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China Manufacturer with main products: Lifepo4 Battery Cells and Packs, Li-Ion Batteries for power tool, laptop, mobile phone, camcorder, camera etc. 48 volt electric bicycle lifepo4 battery, View 48 volt electric bicycle battery, Ocell Product Details from Ocell New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. This rear rack battery has the highest quality lithium ion cells, encased in a strong and temperature stabilizing aluminum alloy case that can lock to your rear rack. The charger is able to deliver high power and current; it has happened that weak battery connectors explode or catch fire. The charger has no safety timer built in to prevent charging dead batteries for an excessively long time.
Another sequence can create huge sparks which is fatal for the battery connectors; the charger wants to keep the charge current constant. There will still be created a spark when we connect the battery to the charger, when not powered, because the big capacitor C17 short circuits the battery momentarily. Note: If the battery has a bleeding BMS inside (or any other charge only cell balancer), a permanently stop is not allowed.

Without BMS, the battery voltage becomes higher than the charger voltage limit, so the charger turns off the charge current. However, when the charging is terminated, the battery voltage will decrease slowly so that charging starts again. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It comes with 2 keys, 3amp fan cooled charger with UK plug and a stainless steel plate for attaching to your rear rack. When the battery is full, U1 turns off charging, the fan is switched off and the LED turns green.
When the battery is connected to the charger, when not powered, the diode is in reverse direction. A bleeding BMS balances the battery pack at the end of the charge period; the charger should not be turned off.

To protect the inductors against vibrations they should be glued with for example PU adhesive.
I took a Chinese battery charger (Kingpan) at which I have done modifications to the housing and the electronics.
Diode D18 and D19 ensure that the MOSFET gate voltage is always high enough even when the output voltage is 0V.
By the design of the ventilation openings, the air flow is such a way that both heat sinks are forced cooled by the fan. At a charge current of 10A the battery power loss is 6W, which could heat up the battery pack up to the maximum temperature of 60°.

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