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The Power-Sonic Corporation has been a leading force for 35 years in the supply of high quality cost effective batteries. Power-Sonic is dedicated to continual product development to improve the performance and reliability of our product range.
Providing our customers with reliable, yet economical, products is the corner stone of the Power-Sonic mission.
LAS VEGAS--The latest security threat to your laptop comes from an unexpected source: its battery. A security researcher demonstrated today at the Black Hat security conference how he was able to gain complete control of the microprocessor embedded in batteries used in Apple Macintosh laptops and then remove or bypass the built-in safeguards.
Miller suggested it would be possible to overheat a battery and start a fire by convincing a controller that the battery was discharged, even though it was completely full, but said he has not tried it and an analog fuse may prevent disaster. Accuvant posted working code today featuring an interface that Miller wrote that makes it easier to send commands to the battery controller. Even worse, if malware successfully slips past the defenses built into OS X and takes up residence on a laptop, it could continue to keep bricking replacement batteries.

Miller said the attack could take place in the other direction as well: Malware inserted into the battery's firmware could try to seize control of the computer even if the operating system were reinstalled. Miller's presentation described how he began trying to figure out how the laptops communicate with their batteries and discovered that Apple did not change the default battery password. For the batteries that ship with all the Apple laptops I tested, the password to unseal the battery and the password to enter full access mode are the hard-coded values provided in Texas Instruments documentation. One of the utilities he released today lets you change the password from its default setting.
These batteries are great for UPS systems, home alarm systems, jump boxes, light systems or anytime you just need a remote power source. Power-Sonic markets a staggering range of rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries worldwide. Two provide protection against overcharging, short circuiting, and so on, while the TI BQ20Z80 chip keeps track of the battery's status, maintains the charge, and communicates with the laptop. These batteries envelop a broad spectrum of electronic and industrial applications, either as the prime or standby power source.

We strive to produce batteries with superior performance characteristics and value, through advanced engineering and state-of-the art manufacturing processes, coupled with the use of premium raw materials. But newer MacBook Pro laptops, and the MacBook Air, have batteries that are not designed to be replaced by their owners. This allows the ability to make arbitrary configuration changes as well as dumping of the data flash and instruction flash. Engineers and buyers continue to insist on Power-Sonic batteries, wherever reliable and cost effective DC power is required. We provide a way to disable the firmware checksum as well as to make arbitrary changes to the smart battery firmware.
Due to the nature of the Smart Battery System, changes made to the smart battery firmware may cause safety hazards such as overcharging, overheating, or even fire.

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