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Lead oxide, litharge, 30 grams CAS # 1314-36-8 FW 223.19 PbO This chemical is in powder form and is for Laboratory use only.

Lead(II) oxide occurs in two forms: red, having a tetragonal crystal structure and yellow, having an orthorhombic crystal structure. We are a global trading firm providing extended supply chain management service, product sourcing, price negotiation as well as quality control. Proper Laboratory Safety Procedures Should Always be Followed!, Chemical - For lab use only.
It comprises of a small Lead Melting Furnace, operating in line with a hemispherical ball-casting machine, which feeds the balls to the ball mill .In the ball mill, Lead is converted to Lead Sub Oxide in an exothermic process, in conditions of a maintained temperature range of 115-145 degrees centigrade and constant airflow. Both forms occur naturally as minerals: the red form is known as litharge and the yellow form is known as massicot.

The Grey Oxide is harvested through a high efficiency cyclone, bag-house filtration unit and induction draft fan arrangement.
The desired particle size and free Lead content is ensured through proper plant configuration and precise control of ID Fan suction .Our Plant can produce up to 350 mesh size LSO powder, be configured for any desired production capacity and come complete with the required accessories & material handling systems.

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