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As the preferred AGM battery choice of more than 150 OEM’s around the world, Lifeline is the Best Battery you can Buy!
Often operating in extreme latitudes, from equatorial heat to polar ice, the weather is no match for the toughness of a Lifeline Battery. There are many factors that contribute to the overwhelming success of Lifeline AGM Batteries. Battery SelectionBuilding a battery bank that will adequately meet your power consumption needs requires careful consideration. When required, all batteries are supplied with silicon bronze bolts, nuts & washers necessary for installation. Possible upgrades and lower cost solutions to the product you are viewing based on customer reviews and purchases. We are a value-added battery and power product distributor focusing on advanced battery technologies, LED lighting and custom power solutions.
The Lifeline GPL 4CT marine battery is a perfect choice for boats and recreational vehicles. AGM power sources cannot be spilled and are exempt from hazardous material transportation restrictions.

This product can be deep cycled, meaning most of its charge can be expended without serious detrimental effects to its capacity. While this particular AGM model may be manufactured with marine applications in mind, the Lifeline GPL-4CT can also be used in a variety of other applications. AGM Batteries, AGM Battery Chargers, Deep Cycle Batteries, DC Fuses, DC Firewall Pass Throughs, Battery Terminals, Battery Cables, DC Diodes, and Special Order Flooded Crown Batteries! Due to the Lifeline Battery's quality construction, it has an industry leading 2% per month self discharge rate at 77°F (25°C), compared to 10%+ for conventional batteries. Lifeline Batteries are perhaps best known in the marine industry by those with mission critical applications like professional anglers, long distance cruisers and yacht captains seeking value and reliability.
As reported back to us directly from Yacht manufacturers, marine distributors, and end users alike. Manufactured entirely by hand, from start to finish, across the whole of the battery line, we at Lifeline already know our consumers will get batteries built with care, to Military Specifications, as rigid QA checks every step of the process to ISO specifications. Other flooded and gelled batteries fall between 300 to 450 life cycles at 50% discharges.Rapid RechargeLifeline Batteries facilitate a significant increase in recharge rate, with amazingly high current limitations when you properly regulate the charging voltage. This particular model can be discharged more than 550 times at 80% of its capacity -- discharging the entire charge of a battery is not recommended for any model.
If you are a high-volume buyer and would like to participate in our wholesale program, ask us about opening a Pro Account today.
Coast Guard approved, DOT Haz Mat Exempt, and longer lifespans than conventional batteries. These Lifeline Battery owners consistently experience a working life-span between 5-8 years for their AGM batteries.

Lifeline Batteries function to stickered specifications while operating in the harshest of equatorial climates. All raw materials, lead, copper, brass, and battery components are the highest quality available, and sourced locally. As our customers present us with applications nearing the poles, they find comfort knowing that our batteries are not damaged by extreme subzero temperatures either. If an order has shipped, it is the purchaser's responsibility to accept the shipment and return the order per our return policy. Our exclusive proprietary manufacturing processes then render a battery with the lowest internal resistance on the market. Quality Construction, Quality Materials, and Quality Engineering equals highly successful results. Make sure that all battery charging devices are dialed in as close as possible to our recommended charging values.
If the battery won’t return to a full charge through normal charging procedures it may be sulfated and require a conditioning charge.

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