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Invented by the French physician Gaston Plante in 1859, lead acid batteries were the first rechargeable batteries for commercial use.
Lead acid batteries should be charged in three stages, which are [1] constant-current charge, [2] topping charge and [3] float charge. The battery is fully charged when the current drops to a pre-determined level or levels out in stage 2. During the constant-current charge, the battery charges to 70 percent in 5–8 hours; the remaining 30 percent is filled with the slower topping charge that lasts another 7–10 hours. The switch from Stage 1 to 2 occurs seamlessly and happens when the battery reaches the set voltage limit. Once fully charged through saturation, the battery should not dwell at the topping voltage for more than 48 hours and must be reduced to the float voltage level.
Apple has set up a battery replacement process in the US and China, and on August 29th, it will be available in other countries. How many times did any android vendors went out of the way to repair a problem for you after way after warranty ran out? Note: If your iPhone 5 has any damage such as a cracked screen which impairs the replacement of the battery, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement. The program covers affected iPhone 5 batteries for two years after the first retail sale of the unit or until March 1, 2015, whichever provides longer coverage. There are many people that will tell you that after they took their phone to apple store they had it repaired warranty or not, for various reasons - even cracked screens. You guys are hanging around the "report a problem" area instead of apple forums where people share their experience with their phones and apple store. Well to tell you the truth other vendors usually have very few defective units, they do follow the 6 sigma rule when manufacturing, Apple on the other hand uses contracts, like this time around with 80 million units and with haphazard design changes at the last minute.
Samsung doesn't represent the whole Android but I heard that they're gonna offer similar customer service soon via bestbuy stores. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. Hi to everyone or whoever takes the time reading these reviews, Right I shall make this as simple and as a short summary review as possibleWE ARE ALL OF US AWARE THAT IT IS 9 YEARS OR SO OLDThis Mac Model in which I purchased serves me well reason being it is cost effective and reasonably priced a great budget Laptop if only using for surfing and as a great Student budget Notebook.
If you have #Android problems you want to share with us, don’t hesitate to use the link provided at the bottom of the page. While you may perceive the problem as your phone not charging, the real issue can actually be boot failure. When ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ appears, immediately release the Power key and then press and hold the Volume Down button. When the device powers on and displays ‘Power on logo’, release all keys and the Android icon will appear on the screen.
Now, if all these three procedures fail to power on the phone, you can assume that there’s an on-going hardware issue. We know that Samsung has deemed the warranty void because of a crack on the screen so there’s really nothing much that you can do about that, unless you want to shed money for repair. If you want to do your own hardware troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair, you may want to look for other resources in the web. The Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery like the one on your S6 powers up in three general parts or phases. We think that the problem may have something to do with the firmware or software that controls the phases.
Hi, I was just using my S6 not too long ago, left it alone for a few minutes and when I went back for it and tried to check my email I pressed the power button and my screen wouldn’t light up. Because your issue is time sensitive, please call your carrier right away instead of troubleshooting the phone for a quicker resolution.
I tried connecting the phone with the usb cable on a laptop and my device is not recognizable.
If you are already doing these things prior to experiencing this problem, make sure to have the microUSB port on your phone checked by Samsung or any qualified technician (though we prefer that you go the Samsung route to avoid voiding the warranty). If you are one of the users who encounters a problem with your device, let us know. We offer solutions for Android-related problems for free so if you have an issue with your Android device, simply fill in the short questionnaire in this link and we will try to publish our answers in the next posts. When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. Today, having the best smartphone does not necessarily translate to longer use or fewer charging times. The voltage of a lead acid battery when at rest (not supplying current or being charged) will vary according to how fully charged the battery is. The graph shown to the right represents a typical 24 volt lead acid battery which has not been charged or had current drawn from it for a couple of hours. With further drawing of current, the rate of voltage drop slows down and will reach around 24.0 volts when the bettery is at half capacity. As the battery approaches the fully discharged state, the voltage starts to fall more quickly again.
