solar City is already taking order for the Powerwall and notes that it offers two payment options.  The 10 kWh Powerwall unit, which Tesla lists for $3,500 minus installation and without an inverter, starts at $5,000 (lease) installed by Solar City with an inverter and other extras. Tell me how much it costs and give us the listed of suggested charge controllers, inverters, and other hardware that I will need. In the mean time I bough real for sale material from the German company Effekta and it does really well. The Powerwall is only expected to be 10-20% of the demand anyways for stationary storage and most of the demand in the U.S. Tesla will be production constrained for now just based on the existing markets that make sense for them and then when the Gigafactory ramps up, they can both lower the cost to build them and the cost they sell them for which opens up the market. Also, the Bloomberg article makes two mistakes – not all Powerwall installations will require a new inverter as many existing solar installs already have one. It’s like having an 18-wheeler outside your house generating Noise, Pollution, CarbonMonoxide and STINK.
But I think that just the threat of people thinking about going off-grid may cause the utilities to adjust their rates.

But that said, there are a fair amount of people that will want it as a way to eliminate blackouts when the grid goes down.
I’m generating 13000 kWh of pollution free electricity, and driving pollution free auto all for $85 month.
But this Powerwall is the biggest disappointment to come from Tesla, and now with those install prices for only 10 is also the biggest joke from Tesla and their partners in crime, Solar City! 28kwh of battery would only be an additional 4 kw of charging during the midnight to 8 am cheap period tops..
Now if he is in the city, 150 amps would be a must since he’d only have 200 volts at his house under load. All you need to do now is work out how much shifting power will save you and you can get an idea of if it’s worth it. I think Oahu has excess solar power, since about 12 percent of Oahu residents have rooftop solar systems.
Solar PV and TOU rate metering (with it’s insane peak rates) makes absolutely no sense because Con Edison net metering does NOT allow your peak-time produced solar electricity to offset your 12am-8am off-peak electricity usage!!! Bill, did you know that statewide in NYS if you install a battery-connected solar PV system you are PROHIBITED from using net metering? I certainly wouldn’t mind adding a battery to my solar PV system for a few thousand bucks so it will continue operating even if the grid goes down. On the TMC forums, people have indicated Solar City does overcharge by a lot and really only if you like the financing offers do they make sense. On the other Hand LG Chem is entering the Market here with a prepackached extreme small storage up to 12.8 kWh.
And, yes, it is nice that Tesla gets people talking about these ideas even though they’ve already been around for decades.
And even if you don’t care about any of that, what is your spot offer for electricity in a blackout?
Perkins: When I left my battery at 100% and in sleep mode all evening into the morning and it was only drained to 80%. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Our products are a drop in replacement for any application that would normally use a standard lead acid, gel or agm battery. Most calls will always be answered by a live Smart Battery representative who is knowledgeable and friendly.
After the initial 2000 cycles a Smart Battery can still use over 80% of its original capacity. When cranking your motor with a lead battery the voltage can drop down to 9V causing your starter to spin slower. This means that almost any battery charger regardless of the algorithm can charge a Smart Battery. At high rates of discharge above 20A the usable capacity can be reduced to less than half due to "Peukert's Effect". They won’t let you DIY even though it is simpler than hooking up an electric water heater (most require 2 circuits). Inside EVs, you really need to quit drinking the Kool-Aid on Tesla’s laughable home battery project. Also, they compare a Generac without installation and necessary accessories to Tesla’s solution with installation and accessories.

To this load would be, say 13.2 kw of car charging, and a 6 kw clothes dryer and a 1 kw dishwasher. IMO battery storage on a diverse well connected grid is a long way off viable but at this price those who rely on diesel to fill the gaps in their renewable energy output (like Hawaii) this looks attractive.
If that number was 25% and they had a wind farm they had to turn down on occasion then that would be a different matter. Increasingly big corporates own most of congress via election bribes not to mention special interest lobbyists on capital hill who write the legislation to suit themselves… Unless you have at least a million dollars do you think the political whores will listen to you? We buy a kwh at 24c and export to teh grid at 8c so i will be very eager especially after the gigafactory is up and running and of course the model 3 when it comes.
I know you think an EV has to have a 100kWh battery to be viable for long distance travel though no manufacturer has any plans for such a battery. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Buyers should report to us of the DOA within 3 days after receiving the item and return it at their cost.
Pls make sure your paypal email and shipping address are CORRECT and state your telephone no. Every battery is designed to UL, CE and ROHS standards and has a built in battery protection system that will protect it from accidental damage. If your call is not answered right away we will return your call promptly in the order we receive it. A Lead Acid Battery will typically only have a life of around 200 - 300 cycles.No matter how you play with the numbers formulas and assumptions a Smart Battery cost less than lead batteries. This means that if your application requires 400 amp hours of usable capacity you would have to size a lead acid battery bank of 800 amp hours with lead batteries. In Hawaii, the Powerwall will be competitive right away due to their high electricity prices and large solar install base.
Our experience and proven reliability with Lithium Ion Batteries enables us to provide a 5 year warranty guaranteeing the battery to be free of manufacturers defects. On average a group 31 AGM Battery can cost around $350.00, In some cases you would need to replace your AGM battery up to 25 times to equal the same life as 1 Smart Battery. Lead Acid batteries heat up and swell if they receive constant current so charger manufacturers create algorithms to slow down the current protect the battery from over heating. Currently credits are available to me for up to 55% making the 7kWh battery available to me for $1365.
I tried your bro long time so now I've to run it down to make sure it calibrated :-) thank you for the videoArafatX: recharge on sleep mode?
Since there are going to be many distributors and resellers, the pricing could be far more competitive with someone else.
It is unlikely that someone will install 50kWh of standby power anyways… and the Powerwall system, even the standby version can be refilled with wind or solar power. The only respite is $100 off registration (i think you call that you licence plate sticker) Big Whoop. Some of us actually understand that asymmetric compounds absorb heat and we would rather support any cause that moves us away from a carbon economy.

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