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The LG G2 had the best battery life of any mid-sized flagship last year, but with the upgrade to a Quad HD display, LG hasn?t been able to back this up. Dynamic clocking is present in the display?s firmware, reducing the refresh rate of the panel when static content is being displayed, in an attempt to reduce power consumption. Generally speaking, during my time using the LG G3 as a daily driver, the battery life wasn?t bad at all, but at the same time it wasn?t outstanding.
Our typical battery benchmark will give a better look at the G3?s battery life, starting with the video playback test. In this test you can easily see the battery life reduction from the G2 to the G3: the G3 performed 23% worse, even though the Snapdragon 801 is more efficient at video playback than the Snapdragon 800. GFXBench shows how taxing it is to render at 1440p on a large display, lasing an estimated two and a half hours in intensive 3D gaming. It carries over a host of features from the flagship but cuts down on the specifications to bring it down a few tiers in pricing, making it more accessible to the masses. The power and volume buttons are in their, now familiar, place at the back of the G3 Beat sitting just below the camera module which help make one-handed operation much easier. Even with all of its plastic pieces it’s still a really well put together smartphone that manages to feel solid and is great for those who want to try and maximise the time spend using the phone with one hand. The stock LG keyboard and camera apps are fantastic, user friendly and packed full of features which aren’t buried in menus it helps make the LG Android experience better than many of their contemporaries. The 5 inch display in the LG G3 Beat runs at 720p resolution making the pixel density just 294 pixels per inch (ppi).
That said the IPS LCD does a fantastic job of rendering everything from text to pictures and video with aplomb and we never felt like it hindered the experience in any way. As we mentioned before the camera interface is fantastic with almost nothing to distract you from taking photos unless you want to dig into the granular controls which are kept hidden until you need them. The tiny 1.3 megapixel front facing camera is being dwarfed by the many ‘selfie-cams’ that other manufacturers are launching particularly into the mid-range smartphone market and while it’s alright for the occasional snap, won’t be winning any awards anytime soon. At 2 540mAh the LG G3 Beat has a battery capacity that’s more akin to a top-tier smartphone than a mid-ranger and as such does really well on a single charge. Days with heavy usage especially with display intensive activities like video watching and GPS navigation did take their toll but the battery was good enough to make it to another charge before it died, every time. If you don’t have the R5 000 to drop and are going through a network for contract pricing then there’s nothing offensive about the G3 Beat, there’s just also nothing magical.
Today may not be the right day to point this out (it being iPhone 6 launch day in South Africa) but here's the dirty truth mobile manufacturers don't like to hear. Get our daily newsletter!An exclusive worldwide wrap of tech news in your inbox every morning, plus exclusive offers and more! When performing the same battery tests on the Galaxy S5, the publication found it to have tablet-grade battery life, with Samsung’s handset scoring 8 hours and 20 minutes of battery life in tests. The G3 beat the Galaxy S5 by a full half hour, scoring 8 hours and 50 minutes in the same test. The publication notes that LG’s battery optimizations for the G3 are apparently working as described during launch, although LG has not mentioned all the tricks it uses to make sure its 2K display smartphone can offer great battery life. In addition to adaptive frame rate, LG also said the G3 users adaptive clocking and adaptive timing control battery-related technologies.
UPDATE: Phone Arena on June 25 acknowledged a major error in its battery life tests for the Galaxy S5 and the LG G3, revealing that instead of 8 hours and 20 minutes, and 8 hours an 50 minutes of battery life, respectively, the correct times for the two devices are 7 hours and 38 minutes, and 6 hours and 14 minutes. Sitting at airport, portfolio brexit'd, social media mgr next to me talking social media strategy for past 20 min. Our early LG G3 review gave the phone an Editor’s Choice Award thanks to the amazing features this phone offers, and the Verizon LG G3 earns this same honor.
I’m using a Verizon LG G3 review unit, which includes pre-installed Verizon apps and connects to the speedy XLTE Verizon network, but the basic LG G3 review from an iPhone user points are the same across other carriers as well. One of the biggest differences between a Verizon LG G3 and those on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile is coverage.
