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SEAFLO brand Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with AGM technology, high performance plates and electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the fields of UPS, Emergency Lighting System. When the switch is closed and the battery is supplying current, 2 electrons are pulled away from the Lead atom: they’re attracted to the positive side of the battery.
At the same time, the Lead ion (Pb+2) reacts with the Sulfate part of the Hydrogen Sulfate ion (HSO4-), leaving a Hydrogen ion behind. When the Lead and Sulfate combine they form Lead Sulfate which precipitates onto the electrode surface.  Meanwhile, the electrons pass through the light bulb, heat the filament, and provide illumination! The Lead (Pb2+) reacts with the Hydrogen Sulfate ion (HSO4-), releasing a Hydrogen ion, and the aqueous Oxygen ions react with the Hydrogen ions in solution.

Notice that since the electrons have passed through the bulb, no further light is supplied.  In an actual reaction, there are many, many millions of electrons so the battery would supply light for much longer.
The Oxygen ions and Hydrogen ions combine (what do they form?), and the Lead and Sulfate ions also combine.  See what they become in the next drawing! As the battery continues to operate, the acid in the electrolyte is slowly replaced by water.  When it’s all water the battery is dead!
Fortunately this reaction is reversible.  If we pass a direct current through the cell in the opposite direction, the Lead Sulfate dissociates back into Lead and Sulfate ions and the Water dissociates back into Oxygen and Hydrogen.  Lead Oxide is restored on the positive electrode and pure Lead on the negative side…and we can use it all over again! China Manufacturer with main products: Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Storage Battery, Ups Battery, Security Battery, Power Supply, Rechargeable Battery.

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