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Apple rolled out a subtle CPU update to its iPad 2 lineup last month, opting for a new 32 nm A5 processor. The obvious reasons pointed out by Anandtech is the amazing Retina display in the new iPad. There are a plethora of unqualified phone, tablet, and battery manufacturers in China, but the country has just implemented new legislation aimed at taking many of them off the market. The GB 31241-2014 regulation states that all lithium-ion cells and batteries, as well as the devices that run them, must be brought to authorized laboratories to be tested. Lithium batteries, as I've mentioned here before, (and then again here) are part of a fast-growing global market — and nowhere are they more important than in China, where the switch to clean energy is an immediate issue. Remember, the country's past record of high emissions has put pressure on it to cut down the air pollution — and lithium batteries are a very easy way to achieve this!
Understand that not only are these batteries completely pollution-free, but they offer higher voltage and energy density, meaning they can last longer and require less maintenance. In China, lithium batteries are being used in phones, laptops, digital cameras, and increasingly personal and commercial vehicles. Of course, the quality of the battery is of the utmost importance; incorrectly designed lithium batteries can catch fire and even explode, which can directly lead to a loss of property at best and a loss of life at worst. So as lithium technology grows and flourishes, so too will the regulations deeming it safe for the public. A true insider in the energy markets, Keith is one of few financial reporters to have visited the Alberta oil sands. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reveals why a tiny energy metals company is poised to reap a windfall of profit riding Elon Musk's lithium revolution.
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl looks into the business deal between one Australian lithium miner and one Chinese lithium product producer.
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why investors should look beyond battery stocks when investing in Tesla's lithium revolution. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl looks into General Electric's plans to expand their position in the energy storage market.
It's not an ordinary metal, but lithium demand is booming all over the world, driven by Tesla's life-changing innovations in technology. Energy and Capital has collected some of the most highly touted energy experts in the industry. If you're ready to take control of your investments and ride Tesla's surging lithium revolution to higher profits, you NEED to read this report. An explosion with the force of a small earthquake rocked the Central Texas farming town of West on April 17, 2013. In the weeks after the West disaster, investigators identified numerous ways it might have been prevented — or at least mitigated. For environmental regulators, a fertilizer business that stored and sold anhydrous ammonia posed a low risk to houses, apartments and schools just a few hundred feet away. Dozens of families left homeless after the farming town’s fertilizer plant explosion formed an impromptu neighborhood that still links them together months later.
More than a dozen first responders recounted the fertilizer plant fire and explosion, and the aftermath of that April night.
Thousands of emergency responders, state and federal dignitaries, and West residents pay their respects to the men killed in an explosion.
Experts are beginning to understand how their wounds, which vary from minor cuts to life-altering organ damage, will affect their lives over time.

The irreparably damaged West Rest Haven nursing home came down three months to the day after the fertilizer explosion that devastated the small Texas town. A state law to keep ammonium nitrate facilities secure may put Texans at risk, a Dallas Morning News investigation revealed. Staff writers Daniel Lathrop and Matt Jacob discuss a Texas town where a chemical plant storing ammonium nitrate sits directly across a road from a middle school. Aerial view in Google Maps shows the proximity of a chemical plant storing ammonium nitrate to a middle school in Athens. A Dallas Morning News analysis of more than 750,000 federal records found pervasive inaccuracies and holes in data on chemical accidents, such as the one in West.
Some 20,000 people live within a half mile of the more than 70 sites in Texas with large stores of ammonium nitrate, a Dallas Morning News analysis found. Learn the locations of 74 facilities in Texas with at least 10,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate or ammonium nitrate-based explosive material. The White House and a congressional subcommittee took aim at flaws in a patchwork oversight system that some say contributed to the deaths of 12 men responding to the West fertilizer plant fire.
Scholars and environmentalists consider Obama's decision to involve himself in the long-stalled chemical safety issue to be significant. Nearly six months after the West fertilizer plant explosion killed 15 people, injured 300 and caused an estimated $100 million in damage, federal workplace safety regulators proposed fines totaling $118,300.
Residents got early boost, but $30 million in needs hasn't been covered by aid, donations or insurance. The about-face by the Federal Emergency Management Agency clears the way for federal funds to cover the majority of costs for rebuilding three schools, some roads and the town's water system. Frustration mounts in West over distribution of aid that flowed into the rural community after a deadly fertilizer plant explosion. Here, home by home, are stories from Reagan Street and the night that changed the modest road forever. The devastation hit home for residents allowed back in to an evacuated area known as Phase 2.
We examine the losses suffered by people in West and the aid situation for survivors in a package of stories to coincide with the six-month anniversary of the explosion.
Photographers Mona Reeder and Sarah Hoffman capture the resiliency of West residents as they journey through a long rebuilding process. Regardless of what authorities knew, West residents remained clueless — by design — about the extreme dangers they were living next to until an explosion devastated a 35-block area. Investigations into the West explosion have exposed appalling levels of dysfunction and incompetence at the federal level. Now is the time to impart change to make the accident in West the last ammonium nitrate disaster. Under the blue skies of West, a thick cloud of question marks still blocks the public’s quest for answers. Slow disbursement of donated funds to West explosion victims is harming recovery and destroying the town’s unity.
Most of its recommendations should be written into the state fire code and become mandatory.
Over the past 15 years K&M Development has built 40+ luxury homes in some of the Bay Area's top residential neighborhoods (Hillsborough, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Saratoga, and Cupertino).
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A British man has been scarred for life after his e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket and set his pants on fire. Dan Walker may need skin grafts after suffering horrific burns following the shocking incident. The 20-year-old said he was at a shopping mall when the e-cig suddenly burst into flames and set his leg on fire. Walker was rushed to a specialist burns unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham following the horrific incident, where experts said he was lucky to not have been more seriously injured.
Doctors told him he could have lost his leg if he had been wearing jeans instead of sweat pants when the battery exploded in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.
Doctors have said he may need a skin graft to repair the damage from the second and third degree burns. The update brings an additional hour to an hour and a half of battery life in gaming benchmark tests, and a whopping additional two and a half hours in video playback tests. The only way to tell the difference between the two models is to fire up an app like Geekbench and check the version of your iPad. The company now has the ability to approve batteries for Chinese CQC certificates, as well as Indian BIS and South Korean KC certificates. His research has helped thousands of investors capitalize from the rapidly changing face of energy. Get the real facts on how bad student loans have become in our new bonus report "Digging Into Debt: How Student Loans are Burying Borrowers". Yet eight months after 15 people died and hundreds were injured, no significant measures have been adopted by state government to keep something like it from occurring again. Many facilities lack secure fencing or storage areas, but they rarely failed state inspections.
The president's order creates a series of deadlines for overhauling best safety practices, data-sharing and emergency response. These houses were far enough from the plant to remain standing, but close enough to have sustained staggering damage.
Utilizing well established relationships with key contractors, K&M Development consistently produces high quality custom homes for sale as well as for residential owners. The good news, though, is that version 2,4 of the iPad will eventually replace the 2,1 version if all goes well with the new chipset.
Keith connects with hundreds of thousands of readers as the Managing Editor of Energy & Capital as well as Investment Director of Angel Publishing's Energy Investor.
And it is imperative to the future growth, prosperity, social stability, and security of nations around the world. For years, Keith has been providing in-depth coverage of the Bakken, the Haynesville Shale, and the Marcellus natural gas formations — all ahead of the mainstream media. You'll also have exclusive FREE access to the market insight offered in the Energy and Capital e-mail newsletter, which will help you shape your investment portfolio no matter which way the market swings.

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