Notice the difference in the detail of small pieces of moss on this fencepost between the LG G3 vs iPhone 5s displays.
Essentially the LG G3 delivers more pixels packed into a small space, which lets it show more detail than an iPhone screen.
Watching movies, browsing the web and playing games on the LG G3 is a more immersive experience thanks to the large display. Pop the back off to add storage or a spare LG G3 battery, but you can’t do that on the iPhone 5s.
Part of the plastic LG G3 design is the ability to remove the back for access to a battery that you can swap out if it runs dead and a MicroSD card slot that lets users add more storage. The back of the LG G3 is curved and the edges slope up to help with grip and one-handed use.
The LG G3 does not include front facing speakers like the HTC One, but the single rear speaker out performs the iPhone 5s speaker hands down.
Call Quality on the G3 varies based on your location and network coverage, but I found call quality slightly better than on the iPhone 5s.
The LG G3 delivers good performance across all activities tested from chat and email to gaming and streaming videos. Google apps like Gmail, Maps and Hangouts work great across both of these devices and streaming apps for common services like HBO Go and Watch ESPN are available on both. The LG G3 battery life is good, lasting all day on all but one of the days during my LG G3 review. My iPhone battery life varies dramatically depending on how much I use it for calls, on days where I don’t talk much it lasts about this long.
For a full in-depth look at the LG G3 camera performance check out our deep dive LG G3 Review, with more sample photos and detailed explanations of how the G3 camera performs. The video above shows the LG G3 camera options, and the photos and sample video below show what the LG G3 can do. Rather than list every software feature on the LG G3, I’ll share the ones I use most, that I cannot use on the iPhone. Knock Code – Tap out an unlock code on the screen, even =when dark, to unlock the phone right to the home screen.
Dual View – Run two apps side-by-side on the screen at the same time for enhanced multitasking. Remote Control – The LG G3 includes remote control software and an IR blaster on the top so it can control any TV, cable box or home theater. Pay with Google Wallet – Tap and pay at a retail store with the G3 to make a payment. The G3 does not include a fingerprint sensor like the iPhone 5s, but I found the Knock Code unlock option an easy replacement for my needs. Like the iPhone 5s, the LG G3 includes sensors to track activity and it is tracked using a built-in LG Health app. If you need a big screen that is still easy to use with one hand and love the option to carry a spare battery and add storage, as well as the other handy features like a remote control, mobile payments and knock codes grab the G3.
For users that like a smaller display and cannot leave the Apple apps and accessories behind, the iPhone 5s is a great choice, but it is worth looking forward to the iPhone 6. Also, noname, you might consider the Xperia Z3 compact, it seems like a phone that would suit you. Great to see an impartial review of a top tier droid device by an iOS user without slagging it off as cumbersome just for not being iOS.
I know these posts are old but just wanted to say I’ve had my 32G G3 since about June! New 6200mAh Mugen Battery doubles the life of LG G3, enables it to stay connected longer without recharges and make more with the smartphone than ever before. Designed to provide maximum mobile freedom, Mugen Power 6200mAh Lithium-Ion extended battery increases the lifetime of LG G3 by 2.07 times! Designed to provide maximum mobile freedom, Mugen Power 6200mAh (milliamp hour) Lithium-Ion battery extends the life of the LG G3 by 2.07 times delivering more power than the stock 3000mAh battery.

Mugen Power is the worldwide leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices.
Mugen Power batteries have better performance (higher capacity) and reliability (longevity & safety) than other brands.
All Mugen Power batteries also undergo vigorous QA procedure, resulting in Mugen Power achieving the lowest return rate in the market. NOTE FOR EDITORS: Mugen Power 6200mAh Extended Battery for LG G3 is available on request to editors of computer magazines and bloggers who wish to write a review of the battery. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. LG’s latest and greatest flagship, the G3, was heavily leaked before its official unveiling in London this week, and as a result, we pretty much knew what to expect ahead of time.
