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If you would like more information about Sealed Lead - Acid Battery 12V 80Ah, please contact us or visit our website for more details. If you have been researching solar system you would have come across two terms quite frequently. One of the interesting things I learnt in the early days was a single battery cell (what I am describing below) has a nominal voltage of 2 volts.
As the battery cell is discharged, electrons migrate from the positive post to the negative plate, which produces a conventional current flow from the positive to negative.
The final result of a fully discharged battery is lead sulfate deposits on both the positive and negative posts and the sulphuric acid diluted right down. I dont think you will be to surprised to hear the recharge process is exactly the opposite to the discharge process. Some interesting things do occur if you keep charging the battery cell past is fully charged state; basically the electric current starts the split the water into hydrogen and oxygen. Stand alone power systems require a special type of battery known as a deep cycle battery, these batteries are designed to be fully discharged many times.
A normal lead acid battery (like your car battery) will only allow you to take about 20% of its stored power, after that point it is permanently damaged; it doesnt take long before the battery is rendered useless. I have chosen to specifically pick out Flooded cell and Gel cell lead acids for discussion, because these are the batteries you will be buying. Gel cells are all the rage in standalone power systems these days, they are a lot more expensive but they do not require any maintenance, you dont need to add water to these batteries.

There is another battery type that is also a VRLA battery, and it is not suitable for standalone power systems; the battery is called an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. Batteries capacity is measured in Ampere Hours (Ah), it is the discharge current (in Amperes) multiplied by how long (in hours) the battery can sustain that current.
The tricky bit is that a batteries capacity (in Ah) changes based on the actual current being drawn from the battery. So lets say you have a planning to put 6 x 2V, 1000Ah batteries in series to store your energy. This means your battery bank voltage will be 12 volts and you have nominally 1000Ah of available capacity.
The chart above shows the relationship between Depth of Discharge (DOD) and the cycle life of the battery. A 12 volt battery is actually made up of 6 individual cells tied together in series to create the 12volts. The electron migration occurs as a result of the Lead oxide, sulphuric acid, and lead reacting together.
The lead sulfate is removed from the positive and negative post and lead oxide is re deposited back onto the positive post, as well as the sulphuric acid intensifying.
The process of continually charging past the point of full charge is called gassing (because hydrogen and oxygen gas is created). When a retailer tells you the battery is a 250Ah battery they are normally quoting the C10 rating of the battery.

You can see that if I take 100% of the energy out of the battery I will only be able to do it 1500.
It technically holds 12kWh of energy, but to make sure we get a long life out of the batteries we can only really access about 3.6kWh of that energy on any give day. After the 30 day time period, products must be returned to their original manufacturer for the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty period.
Both types of batteries are of the Lead Acid variety, we will talk about each of them in more detail later. The negative plate is Lead with no coating (technically the terminals are not pure lead, they are always alloyed with something to improve their electrical and mechanical properties). The battery has a filler cap that allows you to add distilled water to the cells as the acid levels get low. Too much gassing is bad, however gassing of batteries does have some benefits which we will talk about later.

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