It is important for a battery to never be fully discharged, so your inverter will normally disconnect the supply when the voltage is around 22 volts. An interesting point to note here is that when an inverter or other power load is drawing a high current from the battery, the voltage will drop. The larger the battery, the smaller this voltage drop will be, and the greater the % of the charge will be useable when drawing high currents. If a voltage is applied to the battery which is greater than the battery's voltage, a current will flow through the battery in the reverse direction to when it is supplying current, and the battery will charge.

The rate of charge or current that will flow will depend on the difference between the battery voltage and the voltage that is applied to it (from solar panels etc).
While it is beneficial to a battery's performance and life to be fully charged on regular occasions, however once a battery has been charged to it's full capacity, it is important not to continue charging as this will damage the battery.
The Lead Acid battery is not 100% efficient at storing electricity - you will never get out as much as you put in when charging. The efficiency will depend on a number of factors including the rate of charging or discharging.
However it has been found that if a battery is only partially charged, efficency may be reduced with each charge.
In spite of the fact that it is one of the oldest types of batteries, lead acid batteries continue to be in wide use today, for various reasons. The engineers argued that the term “sealed lead acid” is a misnomer because no lead acid battery can be totally sealed. The charge time of a sealed lead acid battery is 12–16 hours, up to 36–48 hours for large stationary batteries. The constant-current charge applies the bulk of the charge and takes up roughly half of the required charge time; the topping charge continues at a lower charge current and provides saturation, and the float charge compensates for the loss caused by self-discharge. The topping charge is essential for the well-being of the battery and can be compared to a little rest after a good meal. The current begins to drop as the battery starts to saturate, and full charge is reached when the current decreases to the three percent level of the rated current. My iPhone 4s also had this problem, no replacemet done, or maybe I didn't knew if that kind of offer had existed.
We can all hate on their products or pricing but when it comes to customer service they know their thing.
This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Especially well adapted and one can install a lot of Data if need be whether downloaded from the Web or otherwise. We do agree with you that it takes more than just a cracked screen to say that repair is needed on your phone. To verify if the phone is still bootable (assuming that there’s still enough power left in the battery), restart it safe mode first. It’s one of the troubleshooting procedures at your disposal if you suspect that a third party application may be behind the trouble. Just like recovery mode, it’s a good method to use to isolate whether the problem has a software side. Either the battery has completely failed for some reason or some motherboard components have messed up.
There are many things that can void the standard 1-year warranty of your S6 including damage due to customer misuse.
The phone’s charging firmware may have been corrupted for some reason causing the phone to stop charging after reaching a certain threshold. At this phase, the current flow to the battery becomes constant and the type of charger you are using (standard or fast) matters.
From constant current mode, the charging process now switches to constant voltage mode and the charger you are using no longer matters. Your phone has a built-in mechanism that manages these phases seamlessly but it looks like this is no longer working properly.
If you did not install, download (apps, custom ROMs, files), or modify the operating system in any way prior to the occurrence of the issue, we really don’t know where to start. Just this night I had an issue that it is not charging using the fast charger that goes with the phone. There is also an instance when i plug in my charger it charged then i try to remove it, it won’t charge again, but when it does it only says cable charging, not fast charging. Fast charging won’t work if you are using the phone while it’s charging, nor if the screen is ON. A Standard charger cannot amplify charging power so it may take a few hours to charge your battery compared to a fast charger. This is a good trick to ensure that your phone is doing as little task as possible when charging. IF you can’t put your phone in Airplane mode for whatever reason, make sure that you disable other things like NFC, Wi-FI, or Bluetooth.
If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. As current is drawn off and the level of charge is reduced, the voltage will fall quite quickly at first (again it would be necessary to stop drawing current for a couple of hours to be able to measure the true voltage of the battery). This may mean that the battery needs to be somewhere over 50% charged to avoid the inverter cutting out due to low voltage.
Solar panels intended for a 24 volt system are likely to be capable of producing over 30 volts. With the battery at half charge or less, the charge efficiency may be over 90%, dropping to nearer 60% when the battery is above 80% charged. If this situation persists (the batteries never reaching full charge), the life of the battery may be reduced. Lead acid batteries are very dependable and much cheaper with respect to the cost-per-watt. This is true and battery designers added a valve to control venting of gases during stressful charge and rapid discharge.