In fact, it was a bit like the HTC One (M8) launch announcement – most of the key details, specs and even images were available well ahead of launch day, but as I noted in our quick hands-on with the device on launch night, sometimes the specs on paper don’t match up with the real-world performance.
It’s still only been a few days since I got my hands on one, and it’s a pre-finalized Korean model at that – so I was warned the battery life might not be the same as the UK version, due to being optimized for Korean networks. While the core hardware and most of the software experiences will remain the same for the US and European models, the version we looked at here was pre-loaded with services for the Korean market.
So it’s with little surprise that LG failed to make much of an impact on the wider global market with its LG G2 – it was a solid device in many ways, but with a premium price tag and less-than-premium finish, it’s harder to sway consumers.
Nonetheless, it provides a better finish than the all glossy plastics of the past and the fact that it’s not metal means that it can support wireless charging, which it does.
Thankfully, LG has considered this too and opted for a tiny bezel around the display, which helps keep the overall size of the device down. As well as making it possible to hold for calls, the G3 keeps the rear-mounted power and volume controls too.
On other occasions, though, I was left fumbling for the power button when all I was actually doing was dirtying the camera lens with my finger smudges. The back of the device is removable, which is always nice if your battery starts to falter. Overall, the design is an improvement over the previous generation, and the scratch-resistant shell certainly does a better job of saying ‘premium’, but that doesn’t necessarily make it much to shout about either. We’ve talked about the size of the screen, but there’s not much point having a massive screen if it looks terrible. With a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, images and videos look super-sharp, providing the resolution of the source material can match up to the display. I tested it with a few games too – like the graphically demanding Asphalt 8 and Riptide2 GP – and it didn’t skip a beat. The downside of this power is that the handset gets pretty warm, particularly around the power button and the camera sensor.
Slightly bizarrely, purely as I haven’t seen one in so long, this G3 review model had an extendable antenna. I never come to expect too much from the inbuilt speakers in a smartphone – they’re invariably underpowered and unpleasant, with one or two rare exceptions. Unfortunately, while LG touts a 1W speaker (with boost on-tap), the audio experience succeeds in volume alone. This is also probably a good time to mention again that I was warned ahead of time that the Korean-model device might not reveal its true battery potential when used in the UK as it’s optimized for Korean networks. Testing over a few days, I saw some variable performance depending on what I was doing with the phone. On another occasion, 13 hours after being unplugged and with the same 3 hours use (installing apps, playing games, watching Netflix), it was down to 5 percent. The camera on the G3 is a 13-megapixel affair, keeping it mostly in line with rival devices. HTC, for example, went all out on the camera for its One (M8), but stuck with its 4-megapixel ‘Ultrapixel’ approach, plus the addition of more sensors and software options.
LG has almost gone in the other direction; you won’t find the same array of tweaking options (although there are a few to give you basic image editing and filters) and the Korean manufacturer has actually simplified the UI.
Despite the new display, LG hasn?t included a larger battery in the G3, opting for the same 11.4 Wh (3,000 mAh) battery and hoping the efficiency improvements in the Snapdragon 801 will provide similar performance.
There?s also some clever manipulation of display brightness to ensure it?s as low as possible while still being readable, plus a typical power saving mode that gets activated when the battery level falls below 30%. Depending on my screen on time and usage I tended to end the day with around 25-30% of the battery?s juice remaining, which is a fair result but not in the same bracket as the G2 was. The G3 performs around the same level as last year?s Sony Xperia Z1, which didn?t have awful battery life, but was soundly beaten by its competition.
Small, lower cost smartphones are every bit as capable as R10 000+ models and more portable too.
We’ve had one to play with for a few days and have run it through the ringer to find out if it’s any good.
