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Over the years there have been many so called replacements for wet cells and some have been moderately successful but take an example from the fork lift truck industry they use  batteries every day of the year they need batteries that are reliable and will take punishment, high current drain and fast charge rates they need their trucks to do a 12 hour shift.
Please note these batteries are like all our products mail order only, please do not ask to collect as having to refuse you can disappoint. Caution:In Ordering these batteries we assume you know what you are buying and know how to handle wet cell batteries, the batteries are both heavy and contain a liquid in each cell called sulphuric acid and must be handled with ex-stream care the cells MUST be kept upright at all times to avoid spilling the sulphuric acid.
PzS battery is a high-performance, good deep cycle life battery, newly researched and developed by Kweight.
According to industry data, the market share of eletric forklifts is low in forklifts industry, but also shows electric forklifts have the big market for development.
With the increasing demand of electric forklift, the demand of PzS battery is also increasing rapidly. The batteries are delivered by courier to your home on a pallet and are placed as near to your home by the lorry driver as possible.

Wet cell batteries are used by the fork lift truck industry because all others can not with stand the abuse of such a punishing schedule.
We use many professional third party suppliers for items sold on our website including these lead acid batteries delivery is direct from the factory to you.
If you are unsure how to handle these batteries you must seek professional advice from the Internet or from someone who is qualified like an electrician. Coupled with the economic development and environmental protection, enegy requirements increased, more and more customer prefer to purchase electric forklifts. Do remember these batteries are heavy and the final placement is down to you not the delivery driver.
The same applies to the renewable energy sector if you want reliability and long life, wet celled batteries can not be beaten. We take no responsibility for any damage caused by the installation, use or misuse of these batteries.

The delivery driver will not unpack the crate nor move the individual batteries to their final destination this must be done by you, you may need a sack truck to complete the job depending on the weight and size of your order. Wet cells do need some maintenance the fluid levels need topping up occasionally using de-mineralised water, the same stuff you buy in Tesco's for steam irons. These batteries are designed to run in fork lift trucks and are designed to charge quickly and deliver power throughout a days work, these batteries if kept in good condition will provide excellent service for many years.Are wet cell batteries the best I can buy?
If you live in a remote or hard to get to location the carriage charge will be higher, if you think this may apply to you email support for a quote before you order.

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