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As the preferred AGM battery choice of more than 150 OEM's Around the world, Lifeline is the best battery you can buy!
Designed and built to rigorous US military standards, Lifeline is a superior AGM battery in every measure: Safety, Reliability, Service Life and above all - Performance. With a long lifespan of up to 5000 cycles and true CCA starting ratings Lifeline batteries are suitable for all starting, deep cycle and dual purpose applications.
Hella Endurant Batteries are proud to be the official team supplier of Batteries to Emirates Team New Zealand.
Battery ChargersDesigned to effectively charge and maintain all conventional Lead Acid, SLA, Calcium, GEL, and AGM batteries.

Lifeline BatteriesDesigned and manufactured in the USA to exacting military and aviation standards, Lifeline are the pioneers and acknowledged market leaders in fully sealed, maintenance free, AGM battery technology for engine starting and house bank applications. Lifeline Batteries are perhaps best known in the marine industy by those with mission critical applications like professional anglers, long distane cruisers and yacht captains seeking value and reliability.
Manufactured without compromise, Lifeline batteries are aimed at the premium end of the Marine, Caravan and Motorhome markets. A further major advantage of the Lifeline battery is its unparalleled vibration resistance, and it is the only off-the-shelf battery that passes the stringent vibration requirements of the US Coast Guard and Navy. We have been supporting battery products for their telemetry, communications, battery back-up and the support boats since 1996.

Ultra low internal resistance is a defining feature of the Lifeline range which combines with industry leading charge efficiency to provide dramatically shorter recharge time.
Lifeline batteries are also the safest readily available in Australia with regards to explosion potential under severe overcharge. These features and attributes combine to provide the safest, longest lasting, most universal, fastest recharging and most vibration resistant battery on the market today.

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