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Metals from aluminium to copper in the activity series of metals, react slowly when heated in air to form the metal oxides.
Metals from magnesium to iron in the activity series of metals, react with steam (but not H2O) to form the metal oxide and hydrogen gas.
Potassium, sodium, lithium and calcium react violently with dilute H2SO4 and dilute HCl, forming the metal salt (either sulphate or chloride) and hydrogen gas.
Metals below hydrogen (copper, silver, gold and platinum), will not react with dilute acid. Copper reacts with oxyacids like nitric acid and sulphuric acid because these acids are strong oxidizing agents.
Reactions with nitric acid are more complex, the nitrate is formed but the gas is rarely hydrogen, and more often, an oxide of nitrogen. Reactive metals can displace any metal less reactive than itself, from the oxide, chloride or sulphate of the less reactive metal in solution or their molten state. Copper (II) sulphate solution is blue; iron sulphate solution is almost colourless when dilute. I have a couple lot of question that need answering; I could send you some money via paypal - need it doing pronto though.

2) Sandeep was told to make the insoluble sale lead iodide from lead nitrate solution and potassium iodide solution. 3) Kirsty investigated the reaction between sodium hydroxide solution and hydrochloric acid. As soon as the mixture reached the maximum temperature, she added a further 10cm3 of sodium hydroxide and again recorded the maximum temperature. 4(A) Explain whether you agree, or disagree, with Kirsty's conclusion and give scientific reasons to support your answer. 4)a) Disagree: Eventhough the maximum temperature begins to decrease there is no measurement of pH. Metals tend to loose electrons easily and form positively charged ions; therefore metals are called electropositive elements. Hence, sodium is stored under kerosene to prevent its reaction with oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide. However, on prolonged strong heating copper reacts with oxygen and forms copper (II) oxide (CuO) outside and copper (I) oxide (Cu2O) inside. The reaction is slow at room temperature, but its rate can be increased by the addition of a little copper (II) sulphate.

During the displacement, the blue solution loses its colour and the iron metal is seen to turn pink-brown as the displaced copper becomes deposited on it. He added magnesium power to dilute hydrochloric acid in a beaker, until the reaction stopped. She repeated the experiment until a total of 60cm3 of sodium hydroxide solution had been added. I can only answer simple stuff and I'm never 100% certain so only go with these if you feel right.
Sodium metal forms sodium ions Na+, Mg forms positively charged Magnesium ions Mg2+and aluminium forms aluminium ions Al3+.

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