With higher charge currents and multi-stage charge methods, the charge time can be reduced to 10 hours or less; however, the topping charge may not be complete. If deprived, the battery will eventually lose the ability to accept a full charge and the performance will decrease due to sulfation.
A battery with high leakage may never attain this low saturation current, and a plateau timer takes over to initialize the charge termination.
Charging beyond what the battery can take turns the redundant energy into heat and the battery begins to gas.
It will give Apple a bad image, and their customers will switch to other brand after that because the customers will think that all Apple wants is just the money. But we can't deny that Apple is greedy, they overprice their products even if their products are like few years behind from the others that are better and have the latest specs.
As much as I love Andriod, it will never reach Apples' status if they don't have like a google store or something similar. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Software problems and rogue apps can lead to fast battery drain that when you charge it appears that the phone is not holding any charge at all. Charging problem on any electronic gadgets today is best diagnosed by isolating the potential causes first. In recovery mode, you can wipe the system cache (cache partition) and perform a factory reset. Apparently, the crack on the screen seems to fall under misuse category which was, unfortunately, invoked by the technician you talked to. We always recommend to our readers to bring their phone to a Samsung certified shop or to Samsung retail stores for any identified hardware issues.
The phone will charge up to 72 percent then will say 1 minute till full, but will not charge past that point. This phase takes a long time to power the battery back up as it only receives tiny amount of power from an electrical source.
As long the voltage from the power source remains the same, the charging process will run at exactly the same length of time.
Tried holding down the power button, home button and volume up button, but that didn’t work either. The first logical step to do here though is leaving your phone connected to the charger for at least 30 minutes to ensure that this is not simply a complete battery discharge issue. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers.
Very few types of batteries can deliver bulk power as cheaply as lead acid batteries, and this makes the battery cost-effective for auto-mobiles, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), golf cars, and forklifts. Rather than submerging the plates in a liquid, the electrolyte is impregnated into a moistened separator, a design that resembles nickel- and lithium-bases system. And yes, samsung replaced the faulty phones of verizon which had rom problems stopping the camera of s5 to work.
Tried several chargers and leads including USB connection to laptop to no avail before taking back to 3 Shop who directed me to Samsung in Oxford Street London as now outside their 28 day returns policy. If the phone boots in recovery mode, that means that something is merely preventing normal mode from loading.
We understand that you may be hesitant to lose money for this repair but this is actually your only reasonable choice at the moment. A fast charger can easily fill your battery’s capacity quickly when used in this phase. If none of these things resolve your issue, it’s time to consider getting a replacement. If nothing changes after charging the phone for that long, you must have a hardware failure. This means that you will be unable to receive calls and texts but will greatly quicken the charging process for you. This enables to operate the battery in any physical orientation without leakage. Driven by these advantages, several types of sealed lead acid have emerged and the most common aregel, also known as valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA), and absorbent glass mat (AGM). The company has set up a a€?serial number checkera€? where you can verify if your device is affected.
My buddy called the manufacturer he was told he's not under warranty any longer even though they said in news that they'd replace batteries. Queued for 30 minutes at Samsung  to finally get 2 minutes with a surly technician who informed me that it was outside warranty because of a small crack in the screen regardless that as he admitted it was highly unlikely to be related (as the crack happened 5 weeks before and phone has been fine for those 5 weeks). See Samsung being a Korean company goes nuts af quality control, Apple uses Foxconn and other contracts who dont go nuts and just try to put everything in the design along with cutting their costs! Funnily enough the guy ahead of me in the queue who was being served by another technician had exactly the same phone problem (without the cracked screen). They now want to charge me ?165 to repair it (not sure how he knew that was the price without diagnosing the problem).
Having paid to upgrade my perfectly serviceable S4 (which I am back using) I am not very happy with Samsung and least of all their service at what should be their showcase shop in London. Its particularly disappointing too when a reputable company uses small prints Ts and S as an excuse to get out of a reasonable warranty claim for what is obviously a common fault on their new phone.

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