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Due to lower volume, OSCA affiliate locations will be charging higher base prices than what appears on the OSCA website. When I first heard last week that Tesla was offering Model S owners a free retrofit that would install its new underbody shield and deflector plates, I called my local Tesla Motors service center almost immediately. Designed to deflect road debris away from the lithium-ion battery pack under the floor, the new underbody armor would presumably reduce the risk of battery penetration  and subsequent fire, as occurred in two highly-publicized incidents involving the Model S. I figured there would be a mad scramble among Model S owners to get the retrofit, and I wanted to get in line as soon as I could. We settled on the following Thursday; at  noon on the appointed day, two Tesla techs appeared at the house and whisked my car away. A quick peek under the car revealed that only one of the three armor pieces, an extruded aluminum T-section at the front edge of the battery pack, was visible. Curious, I arranged for a local shop, Advanced Automotive in New Windsor, New York, to put the car up on a lift and carefully remove the plastic underbody cover. The front-most of the three shields, a beefy aluminum half-tube about two inches in diameter, stretched across the bottom  of the car from side to side.
If that debris happens to be a high-strength self-stabilizing object--like the three-ball tow hitch that triggered one of the fire incidents--the front deflector is designed to absorb impact energy and deflect the object harmlessly upward through the floor of the front trunk area. Just behind the titanium plate is the lateral T-section, which covers the joint between the bottom front edge of the battery pack and the front plastic underbody cover.
To my untrained eye, the three pieces looked to be well-designed and built to do their intended job.
The air-suspension versions of the Model S were originally set by the factory to lower themselves closer to the road, automatically, above 60 mph to improve aerodynamics by reducing underbody turbulence.  After the two fire incidents, however, this feature was disabled for safety reasons. Car battery cleaning and safety are two important issues to address for car owners that like to get involved in the maintenance of their own automobile. Performing some of the easier tasks yourself can increase the reliability of your vehicle as well as reduce trips to the auto repair shop. Since these are issues that affect many drivers I thought I would take it a step further by providing links to the needed tools (below) as well as discuss how to prolong the life of your battery by cleaning it. When you are servicing or troubleshooting your battery all operations must take place under the safest working conditions possible. Working in a well ventilated area is one of the most important safety tips when working with car batteries.

Also remember do not smoke near the battery and watch out for Sparks or flames from lighters or matches. You also want to make sure you never lay any types of automotive tools such as wrenches or ratchets on top of the battery. If you are going to clean a car battery that has built up corrosion on the terminals it is a good idea to neutralize the corrosion using a solution of baking soda and water.
After the terminals are removed from the car battery you can spread them gently and dip them in that same baking soda and water solution.
Before reassembling it is recommended that you apply terminal protector to both the terminals and the cable ends. As a final tip if you plan on replacing the battery I recommend that you use a special lifting tool or strap to pull it from the tray. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. OXIS Energy’s lithium-sulfur battery technology provides greater energy density and a safer chemistry for rugged military applications. While advances in battery technology are critical for next-gen products across multiple markets, the requirements of military applications take on a different meaning in terms of safety.
The chemical and electrical components of these power sources have the potential to seriously injure, or even kill. The titanium shield and two aluminum deflector plates were free, weighed only a few pounds, and had no effect on the aerodynamics of the car. It had been nicely detailed inside and out, updated with firmware version 5.9, sporting a new charge-port light ring, and topped-off with windshield washer fluid. The other two were apparently hidden above the black plastic underbody cover fitted just ahead of the battery. It's designed to allow the car to ride up and over any object that makes it past the first two shields.
Now I'm even more confident in the car's safety--though I don't intend to seek out hard objects on the road to deflect and crush. The danger comes from the sulfuric acid and the explosive gases that can be generated by the battery during its normal charging and discharging cycles. Although he is expected to make a full recovery he could have avoided a lot of pain and suffering by wearing gloves and safety glasses.

Even sealed maintenance-free batteries have vents that can produce enough hydrogen gas to cause problems. It’s a good idea to purchase a battery cleaning tool that is specially designed to clean the terminals and connectors. After the cleaning is performed you can rinse down the top of the battery with the remaining baking soda and water solution. When reconnecting the battery it is a good idea to install the positive terminal completely and then connect the negative cable end. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from these hazards by taking the proper safety precautions. You can visit the post to get all of the details, but basically it discussed why batteries go dead and how long you can expect them to last.
When in doubt let a professional do it.  Ask them to show you how, so you can do the next battery service.
When you are going to perform a battery cleaning service it is a good idea to disconnect the ground cable first and then the positive lead.
It is critical to lift it straight out without tipping it so that fluid does not come out of the vents. Developed by OXIS Energy, the technology has a long lifecycle of 2000 cycles before capacity reduces to 80% of its beginning of life (BoL).
If you need more information on replacement I built a page on my other website about car battery problems and replacement guidelines.
The cells also have a 100% available depth-of-discharge, superseding previous 80% discharge ranges that left the door open to damage caused by over-discharge. It could also be used for automotive, solar energy storage, marine transportation, and advanced nanotechnology-enabled applications.
OXIS recently received a Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation for the lithium-sulfur battery.

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