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I advise that you first read some article about lead acid batteries and ways of charging of them. Here a simple ammeter can be used to detect the complete charge of the battery but it can't be left off without shut down. Can't we introduce some other device that detects this 0 amps (of ammeter) to cut down with a relay switch or some other mechanism. You can use LM350 its 3A, this will make charging process faster or LM338 its 5A, but you must know battery health will suffer. I have several car lead acid batteries 13 years of life and still working and have good internal resistance and capacity. Always when working with lead acid batteries I suggest to always have near baking-soda, few liter of water, and wear protecting googles for eyes. Lead Acid can explode its very dangerous battery in several aspects, one chemical with dangerous chemical gases and liquid and second on 14,2V-14,4V and over that, water from cells start evaporating and production of hydrogen gas started.

Energy 120ah VRLA Gel Battery Cycle Non Spillable 12v Gel Cell Battery Originally a kind of gel cell was produced in the early 1930s for portable valve (tube) radio LT supply (2, 4 or 6V) by adding silica to the sulfuric acid.[4] By this time the glass case was being replaced by celluloid and later in 1930s other plastics. Product Description 50 Amp Electronic Marine Converter with Charger Wizard for Gell Cell Batteries Special Order The PD2050 is a 50-amp electronic battery charger capable of charging up to three separate banks of batteries at the same time. Solar Batteries,Solar GEL Battery,Solar AGM Battery Batteries are one the most complex and involved topic in the discussion of components for PV Systems. I mean there should be a person who would keep an eye on the ammeter for its reading to get to 0 and then switch off the circuit.
This cannot be used as good charger, with this you can charge bad neighbor battery not yours, just look voltage which you give to battery, also capacitor should not be used, cells will should rest in pulsed current, for some uC controlled chargers on end of charging process, chargers go to float charge with one skiped half-periode with float charge voltage (not trickle chargers): I strongly dont recommend this design !!! Of course charger can be made like that when charging cycle finished then turn off charger.
I guess I'll require a voltage comparator (LM324 - I saw it in most of the circuit ideas available) or a relay switch.

That means that You can use LM317 IC for simple float charger, because LM317 IC have auto current limit to 1,5A.
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Lead acid batteries can explode in some conditions and can make sirious damage to property and body.
Lead acid batteries can explode in some conditions and can make serious damage to property and body. This circuit as mentioned in the site will automatically reduce the current and will shift to trickle charge when the battery is fully charged.

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