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Through persistent efforts, MUST SOLAR, the China-based sealed lead acid battery supplier, has brought a wide range of long life AGM VRLA batteries to all kinds of fields.
The VRZ-Series (OPzV) batteries have tubular positive plates and a gelled electrolyte making them the highest quality valve-regulated battery design available. SBS Valve-Regulated VRZ batteries are especially suitable for applications with discharge over a long period in which maintenance-free operation is required. Best price 12v 100ah battery,vrla battery, View 12v 100ah battery, aokete Product Details from Guangzhou Hiking Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. It use advanced micro porous absorbed glass matt separator - minimizes diffusion of oxygen into the separator, reducing float charge current which suppressed the corrosion rate of the positive grid and extends the life of the battery.

MUST SOLAR long life AGM VRLA battery is specially designed on the base of European dwarf form standard structure.
Thicker and extended plate can ensure self absorption, thus effectively prolonging service life of the storage battery. The valve regulated lead acid battery comes with special design that allows almost no reduction of electrolyte volume in use and no addition of water in service life. Unique corrosion resistant grid alloy plus special lead paste formula enables our long life AGM battery to boast outstanding recovery capability when over discharging as well longer float charge service life. Gas recombination technology is adopted so that the battery has extremely high seal reaction efficiency and separates out no acid mist, hence generating no pollution to the environment.
The VRZ batteries are ideal for applications which call for maximum life and maintenance-free operation.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Typical applications include reserve power supplies for telecommunication equipment and industrial plants.

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