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Suzhou Yueniao Machinery & Electronics Imp & Exp Co Ltd is one of the pioneer renewable energy business and has been in this field since 2002.
When used in conjunction with a suitable Grid Tie inverter WFD5KW can also be connected to the power grid. Over charge,A  battery reverse-connectionA  Solar cells reverse charging, over load, load short-circuit, lighting, wind turbine automatic and manual brake.
Lead crystal battery is using special SIO2 composite electrolyte to replace the sulfuric acid solution of traditional lead-acid battery. Lead crystal battery can work for 10 to 15 years, A and charging time is 25% faster than normal lead-acid batteries and gel batteries. In order to be eligible for service under this warranty, the Customer must send us pictures showing his installation of the system in 5 days after the installation.
If any problem takes place within the warranty period, Notification must be provided including a description of the alleged defect, the manner in which the wind turbine was used, the serial number, and the original purchase date in addition to the name, address, and telephone number of the party requesting warranty service. Power Curves and Annual Energy: The performance of wind turbine systems is impossible to predict with any certainty due to the variability in the wind from location to location and from year to year. 50 years of activity in Industrial Automation and Power Systems, providing design, production, testing, installation, commissioning and assistance.
A simplified block diagram illustrates the principle of operation and the basic configuration of a HPP. The AC bus configuration is preferred for High Power HPPs, with rated power more than 250kVA. A PV HPP can connect the small DG to the AC inlet normally dedicated to the wind generator, so that a fully DC bus solution is created. The hystorical data of solar radiation in any location of the world provide the solar resorce available for the energy production by the PV power plant. In all other cases, both isolated power plant (off-grid) and self consumption of generated power, it is necessary to match energy generation with electricity demand. HPPs use the battery as an energy storage to cover the differences between generation and consumption. Table shows at different latitudes and with different tilt angles the spacing factor resulting from calculation of row spacing of PV modules on a horizontal plane. When using vented type batteries (open, flooded) the floor must be chemically resistant to electrolyte.
To protect against explosion hazards a safety distance in air must be observed between batteries and glowing devices, arcs, sparks and flames.
A simple hydraulic example helps to clarify the relationship between energy, power and time.
Occasionally it is allowed to discharge more, but never exceed 80% DoD, otherwise the battery will be permanently damaged.

The number of cycles in a Pb battery lifetime are roughly inversely proportional to DoD . This is due to internal losses, which depends on the series resistance of battery and electrochemical reactions. HPP’s Conversion and Control Equipment are enclosed in electrical cabinets, suitable for indoor operation. Containers are thermally insulated, furnished with doors for access of personnell, divided in spaces for separate installation of batteries and DG.
The procedure to select and design the most favourable HPP for the customer’s application requires to go through several steps.
PV modules It is required to keep clean the surface of modules, since pollution may reduce the efficiency of photovoltaic conversion. Conversion and Control Cabinet Since it is static electrical equipment, very little maintenance is necessary. ElviGroup has gained a lot of experience in the design and construction of PV power plants. 3MWp PV power plant, grid tied, built on greenhouses, by ElviGroup, as EPC contractor for the Agricolture Company Agrisolar.
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Aile gel series battery is manufactured with special sheet separator and colloidal or foamed silica.
We are manufacturer, we could offer different quality batteries accroding to your requried range of target prices. We are dedicated exclusively to the business of small wind generator, mini hydroelectric generator and solar energy.
Based on the composite electrolyte and proprietary intellectual property rights, makes the reaction of the electrolyte formation caused the forming for the crystal state. These estimates are based upon the best available information but are given as guidance only and should not be considered as a guarantee.
Distributed Generation is a new way to build the Electrical Power Systems, opposite to the centralized, conventional model, based on very large Power Centrals and long T&D lines.
The choice of an optimal fixed tilt angle is normally made by some simulation tools, since it would be necessary to have a different angle according to the season and the height of sun.
A large PV HPP equipped with big energy storage can provide enough power to cover the load profile even in months with low solar radiation. Lifetime can be extended to 20 years, provided that replacement of critical components is made (fans, dc bus capacitors) Up to 20kVA natural cooling is adopted, in order to avoid fans with moving parts. Its participated company ILB Helios has a wide reference list, with a total of 60MWp in Spain and 45MWp in Italy.

All measurements taken with new, fully charged batteries, at typical environmental conditions, with no electrical input and balanced resistive load (PF = 1.0) output.
Or why do you need to replace your vehicle’s battery often?Well, the number one culprit is something called battery sulfation.
As a manufacturer with advanced technology, we are making in our own workshop the wind turbine from 300w to 20kw with CE certificates. A For a greater level of certainty we would recommend on-site wind speed monitoring for at least a year.
Nevertheless it is critical to size properly the HPP and its components to get optimized operation.
Other important aspect for a proper installation of PV modules is to avoid exposure to objects that can shadow the PV surface, like trees, chimneys, buildings and others. Only defective modules must be replaced when failure occurs Pb batteries For flooded types, with liquid electrolyte, it is required periodic check of level and density of electrolyte.
The PV plants, grid connected to both the LV and MV distribution network, have been built either on the roof of buildings or on the ground.
We do not claim any of its products to be the best, but we are proud to hear the owners of our products praise them. The DG may be operated more during the months of low insolation, avoiding an oversizing of PV power plant and batteries. Consequently, they have sulfated badly.To replace all these batteries would run around $8,000. During the process of using the battery, the sulfate in the electrolyte breaks away from the acid and adheres to the active part of the  lead plates, forming lead-sulfate. If your vehicle had trouble starting, better to check that out and get it repaired then to continually run down the battery.Be careful to turn off all lights in the vehicle. Overnight one light can fully discharge the battery.If you are constantly waking up to a dead battery in your car, there maybe what is known as a parasitic draw. I was moved enough to post a comment response I do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay. Is it just me or do a few of these comments come across as if they are written by a brain dead individuals?
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