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GOVERNING LAWThese Terms constitute the entire understanding of the parties and supersede all prior and contemporaneous written and oral agreements with respect to the subject matter hereof. Hot-swappable batteries ensure clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment while batteries are being replaced. After following the instructions for replacing the Battery Pack and a week later performing a program power failure test which passed OK. After carefully following the instructions for replacing the battery pack and installing the new battery pack I waited for a week to perform the program test which passed. The Battery Council International (BCI) is the primary trade association of OEM and after market battery manufacturers. BCI publishes the industry standards for lead-acid batteries, including the following items. You will not be surprised to learn the BCI also issues models for recycling and safe handling of lead-acid batteries. BCI group numbers identify capacity ratings and the different sizes and shapes of batteries. Manufactures sometimes build multiple batteries within the same group, although with different plates or plate surface area sizes. Therefore, BCI group numbers do not specify a battery’s capacity, does accurately identify its voltage (as 6 or 12 volt) and its physical characteristics. With the range of energy storage options available to Australians steadily growing, choosing the ideal battery storage solution for a home or business can be difficult.
The most important thing is that the selected solution provides electricity reliably and when needed at the best value price. Depth of discharge (DoD): DoD is a measure of the portion of battery capacity that has been used.
Round-trip storage efficiency: You can think of round-trip efficiency as the percentage of energy it takes a battery to store and release energy.
In the table below I’ve listed three hypothetical batteries with different specifications for the purpose of showing how the factors discussed above can impact energy storage system value (and appearance of value) – and to give the buyer as much insight as possible before deciding on a system. We can use the figures from the table above to calculate LCOE values for the three batteries by using the below equation. As you can see, in this particular case the least expensive battery option does not appear to offer significantly more value than the slightly more ‘expensive’ lead acid option. As the graphs above suggest, a battery’s cycle life is highly dependent on the DoD for all of those cycles. The expected battery cycle lifetime and corresponding LCOE for the lead acid battery option discussed above, given as a function of DoD. This chart highlights the idea that there is an optimal DoD operating point where the LCOE (and therefore the real cost of the battery) is minimised. In addition to the three discussed above, there are many plenty of other factors to keep in mind in battery selection, including maintenance requirements, toxicity, safety and disposal. Make the battery 20% bigger and let the operating system shut the phone down at 20% DOD telling the user that the battery is empty.

I’m also seeing 99% efficiency of energy in and out of LiFePO4 cells, when I measure the DC energy exchange right at the battery. And we also need to look at the kW a battery-SYSTEM can deliver and the kWh needed per day. Examples of such images include, but are not limited to, images containing sexually explicit content or graphic violence, images containing viruses or other malicious code, or images covered by intellectual property rights not owned by you. If one or more of the provisions herein shall be held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality, and enforcement of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired. I noticed that the New Battery Run Time is much lower than the old battery which had a Run Time of 60min this Replacement only has a Run time of 35min this leads me to believe it is defective from your inventory, please send me a good comparable product.
Headquartered in Chicago, BCI represents manufacturers of auto batteries and other lead-acid batteries.
Although some groups have called for the total elimination of lead-based batteries, the BCI has refuted many ecological damage claims if these batteries are recycled properly.
As the primary trade association, they also offer conferences and meetings throughout the year. Should something causes your battery to fail, you can give repair techs your BCI group number to ensure that you get a perfectly sized replacement. Group numbers describe the length, width, height and terminal post designs for vehicle and other lead-acid batteries.
Group numbers denote the dimensions that will mirror the physical characteristics of your present vehicle battery. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Even if you know roughly what size energy storage system that you are in the market for, consumers need a metric with which they can compare solutions regardless of a particular product’s specifications or chemical composition. In order to meaningfully compare value, customers (and installers) have to understand three key performance characteristics: nominal cycle lifetime, recommended depth of discharge (DoD) and round-trip storage efficiency. The calculation is pretty straightforward: Divide the cost of the system by its nominal storage capacity at full charge. Cycle life is usually given in terms of the number of cycles it would take for the true battery storage capacity at full charge to reach 80% of its nominal capacity, given as a function of DoD (discussed below).
For example, if you feed 1kWh of electricity into a battery but get only 0.8kWh back out, then the round-trip efficiency is 80%. To do this effectively, we need to use a better metric – levelised cost of energy (LCOE) – which gives us a much better idea of the true cost of a given energy storage solution. This analysis offers a more accurate view as to which battery stores energy at the lowest cost compared to the others; in other words, which one has the lowest LCOE. Please keep in mind that this is only intended to provide a rough estimate, and assumes that battery capacity does not degrade towards 80% as the number of cycles increases.
With this, it should be fairly clear why LCOE should be the preferred metric, but unfortunately this is not yet something that manufacturers generally provide as a matter of course on their spec sheets, marketing materials or product labeling. With the majority of batteries, higher average discharge depth means shorter usable lifetime. The blue curve represents the expected number of cycles and the red squares represent the corresponding LCOE.

Charts like these should be something that all consumers look at before deciding on a battery option – and should probably also be used as a guideline for best practice usage and design of an energy storage system.
But as the examples above have highlighted, cycle life, depth of discharge and round-trip storage efficiency are the most important metrics to use to narrow down your battery storage options to those that offer the best value. The latter is a much more complicated formula because it regards also the time value of money ($100 today is worth more than the promise of $100 in 10 years). There is however, one additional layer of complexity which is very important but difficult to model. This is measuring the energy loss in converting electrical energy in the wires to chemical energy in the battery. You will not upload content or take any action on this site that infringes or violates someone else's rights or otherwise violates the law.
These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Florida, USA, without regard to its choice of law provisions. Once they know the specifications of the products they’re looking at, anyone can use this or a similar approach to meaningfully compare the relative value of their choices. The table below illustrates the impact that DoD can have on LCOE, using the lead acid battery mentioned above as an example.
The DoD for this particular battery should be maintained at around 30% to ensure a long and productive life, or alternatively, the system should be designed such as to keep DoD around 30%.
The courts of general jurisdiction located within Palm Beach County, Florida, USA, will have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes arising out of, relating to or concerning these Terms. In most cases it is not advisable to drain a battery of its full capacity, which can potentially cause permanent damage to its components. Round-trip efficiency is actually highly dependent on a battery’s DoD, but on battery spec sheets you will ordinarily see only the average. It is not really the cost of a kWh; but the cost of moving a kWh from a point in time when its available to one where its needed. Batteries are rated for a specific amount of energy in Amp hours based on the rate at which they are discharged. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to these provisions. This is why batteries are ordinarily specified a recommended DoD for their nominal cycle lifetime (e.g.
So if a battery is discharged at its C3 rate (the amperage at which the battery would fully discharge in 3 hours) we would expect to have less energy available than if we discharged that same battery at its C10 rate (the amperage at which the battery would fully discharge in 10 hours).
3,000 cycles at 50% DoD) and the expected battery life tends to be shorter as DoD is increased (see the chart below). This means the real DOD is a constantly moving target as the battery experiences different discharge rates, which is why it is hard to pin down the actual amount of energy and cycles that a battery can achieve (at least without modelling).

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