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We’ve all seen the ads on television where an elderly person has fallen to the floor and is unable to get up. The maker of the device, Philips Lifeline,  is sending letters to the users of its product warning of the potential danger. The Lifeline pendant button is intentionally designed to not break away when tugged, which prevents the button from accidentally falling off. However, because it does not break away, there is a risk of choking, including the possibility of serious injury or death if the neck cord becomes entangle, FDA reported.
Melamine dishes, bowls, cups and saucers can be harmful when used to serve certain food, according to health officials. Fattening geese began thousands of years ago, but as of today, foie gras is illegal in California.
While FDA and industry may deny the presence of asbestos in talc, I can relate a relevant story. Philips Lifeline encourages two-way communication that allows a user to communicate directly with responders, either through the base station or the emergency pendant.

Food and Drug Administration today cautioned users of some of these devices that some present a choking hazard and there have been at least six reports in the past ten years of serious injury or death associated with this product. Having served about 7 million subscribers, it continues to lead the industry in providing meaningful innovations like Lifeline with Auto Alert.
We love it because she lives alone and we can be sure she is safe, as lifeline takes good care of her”.
As I told my mom, I hope you never have to use it, but it gives me a better feeling leaving you alone while I work”. The service is very responsive and follows up until they are assured that she is okay”. He has had a few situations where the system was not only useful but necessary and life-saving. We think she was having chest pains, pressed her button, then collapsed and died on her couch. I live 150 miles away and finally convinced her at the ripe age of 92 that this service would be beneficial.

I am very grateful and appreciative that such a system exists for our senior family members. Though this was a very sad day for all of us, we are so grateful that we were able to get to her quickly after she died. If not for Lifeline, she was an independent lady and could have been there for a while before we found her.
I can’t express what a piece of mind this brings me that if she has another fall she will not be alone she will have her lifeline service”!

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