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In the third Beijing International Energy Storage Conference the Chinese Academy of Engineering Yang Yusheng said: considering safety, economy and other factors, Lead-acid battery is the first choice in energy storage industry currently. Yang said, the large-scale energy storage capacity is required by the rapid development of renewable energy.
For the relative Sealed lead-acid battery industry policies realeased by government authorities, Yang said, we should not restrict the development of lead-acid batteries.

High safety, long life, low price, high energy conversion efficiency, high energy density, easy maintenance, high specific power, environment-friendly etc. A chemical reaction between the battery fluid (electrolyte) and cells within the car battery produces electricity. Lead-acid battery itself does not pollute, but in the smelting, manufacturing and regeneration process may cause lead contamination.

But this contamination can be avoided, if only do a good job on relative enviromental supporting works, Yang said.

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