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F Any itness use , a of division this trademark of Brunswick , without Corporation the T express O T . F RIVER CROSS itness offers is ST a is registered AIRCLIMBERS a forbidden RO TRAINERS full AD LIFEFITNESS line , trademarks S of . From its comfortable seat with built-in grooves for coolness and back-support, to the natural placement of the accessory tray and hand sensors, few elements of ergonomics are overlooked on this cycle. The belt-drive system is reliable and quiet and even the “Wide Ride” pedals can be configured 11 different ways to accommodate your foot size.

In addition to its bio-mechanically correct design, the frame and structural welds on the Life Fitness 9500 Cycle are constructed in a way that allows everyday usage with virtually no maintenance necessary. This combination of ever lasting quality and easy usage make this bike the most popular version of recumbent bikes today. Because of its highly effective and durable design, our Lifecycle bikes can handle the daily rigors of the most demanding facilities.
Any parts found to be worn or defective were replaced with new parts from the manufacturer.

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