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After 7 years of using second hand telecommunications batteries to power our (mainly) solar powered home, I had to bite the bullet and purchased a set of new batteries when a couple of cells failed. As Battery Supplies we put a lot of effort in investigating new products & technologies.
Lithium-Ion Batteries is one of the technologies on which we believe it can offer many advantages.

When it arrived, the Shipping agent contacted me by email and I paid the Government charges. LFP batteries are easily damaged by over charge or under charge, so a Battery Management System (BMS) is essential. I used the existing inverter, battery fuses and battery cables from the Lead Acid bank which this replaced.This has been in reliable service now for over 6 months.What do I do when it is overcast for a week or more?

So, if we run out of sun generated power, we can charge the batteries from the mains, using off peak power.

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