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Protection Against Over Charge: Battery Extraordinary (Old can’t charge, charge for a long time) Automatic to break off charge.
Just like every other commodity out there, the lithium that goes into making advanced batteries for plug-ins and electric cars, is going to see a big price hike.
The global demand for lithium is about to go up dramatically because car companies need it to make advanced batteries.
So far, lithium is not traded on any commodity exchange, but plans are in place to do just that. To understand what is more expensive you need to look at the NPV of both the suggestions you have given. In the future if other substitutes for gas are not found then US will be shielded by the policy undertaken now.

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China is buying up all the lithium it can, and it’s developing its own sources, which are mainly located in Tibet. And you watch, once lithium starts to get traded like any other commodity, and once investors realize how much the auto industry is going to need it, prices have no where to go but up.

A positive terminal, negative terminal, and an electrolyte between the terminals constitute the main parts of the battery. Li-ion moves from the anode (made up of lithium cobalt oxide) to the cathode (made up of carbon or graphite) during charging and vice-versa during discharging. The Global Li-ion Battery market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13 percent during the forecast period.

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