Each successive phone in the G series has had the same rounded back and slim bezelled front and the G3 Beat is no different. It brings clean, flat icons and not much in the way of guff to Android which we loved in the G3 and still like in the G3 Beat. In a world where its big brother, the G3, has a 534ppi it was never going to be the stuff of legends. Viewing angels were great but the lack of an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness seems like a silly omission and cost us some battery life by preferring to keep it on a higher setting for better outdoor visability. Mild usage saw us getting through a work day with enough for some extracurricular activities thrown in after 5PM for good measure all without dipping into the battery saving mode we had set up for when we dipped below 15% battery life.
In Phone Arena’s G3 battery life tests, the handset came on top of the competition, beating every top Android handset released this year, including the Galaxy S5. The Sony Xperia Z 2 and the HTC One (M8) scored 8 hours and 10 minutes, and 7 hours and 12 minutes, respectively. Even in charging time tests, the G3 beat this year’s top handsets, scoring 120 minutes, or 2 minutes faster than the Galaxy S5.
Thus, the LG G3 doesn’t offer better battery life than the Galaxy S5, as it was initially suggested. Despite many advances there are still places I travel in Ohio where Verizon is the best or only option. Many Android apps and streaming video is not in 2k resolution or 4k resolution, but when you look at the photos you take on the LG G3 or even when connecting an SD card to see those from a DLSR, the LG G3 display shows much more detail. The 1.5-inch difference makes a bigger difference than you might guess, but thanks to the LG G3 design the phone is not obscenely large. I still opt for a tablet when I can, but if I am just running around end up with time to waste I grab the LG G3 for entertainment needs before the iPhone. This is the standard for great smartphone design that plastic will not touch for many users. The iPhone 5s offers neither of these options, though you can buy a case to add storage and battery power for $150 or more. For a larger phone this is essential, and it combines with small bezels to keep the size of the LG G3 as small as possible. The G3 delivers louder, better sound that I can hear in more rooms without a bluetooth speaker or tricks to make the iPhone speaker louder. I did not notice a difference between the iPhone 5s and G3 for these common activities aside from the benefits of a bigger screen. You won’t notice a difference switching between these two devices in terms of speed inside the apps. An optional LG G3 battery saver tool can turn on at 50%, 30% or 10% to increase remaining battery life. This includes a few calls, but not the marathon of calls that can drain a smartphone battery quickly. I really enjoy the laser focus, though it does not seem to focus faster than the iPhone 5s, if at all.

I am happy using the iPhone or the G3 as my camera while on the go for the past few weeks, but I like looking at photos on the higher resolution LG G3 display. This is where users will notice a big difference between the two devices, but not in the negative way we used to see when going from iPhone to Android. The iPhone offers similar tracking through a Nike app and others, and will add a Health app in iOS 8 this fall. Both phones offer distinct advantages to users and with new software updates the things that you can do on the G3 and on the iPhone 5s become closer and closer. But, iPhone 6 will change it.I think LG G3 is one of the best andriod phone in 2014, I like my G3, because the phone body is awesome.
The battery is immediately available from Mugen Power Batteries with free shipping worldwide. This impressive battery performance allows consumers, especially those who are often on the move, to use the device longer.
Like other Mugen batteries, the Mugen 6200mAh Extended Battery for LG G3 has undergone vigorous QA testing to ensure the highest quality and lowest return rate. We worked hard on this project and managed to fit additional 3200mAh capacity into that new battery. Mugen Power means Performance and Quality and delivers a full spectrum of high quality products for PDAs, smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, portable DVD players, notebooks, UMPCs and Personal Media Devices. The superior performance improves run time, often doubling that provided by the original brand replacement. The HTC One (M8) has one, the iPhone 5s is metal and Samsung has been making efforts to make its 2014 devices look less plasticky than previous generations.
In reality this means it’s a polycarbonate combined with a layer of scratch-resistant material.
Often they’re uncomfortable to hold in one hand, and one-handed operation is virtually impossible. It’s certainly a lot easier to hold when making calls than the Note 3, which admittedly has a 5.7-inch display.
