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SECONDARY CELL is a cell in which the chemical action alters the electrodes and electrolyte.
LOCAL ACTION is the continuation current flow within the cell when there is no external load. With the knowledge that Class 6 students find a significant change in their academic life, as compared to the previous classes, Meritnation offers a smart study package for students of Class 6 for subjects like Science, Maths, Hindi, English, Social Science and Sanskrit.
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A zinc can (green) is lined with a porous material called the “Separator”.  The separator is used to prevent the Zinc (the 'anode') from directly contacting the Manganese Dioxide (the 'cathode'). Finally, the caps are held in place with an outer shell of hard paper, which also encloses the zinc can. Meanwhile, the electrons work their way through the external circuit, lighting the bulb, and enter the carbon electrode.
The electrons combine with the manganese dioxide and the manganese is reduced (loses valency, or gains electrons) by combining with the Ammonium ion, NH4+, to form manganese oxide, Mn2O3, and water.
The anode is lead peroxide, the cathode is sponge lead, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid and water.

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