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What you should have in mind though is that as with other small batteries that use thin cables passing higher current such as 10A or even higher as a constant load is not a good idea as they will get hot and may melt and short the battery, and that is something you don’t want for sure. T9 now stocking a perfect shaped LiFe receiver pack ideal for thin glider fuselages to use with HV servos like the MKS HV series. The good thing about LiFe batteries is the fact that they have much steadier discharge curve than traditional LiPo batteries, so they can provide a more constant voltage under load in almost their full capacity.

Since however the manufacturer or the brand Robitronic that these batteris go under does not give a lot of details we’ll need to check how good these batteries actually are.
Not that you will need constant loads of up to 10A for the servos in an RC model, but you can be sure the battery can handle even higher peaks without problems.

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