The buttons are a little smaller and flatter than before, which is a bonus. You’ll ultimately have to spend a little time getting used to them if you haven’t owned the predecessor, if doesn’t necessarily come naturally at first. The 1W speaker is on the rear of the phone, so you’d likely tend towards laying it face down when listening to music or a podcast, which means you also have easy access to the volume controls. There’s no need to worry on this front though, it’s one of the standout features of the handset – in every sense.
Under-the-bonnet there’s a quad-core 2.5Ghz Snapdragon 801 processor powering things, so performance is sprightly and you’re not left waiting for apps to open.
Combining that beautiful, generously-sized screen with glitch-free graphics makes for a pretty rewarding gaming experience. And I’m not that much of a mobile gamer.
The signal seems fine (even without extending the mammoth aerial), but the other person’s voice always sounded a bit distant. With such a large display, it’s obviously going to have an impact on the overall longevity.
For example, on one occasion, the battery reported 89 percent charge seven hours after being removed from the plug – which included just an hour of use. You can probably guess the point at which I started playing games in the graph above, and equally unsurprisingly, the image below shows the main culprits for that drain. Instead of showing all the capture options on-screen as you take a shot there’s almost nothing. To last around 2 hours less than the Galaxy S5 is obviously a concern, although at least it wasn?t as poor as the HTC One. So if you’re thinking about picking one up, we’ve got all the details you need to know, just keep reading on to find out more. For the most part everything runs perfectly well on the G3 Beat but there are occasions where the hardware struggles to keep up with some animations becoming jagged or application load times being a bit excessive.
It helps make focusing on nearby subjects with its 8 megapixel camera an absolute pleasure with fast and accurate acquisition. The problem is that for a few hundred rand more you can find an LG G2 at certain retailers and even though it’s more than a year old already can blow the G3 Beat out of the water. The One (M8) and the Xperia Z2 need 207 and 212 minutes, respectively, to reach a full charge.
I was surprised by the feel of the LG G3 design because it uses plastic instead of metal, but it is a high-quality plastic that almost feels like a ceramic.
Both the iPhone 5s and LG G3 deliver good-looking photos and a variety of options to take photos.
It ultimately dwindles down the choice of the buyers related to their needs, which the reviewer clearly points out at the end.
The phone is less than a month old and the GPS didn’t work after the 1st week so I exchanged it at best buy.
Our solution gives customers added battery life to stay connected longer without recharges and make more with the smartphone than ever before," says Nikolai Lebedovsky, CEO at Mugen Power. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device.
We’d expect the other variants to come pre-loaded with more appropriate services for their respective regions. It also keeps the same ‘floating arc’ design language as seen in previous models, which also helps when it comes to actually holding it.
In our testing – brace for the lack of surprise – you’ll need to charge this phone every day, but with a little attention it should get your through a waking day without a problem. Later the same day, it was down to 30 percent after 15 hours with just over 3 hours of use.
It feels incredible in hand and given the fact that it has similar dimensions and the same size display as last year’s G2 has we should have known this would be the case. It loses most of its effectiveness at longer distances but still churns out very good looking photos in either case. My home neighborhood delivers vastly better AT&T service, but when I go on trips Verizon is typically a better source.
It’s not going to match the feel of aluminum for every user, but it is close enough for me.
However, this really can vary – if you’re playing games or watching videos, your mileage will likely be different. Most are worthless and of course u can’t uninstall too many of them or it will crash your phone, I know from experience, twice!!!
Now it’s important to state that I have been using a Korean LG G3 here in the US on T-Mobile, so that we should see even better battery life once we get the US variants of the LG G3 in. Like I said, not quite LG G2 level battery life, but it is on par with the other 2014 flagships. First I uninstalled a good bit and crashed it and then I tried just disabling some but got greedy and crashed again!!
I’ve since learned some tricks, hacks and tweaks that absolutely turned it into a web surfing, multitasking BEAST!!! Tho this G3 is capable of a lot, it’s also east to screw up especially if u start messing around in the Developer Options in settings!!!
Hardware Hardware-wise, the LG G3 Beat is exactly what we expect from a mid-level smartphone.

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