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The Power-Sonic Corporation has been a leading force for 35 years in the supply of high quality cost effective batteries. Power-Sonic is dedicated to continual product development to improve the performance and reliability of our product range. Providing our customers with reliable, yet economical, products is the corner stone of the Power-Sonic mission. New and used mercedes-benz cls class: prices, photos, Get mercedes-benz cls class expert reviews, new and used cls class prices and ratings.
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Top 175 high-end automotive brands, cars, marques, Check out world's top 175 leading high-end car manufacturers and marques, auctions, auto shows, bicycles, motorcycles, events, media.. These batteries are great for UPS systems, home alarm systems, jump boxes, light systems or anytime you just need a remote power source.
Power-Sonic markets a staggering range of rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries worldwide.
These batteries envelop a broad spectrum of electronic and industrial applications, either as the prime or standby power source. We strive to produce batteries with superior performance characteristics and value, through advanced engineering and state-of-the art manufacturing processes, coupled with the use of premium raw materials.

Engineers and buyers continue to insist on Power-Sonic batteries, wherever reliable and cost effective DC power is required.

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