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Technology is one of the oldest and the most mature of all the rechargeable technologies available. Prismatic or rectangular shape lead acid batteries are manufactured by many suppliers and they vary in the chemical composition as well as rating in regard to high discharge versus general category where low but continuous current is needed from the battery. Due to variance in the chemical composition and the thickness of the plates (electrodes) even the same size batteries will not perform the same way.
A Lead acid battery may be recharged using either a constant voltage (CV) charger or a constant current (CC) charging system, or a modification of either or both of these. Constant voltage charging, where a single voltage level is applied across the battery terminals, is the most suitable method to recharge lead acid batteries.
To avoid thermal runaway in warmer temperatures, and to improve charge acceptance in colder temperatures, the charger voltage should be compensated by approximately 3 millivolts per cell per degree Centigrade variance from 25A°C. In rush or the initial current applied to a discharged battery will have to follow the manufacturers specifications. Since not all of the charge returned is accepted to replenish the electrochemical potential, a good rule of thumb to use is that the charge returned should be 105% to 110% of the capacity delivered on the previous discharge. Never disassemble the cell as the electrolyte is strong alkaline liquid and can harm and damage your skin and clothes. Do not solder directly on the battery as the heat will damage the safety mechanism of the cell as well as it will deteriorate it. Technology Dynamics Inc acquired the industrial battery assembly operations and assets of NBS USA Corp. Safety: Spillable, lead is a toxic heavy metal, contains acid electrolyte that is corrosive if spilled, can cause burns if in contact with skin.
Safety: Spillable, lead is a toxic heavy metal, contains large quantity of acid electrolyte, electrolyte corrosive if spilled, extremely heavy, can cause burns if in contact with skin.

Common Uses: Wheel Chairs, Scooters, Ride-on electric toys, military aircraft, portable tools and instruments. Safety: Spillable, cadmium is a toxic heavy metal, contains acid electrolyte that is corrosive, if spilled can cause burns if in contact with skin. Safety: Spillable, contains acid electrolyte that is corrosive, if spilled can cause burns if in contact with skin. Welcome to WBC Battery RecyclersWBC Battery Recyclers was established in 2007 and is a family owned and run business based in Bundaberg, Queensland.We are one of the largest independently owned solely dedicated battery resource recovery businesses in Queensland. Kinsbursky Brothers specializes in the processing of industrial Lead Acid batteries, which are used in many applications including power backup, power regulation for cell phone towers and data centers, and motive power for electronic lift trucks. Lead Acid batteries are much heavier than their nickel or lithium counterparts, potentially weighing in excess of 1,000 lbs. Always consult us in case where you need further information that will help you choose the right battery. Depending on the CV charger's current limit, it is possible to recharge these batteries from a 100% discharged condition to better than 95% state of charge in a very quick manner.
This is a negative coefficient, with the voltage being lowered as the temperature increases, and vice versa.
There is no need to limit the inrush current to the battery during the initial phase of constant voltage charging. Even if discharge of the battery is stopped before voltage decreases to such a level that the battery driven equipment stops being operational, deterioration of the battery may be accelerated by the so-called sulphation phenomenon if it is not recharged after use. Charging with an unspecified charger or a specified charger which has been modified or tempered with can also cause the batteries to swell or rupture.
In some cases gases emitting from the cells would likely to generate pressure which needs to be released.

We are ever mindful that it is our decisions today that can mould the environment of tomorrow. However, their relatively inexpensive cost when compared to other types of batteries, makes them ideal for stationary applications where battery weight is not critical. The low voltage cut-off circuit should be designed so that it can completely cut off the discharge current including a weak current.
Also high concentrations on hydrogen may likely ignite if it is close to heat or igniter source. For that reason, they are heavily regulated by the competent authorities including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT).
Recycle It !!We are able to provide a unique resource recovery management programme for all facets of industry that create any type of waste batteries.
With the ever changing industry of resource recovery, we understand that being client focussed is extremely important. An important part of this relationship is us being able to provide up to date information regarding local and state based requirements and legislation.
All relevant EPA approved paperwork is issued upon every collection, commonly known as Material Disposal Certificates.

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